Accessed August 9, 2013. Senator Enrile’s resistance to cooperation with an ally will not help the Philippines garner support from the United States in the event of conflict with China. [85] Karl John Reyes, “Chinese military intel opened doors for Trillanes – JPE,”, September 24, 2012,—jpe, accessed 09/15/13. [66] Rupert N. W. Hodder, pp. Chinese Influences in the Philippines: 1. porcelains, silver, umbrella, cotton 2. camisa de chino for male and long pants for girls 3. [92] “Sounds like a shakedown,” Daily Tribune, March 24, 2013,, accessed 08/17/13.

“US, Philippines to Open Troops Talks.” Associated Press, August 8, 2013.

0000021293 00000 n Incidentally, the RP-US Bases Agreement was ratified by our Senate by an 8-0 vote but it was never ratified by the US Senate leading to the opinion that even the US Government does not recognize the validity of the RP-US Bases Agreement or that the US treats the RP-US Bases Agreement as a mere executive agreement. Of the top twelve companies in Davao by imports from China between 2000 and 2003 (which account for almost 75% of imports), three were owned solely by Chinese, and the remainder frequently had major Chinese shareholders. [36] Chico Harlan, “Philippines Pushes Back Against China,” Washington Post, 7/23/2012,, accessed 7/26/2013. In exchange for these privileges and concessions, he gave Marcos Ph60 to Ph100 million a year. ,”  accessed 08/12/13.

Accessed July 20, 2013. Early Chinese Economic Influence in the Philippines period most Filipinos had little to do with the Chinese and many, indeed, had never seen a Chinese. [89]  One of the richest senators, Mr. Estrada is the son of former President Joseph Estrada who is a long-time friend of Mr.Tan. The Philippines and United States maintain this agreement to bolster counter-terrorism and training of the Philippine military. [10] The extreme growth in Chinese energy demand leads China to aggressively diversify sourcing, including what many see as unwarranted and dangerous military measures in the South China Sea. Ranked second after Indonesia’s Suharto, Marcos was alleged to have stolen a total of $5 billion to $10 billion, while Estrada ranked as the 10th most corrupt, allegedly plundering $78 million to $80 million dollars during his first three years in office.

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