In a second game on the same sample, decisions were private, giving donors the opportunity to cheat. This question is addressed in this paper. One important deviation from the original procedure, however, was the use of mass testing. This paper addresses those questions in experiments that first elicit subjects’ social preferences and then let them make decisions in an environment where lying increases the own material payoff and has either consequences for the payoffs of others or no consequences for others. Studies 1 and 2 demonstrate that winning a competition increases the likelihood of winners to steal money from their counterparts in a subsequent unrelated task. In both settings individuals receive a fixed bonus when attaining the goal. So why do many of us find it acceptable to cast Since neither differences in beliefs nor differences in norms about cheating can explain this finding, it seems to be driven by a difference in redistributive preferences. Across three studies with adolescents aged 10 to 14 years (N = 640) from schools in India, we found that promises systematically lowered cheating rates compared with no‐promise control conditions.

While some found a statistically significant difference in moral decision-making between women and men [36], others did not [37]. This study takes an economics approach to explore the propensity of individuals to act dishonestly across different contexts. We find very compelling null effects with tight confidence intervals showing that none of the norm-nudge interventions worked in a setting in which the risk for being caught is eliminated by design. ProA and CF participants were also much more diverse than participants from MTurk.

summary(m1, byvar = Fleiss93$year < 1980, bylab = "year<1980") Interactive Effects of Honesty-Humility and Moral Cues on Cheating Behavior, Does the truth come naturally? 0000006433 00000 n A theory of social heuristics (the Social Heuristics Hypothesis, SHH), predicts that, in case of one-shot interactions, such an effect exists and it is positive. Collectively, our work reveals that anxiety might increase unethical behavior because individuals who feel anxious are more likely to engage in intuitive automatic processing that shifts attention from moral standards to self-interest, and thus to behave unethically. Findings from rational choice theory (Becker, 1968;Paternoster & Simpson, 1993), business literature (Carson, 2003;Harris & Bromiley, 2007), accounting or finance literature (Buchholz, 2012;Johnson et al., 2009;Kibble, 2007;Littman, 2010;Soltani, 2014) and some findings in behavioral economics (Gneezy et al., 2013;Kajackaite & Gneezy, 2017) suggest that personal gain increases unethical behavior. Psychological, sociological and economic theories suggest causal pathways to explain how the prevalence of rule violations in people's social environment, such as corruption, tax evasion or political fraud, can compromise individual intrinsic honesty.

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