Synergy members actively attend training sessions and make it a priority to stay connected throughout the year. Connect with peers in the industry!

Reliable HVAC Professionals, Individualized HVAC Options, Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed, Turn to the HVAC Experts! Add to that, most have leaky and improperly sized air distribution or duct systems. Julie loves connecting with Synergy members and helping them connect with each other. For pricing, send your plans and some details of what you are planning for your heating, cooling and ventilation strategies to: He provided industry leading training and best practice sharing for contractors for 17 years.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions.

We believe you should always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Today Jim is the managing partner of Synergy Solution Group, an active participant on the Mechanical Service Contractors of America’s (MSCA) Educational Committee, and the MSCA Chairman of the Board of Managers in 2016. These tune-ups include: Call now for more information or to set an appointment to have one of our certified technicians diagnose your system. ALREADY A MEMBER? Home / ENERGY SOLUTIONS / Air Conditioning Systems. We knew that a great peer network needed two things. Contact us now to learn more.

A leadership team with a vision and a group of outstanding companies who understand the power of teams and working together. Our team consists of project consultants with more than 25 years experience who have worked with a vast number of clients across multiple industries. Her interests include sewing, reading a good book, and travelling, especially to the family lakehouse with her husband and four children. Just as your heart enables the circulation of blood throughout your body, the central air conditioner and furnace are responsible for supplying air to each part of the home where conditioned air is needed. A central heating and air conditioning system in a home functions similar to you heart. Just like cars and other mechanical equipment need maintenance and tune-ups, so does your heating and cooling system. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Helping commercial HVAC contractors build a stronger peer network.

Kathy truly enjoys connecting with the Synergy members and being a resource to help them engage with the group. Copyright © 2018 Synergy - All Rights Reserved.

From Wi-Fi thermostats to commercial building controls, we can help get it under control. We are firm believers that groups like Synergy are a huge resource for independent HVAC providers. We knew that a great peer network needed two things. Jim has been leading sales and operational teams to sustained growth through client driven solutions for more than 35 years. This is done by channeling the air through a series of connected ducts running through walls, crawlspaces and attics.

He was very involved through the whole process and his team did a great job. No overtime fees, discounts, equipment discounts, membership does have its privileges! No matter how efficient your air conditioning system is, if you run it when it’s not needed it is wasting energy. As the Executive Vice President with Atomatic Mechanical he is responsible for the overall growth and profitability of their service group. A central heating and air conditioning system in a home functions similar to you heart. That’s why we’ve hand-selected the best and brightest members to help us lead the way in the industry. Just as your heart enables the circulation of blood throughout your body, the central air conditioner and furnace are responsible for supplying air to each part of the home where conditioned air is needed. We depend on one another and protect our core culture and values, even when it becomes difficult. Our team boasts more than 25 years technical knowledge. You don't always get to choose when a major repair or replacement will happen on you heating and cooling equipment. In his spare time you can find Jim with his family taking in a Blackhawks game, having some fun on the golf course, or attending a rock concert to still feel like he’s “hip!”.

Allison loves hearing each member’s story and strives to help all members with anything and everything marketing/social media-related. When she’s not reading a book or focusing on developing Synergy, you can find Julie on the softball field, basketball court, or volleyball court watching her daughters do what they love. Headed up by Patrick Voorn, an HVAC consultant started in 1988 in the maritime and offshore industry.

Synergy is the HVAC systems and energy management company for superyachts.

Below is the Synergy Culture Code developed with the help of our Founding Members and Founders Board: Synergy members are prepared and motivated to make the most of every opportunity to help our team, another member’s company, and/or the Synergy organization.

Kathy has been working with Synergy since March 2018 as our Member Support Specialist.

As the Executive Director, she is heavily involved in developing Synergy’s training curriculum, resource partnerships, member relations, and office management. You can also have your ducts checked to see if they simply need to be sealed or properly sized.

I definitely recommend taking advantage of these services. The newer brushless motors run at much greater efficiency and thus drastically reduce energy use. Then we will match donations collected that month. You can tap into this enormous energy saving potential by bringing the HVAC equipment and air distribution system up to current standards. Most air conditioning systems are not properly maintained, serviced or tuned up and are not running at optimal levels.

HVAC Building Permit Documentation and Design/Installation Criteria for new buildings and additions/renovations as well as retrofits. After founding and running an HVAC association for 18 years and leading a successful service and sales team for a local mechanical for 34 years, ownership changes created an opportunity for us to create a new organization – Synergy Solution Group.

Many factors can have an impact on the distribution of this air in your home and so it is important to consult with experts to make sure that you are getting the best results from your existing system.

Synergy members work together to protect their collaborative network. Home and business products to keep you comfortable. I greatly appreciate the service and technicians that came out to my home. We take care of each other and have a desire to see everyone become better at what they do. While we may be a new company, the Synergy leadership team is definitely no stranger to the association world or the HVAC industry. In her spare time you’ll find her at Lollapalooza, with her nose in a book, or traveling to a place she’s never been before.

Learn more about becoming a Synergy member. Ezequiel was polite and professional, encouraged me to observe his inspection and answered all my questions. Allison has been working in the HVAC association world since 2008 and is currently Synergy’s Sales and Marketing Director. Synergy members openly share successes and failures with our peers. Also, it has greatly improved my home efficiency and lowered my energy bills! We believe that with friends you will always be more successful.

Start gaining more business for your team. We have a passion for helping our members build strong, life-changing relationships with one another. You can start saving by installing a programmable or “smart” thermostat in your home.

At Synergy, we support you in every stage of your project. Most old systems have very inefficient PSC motors that draw enormous amounts of electricity to start and run. Synergy Solution Group is a network of peers who share the same vision, drive, and passion for the commercial HVAC industry.

While many people immediately turn to system replacement as the answer, there are a number of more affordable solutions to consider first – such as service maintenance, tune ups or component updating. We treat each other like we do their own employees – with honesty, respect, and sincerity.

In addition to programming the thermostat to meet your needs, you can even control these “smart” thermostats simply by using your phone.

We believed in creating a network that wasn’t owned by a contractor, a group where members had a voice, and an association where member feedback was implemented to help build, support, and protect our vision. We utilize technology and continue to push the boundaries of what our industry will look like in the future.

Being new to the HVAC industry, she’s very eager to use her previous experience in the financial and medical sectors to help support our members and bring new ideas to the group.

They’re an asset to your company, very efficient and overall did a wonderful job. We believe in servant leadership and never hesitate to ask for support or to offer help when we can.

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