Filipino Accent Memes Dexter speaking in a Filipino accent is the meme of the month A hilarious meme where the cartoon character Dexter (of Dexter’s Laboratory) “speaks” in a Filipino accent has been making its rounds on Philippine social media for more than a week and it looks like it has no signs of stopping. The funny thing is Filipinos don’t even sound the way she did it in her video. I have been an accent neutralization trainer for years. My trainees would suffer from insecurities because they feel their heavy accent is a hindrance to being able to communicate effectively. Accent marks and a subtle color shift behind and around ‘dare’ makes the word pop off the page and be something you want to look at.

I know how it feels to be ostracized for having a bad accent. Funny Filipino Accent Sentences The filipino language is beautiful specially when it's in its purest form: Tagalog.

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