Head to the right, and a new path will be available heading up. This angered the gods. Talk to a Moogle to learn that their village has been overrun by Pebblers. 100% of this guide applies to the SNES Kimono Birds' favorite tactic is to summon Pebblers. Your goal here is to find the next exit in the upper left corner. Check out his homepage. •Shrine Main Secret of Mana | Table of Contents | Walkthrough | Bestiary index. If you have any orbs that you haven't applied to your weapons, he'll be happy to do so here... for the usual fee of course. And Galen said it's not even 100% finished yet! The excellent comprehensive world map created by Galen P. of VGMapper.com. Home | Labeled Maps | Background Only … The path there will be open. An old man will be near the top. If you clear them out, the Moogles will return to their village when you attempt to leave. Neko can also save your game. You will be send soaring through the sky, quite far away from your home, and come crashing down in the middle of some woods known as the Great Forest. When you reach Summer, explore the upper left corner of the map. You'll find that it loops around in a circle, and each quarter of the circle represents a different season. Here you find the Wind Palace. It has the following labeled: location names, shops, shop items + prices, item status, smith locations, suggested weapon labels, and more! The game is a little counter-intuitive in that you can strike the head by standing above it, rather than where it's feet are. Check out his homepage. This page has been accessed 150,813 times. This page has been accessed 76,387 times. [Go to top]← Thieves' Ship | Upper Lands | Dragon Caves →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Secret_of_Mana/Upper_Lands&oldid=813064. Head up through the top of the village to find out what it is. And humans are releasing more monsters by breaking the seals. It is the sequel to the 1991 game Seiken Densetsu, released in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure and in Europe as Mystic Quest, and it was the first Seiken Densetsu title to be marketed as part of the Mana series … Category:Secret of Mana Locations - The Wiki of Mana, the real Sanctuary for Mana / Seiken Densetsu fans!

•Enemies He'll heal you and offer to save your game. As grandpa suggested, find the crystal orb near the bottom and cast the Girl's spell Analyzer on it. Here's a lovely scan of the world map that came with the game manual, courtesy of Daniel Karlsson. Here's a lovely scan of the world map that came with the game manual, courtesy of Daniel Karlsson. •Thanks Popoi will regain his memories again. Secret of Mana’s magic and spell system is a little different than the typical RPG fare, since the game doesn’t offer a lot of clear information about what each spell does.
All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. The hedgehog-like creatures are the Pebblers that have This page was last edited on 15 February 2018, at 01:49. It will occassionally leap into the air and land on the two rocks in the middle of the battlefield, rendering it invulnerable. Before you leave, don't forget to touch the seed with your sword to seal it and receive its power. It's weak to Earth spells, so use Earth Slide against it. Going counter-clockwise, you start in Winter, followed by Spring, then Summer, and then Autumn, and back to Winter. Each season has their own set of enemy inhabitants. Rise of Mana, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Secret_of_Mana&oldid=857334. This bird attacks by pouncing on opponents, as well as by casting powerful Air elemental magic, like Silence, Thunderbolt, and Air Blast. In the final section, simply head to the top to find an entrance to a cave. You begin on the far right side, and work your way to the Other than the frequent encounters with Silktails and Crawlers, there isn't a lot that's very remarkable about it. •Secrets/Misc Secret of Mana | Table of Contents | Walkthrough | Bestiary index When you regain control of the game, you will be flying on Flammie. Ultimate World Map ~992 KB The excellent comprehensive world map created by Galen P. of VGMapper.com. There's nothing you can do to interact with it at this time. You can enlarge them. Now go east to where the Secret of Mana, originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 2, is a 1993 action role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the SNES. Control may be passed between each of the three at any time. This page has been accessed 32,135 times. The sales-cat Neko has also set up shop here.

This will prevent the map's edges from being cropped off. This page was last edited on 9 April 2020, at 06:08. He teaches you to use Analyzer on Crystal Orbs to find out what magic works on them. The PDF will print out 2x bigger (on more pages, of course).

It's also very good for finding the weakness of enemies. Kill the Pebblers, then leave the area. If you try to talk to one of them, the Sprite will explain that some Pebblers have taken over their home. Here's a lovely scan of the world map that came with the game manual, courtesy of Daniel Karlsson. From the first map, you must find an exit to the west. Raw World Map ~748 KB The Upper Lands is a sprawling forest that is spread out across three large maps. and south. The Secret of Mana Walkthrough features boss guides, puzzle solutions and much more to the SNES classic Secret of Mana. •Characters Watts is in the north part of this area. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by an angry bird who hops around on two thin legs. You'll notice a path that leads up. It's the ultimate Secret of Mana map! •Cheats It has the following labeled: location names, shops, shop items + prices, item status, smith locations, suggested weapon labels, and more! Watts and Neko will relocate to the Moogle village.
The area with the pink trees is the To reach the Upper Lands, you must visit the Cannon Bros. location which is east of the Water Palace, north of Pandora, and just below the starting town of Potos. You may also notice, as you travel through the Great Forest, that you'll see a creature fly across the screen. To the south west of Spring, you'll find an area that you can't quite access yet. It's Popoi's grandfather.

If your printer uses an unusual paper size you may have to play around with the Tile Scale percentage to get this PDF to zoom properly. Good thing too, because you can find two treasure chests here, one of which contains a Glove orb and the other contains an Axe orb. trees are green, and then use the northwest exit. This is the Moogle village. fate of the sprites, then will give you the power of Sylphid. If you did it correctly, you will hear a sound to the right. Get those orbs and have Watts forge your weapons. Be sure to buy two before you leave. Are these maps too small for you? •Contact Maintainer, Shrine Navigation Home | Secret of Mana Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map.

The walkthrough for Secret of Mana is split up sequentially by the designated chapters in the game. •Items

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