Last updated: November 5, 2019. It's the Who in a nutshell — the power, the humor, the chaos, the destructive urges. Then, bassist Tina Weymouth makes her entrance, sharing the edge of the spotlight on "Heaven," followed by drummer Chris Frantz on "Thank You For Sending Me an Angel" and guitarist Jerry Harrison on "Found a Job." We do not. Rock-Videos. But he throws in a smoldering, gospel-flavored re-imagining of "Little Red Corvette" for old time's sake. There was an error with subscription attempt. It's a bracing reminder of just how undeniable a force these guys were at that point in not only their trajectory but rock 'n' roll's trajectory, arriving just in time to save the day. Prince is in top form as he makes his way through several costume changes, tearing it up on guitar while showing off his sexiest James Brown moves. Kurt Cobain sings like his voice is a raw nerve he can't stop himself from touching, shredding vocal cords with each intensely vulnerable cry, from "Drain You" to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to "About a Girl." Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. This was supposed to be LCD Soundsystem's final performance, a four-hour victory lap that finds them dusting off an awe-inspiring number of their greatest hits at Madison Square Garden. Whatever underlying tensions led them to leave all this behind don't come through in the playing, which is often joyous and as sharp as ever. It is a day of black awareness. And she fully captured the impact of that moment, taking the stage as a queen, an image of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti on her cape, and as the first black woman ever to headline America's premier music festival. And it did. Did they know this was their final tour? But we can relive the magic of actual performances while keeping a safe social distance from the comfort of our homes by watching classic concert films through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime without spending a dime (if you're already a subscriber to those services). Bob Dylan’s performance alone would make this concert more than worth your while. There are open-air performances and smaller events in unlikely locations — from a dimly lit cave to community halls and a deserted fish factory — and an unplugged performance for family and friends at a coffee shop. But it's worth it to get to the music Led Zeppelin performed at Madison Square Garden over the course of three nights in the summer of '73. This is what history felt like before it was history, preserved on 16 mm film. Kim Deal travels on a separate tour bus with her sister Kelley to preserve her own sobriety while David Lovering gets hooked on Valium and Joey Santiago struggles to keep his composure as the house of cards begins to fall in on itself. It's a striking introduction to both the band and Jonathan Demme's masterfully directed film, a nearly 90-minute masterpiece overflowing with surprises. Instead, it merges them into its music categories including the music documentary category. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. As a snapshot of an oft-neglected yet exhilarating moment in the history of the U.K music scene, it definitely rises to the challenge. But everything you need to know about the Who is right there in those live performances. Guitarist Jack White turns to his partner, one of rock's most underrated drummers, coming out of a squealing guitar break to remind her "You can do what you want to, Meg.

You can certainly pay to watch "Monterey Pop," the classic D.A.

It's a brilliant performance that's beautifully captured by directors Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern. And at the center of that energy is Byrne, a dancing fool who remains one of the more endearingly idiosyncratic entertainers rock 'n' roll will ever know. At times they incorporate singers and musicians from the town they're visiting into the mix. Now that we're all stuck inside, it may be time for him to run that other 90 minutes up the flagpole and see who salutes. This list is only of full concerts. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

See a full list of all the new TV and film titles streaming on Netflix in October 2020, including Adam Sandler's Hubie Halloween, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and so much more. It also serves as a thrilling reminder that these Boston rockers were a revolutionary force without whose often-duplicated whisper-to-a-scream dynamic it's hard to imagine what rock music in the '90s would've sounded like.

I want every concert film to mess with my emotions that profoundly. The biggest came in April 2019 with the release of Homecoming with Beyonce. Pennebaker documentary that features that iconic scene of Jimi Hendrix setting fire to his Fender. Over the years, Netflix has been buying up from third parties and producing their own live concerts movies. If you still don't get what makes Beyonce an iconic entertainer after watching this performance, maybe you're just not meant for Beyonce's world. Are there any other musicians, singers, or bands going to do anymore Netflix … Then, everyone crowds the stage to join in on a stately, gospel-flavored version of Dylan's "I Shall Be Released," the perfect ending to a damn near perfect concert. This is a document of everything that made the Who so special in the first place. Reach the reporter at or 602-444-4495. ", And after great performances by such Stax heavyweights as Rufus Thomas (lightening the mood with "Do the Funky Chicken"), an extremely charming Carla Thomas and the Bar-Kays, Isaac Hayes brings the film to a rousing conclusion with a very funky "Theme From Shaft" and the gritty social commentary of "Soulsville.". From the best movie musicals to amazing documentaries to classic concert films, these shows and films will keep adults and kids alike in rhythm.

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