Superman, terrified of Bizarro revealing his secret identity, used super-clapping to drown out his voice. Hank Henshaw and three other astronauts were accidentally exposed to cosmic radiation and given superpowers. They lived together for a while, raising a son as ordinary citizens in Kandor. Has his own page where tropes relating to him should go. When Metallo's Kryptonite heart just isn't enough, the bad guys call in the Kryptonite Man. Finally, in the New 52, Domestic Abuser Clay Ramsay joined one of Luthor’s supersoldier programs after being beaten by Superman, and was transformed into yet another incarnation of the villain. A bald killer with a penchant for strangulation, Noose was kept on Boss Moxie's payroll to eliminate competition. All the while, his spirit was slowly being broken, because although he loved her, life in Kandor is just too depressing. The Rogues Gallery is the term for the various villains that Batman has faced over the years. For the New 52 version of Cyborg Superman, see Supergirl's character page. Convinced Superman is a threat from the day he arrives on Earth, Lane sponsored the creation of Metallo and numerous other projects intended to fight Superman in the event that he turned on humanity. When I deal with them, I deal with them.” —Justice League#22 (Sept 2013) by Geoff Johns Many of Wonder Woman's rogues have been members of several villain team-ups. Mxyzptlk.

Originally portrayed as a gruff, but well-meaning father, who sacrificed his life to save the world during the Imperiex War, he was retconned into a fanatical, anti-alien bigot during the events of the New Krypton arc.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from BruceSkywalker.

I may also include some notes with some of the entries, explaining how I might change the character in my campaigns - Handling connections differently (because I interpret the JLA and JLI my own way, and don't even recognize the JLE, for example), adding skills (how does Bat-Girl have a Batarang, but not the Weaponry skill?!) Zod.

The original Post-Crisis Bizarro created by Lex Luthor. I’m grateful Tomasi at least brought Manchester Black into Rebirth continuity at least.

Or so they thought.

Luthor has appeared frequently in other media, featuring in video games, the original Superman films, Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League, Superman Returns, and the television series Smallville. The post-Rebirth Bizarro. When his brother went in his place and was crippled, DuBois developed symptoms of PTSD and was in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years, before going on a rampage that was halted by Superman.

Clark protested that he did not have his powers back then, but Kenny refused to listen and challenged him to a fight in an arena full of Kryptonite. Now has his own page onto which tropes about him should go.

D&D Beyond

He returned to Earth and posed as Superman during his death long enough to prepare for an invasion.

In 2009, IGN rated Brainiac the 17th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

His extreme hatred and racism led him to head Project 7734, a conspiracy aiming for the destruction of Superman, all other Kryptonians, all other "alien threats", and any of their sympathizers. Metallo. A monster who showed up on Earth one day and started trashing everything for no reason. A truly wicked mob boss, "Ugly" Mannheim is Intergang's fourth leader and Darkseid's chosen apostle on Earth. Rogues Gallery; Supporting Cast; By Location; Races; Powers & Skills Index; DC Movies; DC LEGENDS; Marvel Characters; Tables; Sources; Superman's Rogues Gallery List of Villains associated with Superman: Amazing Grace Arathaza Baron Sunday Barrage Belcher Bizarro Blackbriar Thorn Blackrock Blaze Blindspot Blockhouse Bloodsport Brainiac Cerberus Charger The Circle Concussion Cyborg Superman …

When she was ready, she copied his powers and escaped the bottle city, intending to rule Metropolis as its new God. Due to the radiation, Zed was born with a bizarre condition: yellow sunlight weakened him, but red sunlight gave him the same powers as a Kryptonian, which made him an ideal tool for the Soviet government. Subsequent media portrayed him as a technopathic intelligence, capable of possessing almost any technology, a series of robotic bodies (including Brainiac 2.5, Brainiac 6, and Nanoswarm Brainiac) capable of fighting the Man of Steel in addition to being technopathic, a mechanical giant called Brainiac 13 who overrode Metropolis' entire power grid and could smack around Superman with no effort, and finally as a Coluan cyborg, with the ability to match Superman blow-for-blow and even overpowering him, on top of possessing more minor versions of all his previous abilities such as technopathy and telepathy. So let's begin to change that perception here. He has faked his own death, impersonated his supposed son, revealed himself as one of Superboy's genetic donors, and met Death. After the USSR fell, Zed—now calling himself General Zod—obtained a suit of armor that filtered red rays from Earth's sun, allowing him use of his powers even outside. He vexed the Earth-2 Superman for decades as a Mad Scientist and war profiteer.

