We’re all as disappointed as you guys that we have had to cancel this years official event, but the good news is we have decided that we are still going to go away that week and following the route that was planned but not as an official event. Dan has been married to his beautiful...Read More, George’s love of motorcycles started early as his oldest brother Jim would give him rides on his 1947 Knuckle and 1960 Panhead. I am from Poland, living in the U.S. Criss-crossing our beautiful country, from top to bottom, on a century old machine, will be an actual dream come...Read More, I enjoying the challenge of riding in the 2018 CB for the first time on # 117 1916 Harley JD. Oscar’s a 1929 Indian Scout 101. Following my Dad’s lead, I developed a fond love for drag...Read More, I’m from Florida and am looking forward to the 2020 Cannonball! For further information about what make our event so completely different please feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have… ROUTE SCOUTING. Flew corporate jets all over for several corporations. Got wrapped up in Cannonball fever a while ago and recently bought the second motorcycle I’ve ever owned. I'm Fabulous Song, After lunch all teams receive the 3rd checkpoint location, when reaching the 3rd checkpoint teams will receive the address to the luxurious 5star hotels.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. My first bike was a Zundapp 250, then came a bunch of little Hondas. Over the years I have bought and sold many...Read More, My name is Gary Montgomery and I will turn 77 years old during the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball. The Teams will start their Rally from various starting locations to precede on various amazing roads, through great countries and cities to end up at our final location.

The Cannonball Run, created in 1971 under the name 'Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shinning Sea Memorial Trophy Dash', is a cross-country race that … Your email address will not be published. He’s been riding motorbikes since he bought his first bike at age 15; a used Garelli Tiger Cross 50cc 2-stroke.The little Garelli was still his daily rider when he started working for Lloyd’s of London. And so, the journey began! Team Two Tired is comprised of my wife Beau, who is Vice President of Operations,...Read More, Hello I’m Tom Banks from Pittsburgh, Pa. Created by TiboMedia.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBphOHzOI68. I’m George (G-MAN) Banks, I’ve been around motorcycles my entire life. But Cannonball Run 3000 is not just about driving, we find it just as important to take time to enjoy the passages, cities, venues and each other along the way. Cannonball Run 3000, is a tour Rally filled with surprises, great people, amazing vehicles, top venues and various challenges. Will be crowned the winning team of the Cannonball Run 3000 Rally. He’s worked at The Daily Rider in Burlington Vermont since 2010 where he repairs and...Read More, https://motorcyclecannonball.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Jon-Dobbs-Cannonball-Video.mp4 Jon’s adventure motorcycling started when he left town one day, drove to Alaska, and returned nearly three months and 13,000 miles later. As of May12th 2020 Cannonball Events Ltd is formally liquidated. Jerry Harris Won Daytona, I will be again riding a 1925 Indian Big Chief. In Deep Learning Features Are Picked By The Network, Christmas Parade Costume Ideas, There may be some versions of these races now sitting with other providers. He has ridden and raced internationally and has competed in 4 Cannonballs. For 2020...Read More. Black Feminist Organizations To Donate To, I have always been fascinated with the early motorcycle and the CANNONBALL HOOKED ME! Aoba New Game Wiki, Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I loved motorcycles but Dad didn’t. My name is Doug Jones, #96, and 2020 will be my fourth Cannonball. Cannonball Run Europe is the legendary annual event driving 2,500 miles across Europe in six days - check out our website at cannonballruneurope.co.uk In 2014 Dan rode with his middle son, Robb Kraft; and in 2016 and 2018 with his eldest son, Todd Kraft  #71. My fascination with motorcycles started when I and some elementary school classmates would sneak off campus to go sit on some older students’ Harley Hummers that were parked in the back yard of a private residence. Bolian believed this record was the end of the “COVID-19 Cannonball Era.” The New York-to-Los Angeles Cannonball driving record has been broken yet again, according to former coast-to-coast record holder and insider Ed … The cross-country Cannonball Run record has been broken again – by the same duo who originally set the record for fastest drive across the US late last year. It started off as a dream to just be accepted and ride...Read More, I started riding in 1960 while attending college in Vermont on a 2 HP Montgomery Ward Scooter. Todd is the eldest son of Dan Kraft #72...Read More, Dan Kraft, #72 was the same age as his riding number in 2016 on his second Cannonball Run. It turns out they’d brought in a man named Danny Liska to talk to us about his motorcycle ride from northern Alaska to the tip of...Read More, I got my first taste of motorcycles when I was about 8 years old and I wanted to keep up with my big brother and the other boys in the neighborhood. UK trips from £329 per person Euro trips from £1995 Per Person www.thecannonrun.com 0800 246 1745 From first time ralliers to veterans with over 15 years of rallying mischief, they all agree, Cannonball Run is unlike any other automotive experience. Jody paved her own way into history by becoming the first woman ever to ride an American...Read More, My name is Larry Butts from Minneapolis, MN. I progressed up to an old  BSA Super Rocket before reverting back to 250cc bikes. The idea being that I will let you know where the start is and the planned nightly stop overs, All you have to do is simply find a hotel that suits your own budget, bring a tent if you like. Can You Transfer Subway Jobs, Please note some of the events and event rights have been taken up by other companies due to Cannonball Events Ltd as a liquated asset being sold. I had a couple motorcycles before I brought home my first Harley, a Panhead, hence the nickname, in boxes when I was...Read More, From the very beginning I was fascinated with motorcycles. I work as a Professor of Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. South Beach Food And Wine Festival 2021 Tickets, Black Feminist Organizations To Donate To, In Deep Learning Features Are Picked By The Network, President Eisenhower And The Chance For Peace Worksheet Answers, Temple Of The Emerald Buddha - Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram / Wat Phra KaewWat In Bangkok, Thailand. I am currently preparing a 1929 Harley Davidson Model JD to join my brother, Mike (2018 CB), to compete in my first Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. by | Sep 18, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. I grew up around motorcycles and it was a bug that I just couldn’t shake. Cannonball Run 3000, is a tour Rally filled with surprises, great people, amazing vehicles, top venues and various challenges. In 2017 I sold leaving me more family time as well as looking after my collection of mostly...Read More, Aaron Loveless Video My name is Aaron Loveless and I live in the small town of Prunedale, California. Should you want a timing quote or to see their events, please see www.timemyrace.co.uk.