If this is your first visit, be sure to

He doesn't care what price Earth has to pay in his goal to ressurect Krypton. A scientist with S.T.A.R.

The son of the greatest hero of Earth-3, Alexander Luthor, and his wife Lois Lane, Alex was the only survivor of Earth-3 in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. DuBois was killed in the subsequent riot and Trent was later burned to death by his Aryan Brotherhood "friends" for needing weapons to defeat a black man.

Some of his samples include shrunken cities he keeps in bottles, most notably, the shrunken city of Kandor from Superman's home world. In spite of this, Doomsday has suffered Villain Decay. Driven mad by the isolation, Alex—who had never really learned morality, having aged so quickly—manipulated Superboy-Prime into helping them escape. You can find out more about him in his own article. Intergang's original leader in the 1920-40s, he was cloned by Cadmus Labs, and with help from clones of several of his key subordinates, murdered Vincent Edge and took over Intergang while his son, Bruno, was in exile on Apokolips. Hank was the only one stable enough to survive, as an energy being capable of inhabiting machinery. Still, his deformed features combined with his childlike lack of guile sometimes makes him a sympathetic figure—sort of a modern-day Frankenstein's Monster. She was shocked to discover that Superman was simply Metropolis' protector, not its ruler, and angrily tried to destroy him and the city. Obsessed with revenge, he put on an armored suit and attached a thought-controlled energy cannon to his stump. He discovered Clark's secret and kidnapped him, accusing him of using his powers to cheat back when they were kids. It's been often said that his rogues gallery is far behind Batman's, Spider-Man's, and The Flash's, to name a few. He was one of the original Intergang members to be cloned at Cadmus Labs, and was given elongated, super-strong fingers to better help him do his job. While I like Red Cloud and the Invisible Mafia I don’t think Bendis has any interest in using Clark’s regular Rogues which is unfortunate but not unexpected. Please check out the updated.

A villainess who can use magic thanks to her Mists of Ibella. His consciousness took various bodies from then on, including a series of robots, a human mentalist named Milton Fine, a techno-organic nanoswarm, and a holographic energy being from the future.

Outfitted with cybernetic arms that could convert into automatic weapons, he resumed his old role as the new Boss Moxie's buttonman.

Post-Crisis Geoff Johns' and Richard Donner's version of Bizarro!Mxyzptlk can't go back to the 5th Dimension because he doesn't know how to spell. Created by Jack Kirby, revived after a long hiatus by James Robinson.

Metallo for instance was a big player in this era which he has never really come close to matching since.

As an imperfect copy of an imperfect copy, he looked just like Superman, but had a brain just like Bizarro's. Except this is revealed to be a false memory and he always had his current appearance. The New 52 continued with this characterization of Lane.

He used this to populate a cubic planet with other monsters who are just as logically warped as he is. In The Dark Age of Comic Books, he was re-envisioned as a Corrupt Corporate Executive who sold the patents for his fantastic inventions to become not only incredibly rich, but the most powerful man in Metropolis, prior to the arrival of a certain hero. This is a older game, long out of print, but I was a huge fan of it (obviously) and would love to get a group back together at some point.

", Regarding Imperiex: IIRC, he was supposed to be Superman's personal Cosmic Entity villain: his own Galactus. A U.S. government agent employed first at Cadmus Labs and then by General Sam Lane and his Human Defense Corps, Jonathan Drew possesses limited telepathy and telekinesis, and no moral scruples of any sort.

Eventually Doomsday’s origins were explored in depth and it’s shown that Doomsday is the creation of an ancient kryptonian scientist. A monster engineered by the Russian Zod from tumours in Superman's body, Kancer is an imperfect Kryptonian clone, forced into the shape of a vaguely humanoid worm-monster, and encrusted with crystaline growths that resemble Green Kryptonite.

He is cunning but not intelligent.

A cosmic being with Reality Warper powers.

He is easily the most recognisable, and best known member of Superman's Rogues Gallery, and was rated IGN's "4th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time." ;). Labs with a rare seizure-inducing nervous disorder, Albert Michaels turned to a criminal syndicate who implanted him with a radioactive device that turned his nervous shorts into atomic blasts. Superman makes numerous efforts to halt, and finally kill, the rampaging monster, but all of them fail, with one even seeing Superman possessed by Doomsday. He's got the angst of living up to Superman's legacy Conner usually has with the bonus of being associated forever with the monster that killed him. He was genetically altered after passing through the barrier to Earth-1, which caused him to age to adulthood in a matter of weeks and develop mysterious space-warping powers. I think his albino gorilla form is pretty memorable. Doomsday. When he learns about his true origins, he loses the affable part and becomes stone cold evil.

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