Cardiff City 2013 14, Gas explosions escaping from an engine’s...Read More, Click Here to Watch Indian AA’s Rider Video, Hi- My name is Joe Chance of Westphalia Iowa, & rider #108 in the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball. THE CARS, THE PEOPLE, THE ROUTES, THE MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Team Not A Chance includes me, my wife Trisha, Stepson...Read More, At 5 years old was lucky enough to ride my big brother’s go cart and that started everything, by 6th grade built a custom chopper sting ray bicycle for the Auto Rama custom car show. Kew Junction Stabbing, When they started their annual migration to the Black Hills, I knew it was only a matter of time before my Uncle Pat would be showing up on his Harley. I call the Smoking Indian. I’m just a simple leather worker with a passion for motorcycles. Sea Warning, My Mother tells me I was born with a shop rag in my hand. This means we can all still meet up on an evening for something to eat or you can do your own thing. Umi Down To Earth Lyrics,

I am returning for my third Motorcycle Cannonball, having participated in the 2014 event when I rode my 1936 Polish motorcycle Sokol 1000, completing every mile. I brought home a Kawasaki...Read More, Stewart Garrison from Arlington, TX has had a passion for motorcycles since childhood. Armed with an EE degree, and a job in Connecticut, I dabbled in small sports cars for a few years before returning to motorcycles.

As a restorer, collector, and curator of these old machines it’s important to Jon on the Cannonball rides he puts together a different bike each time. Three car enthusiasts became the new Cannonball Run record holders last month – with a top speed of 193 mph and an average of 103 mph for more than a day. I’m not sure which bike I’ll be riding the year…that’s still for the CannonballGods to decide.

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