Zekes revolver is a Colt Detective Special. : Magnum Sized. Much to the teachers' chagrin, money that could be used for buying new textbooks or putting on a School Play other than Our Townnote is instead directed towards the football team because, as Principal Drake explains, they live in a football town. Casey Uh, it's the new you.

Quotes Europe?

In my trunk. Sometimes she can be a real bitch. Her first. Oh. First posted over 2004-05 by author Baylor, Birthright was temporarily taken offline only to reappear again in 2008.[10]. Zeke Whoa... woman. While snooping in the teachers' lounge, Casey tells Delilah that she can be "pretty cool sometimes". Not a chocolate lover, huh? : Maybe not. As is the nature of the mailing list medium, the small group of members exchanged feedback for the stories on-list and engaged in other related discussions. Casey is then repeatedly faced with the decision of whether or not to use his powers to help people, when besides putting himself through great pain this action is likely to call attention to him and Zeke, making it easier for the bad guys to find them.

Miss Burke She later goes on to say how when she met them (referring to the main cast specifically now) she noted how they were all lost and lonely, just like her, but that even "her" feelings can be hurt by them. Miss Burke : : Over the years, the Group has changed owners/moderators a number of times. Miss Burke Miss Burke Click here for related articles on Fanlore. Miss Burke There is a scene early on that takes place at a faculty meeting, where they are deciding how to divide the school's budget. Student There are presently over 300 members of jacked_up. Answer me something, Marybeth.

(at around 43 mins) In a scene where students are being called to the principal's office, one name called is Thomas Nix. Miss Burke (at around 7 mins) At the start of the movie, Coach Willis (. : Marybeth How about this: Condoms.

Yeah, and I'm Portuguese. Dude, that's not me. The story is immensely popular, and is exemplary of the Hurt/Comfort genre as the trials and tribulations of Casey and Zeke's personal and inter-personal struggles are drawn out in intense, analytical detail.

Did you just say "woman"? : Most likely another case of fannish drift from the LOTR fandom, in Broken Toys Casey Connor is slashed with the character in Toy Soldiers played by Sean Astin, Billy Tepper (Sean Astin played Sam Gamgee in Lord of the Rings; Elijah Wood played Frodo). There are also a number of minor characters played by well-known actors: Minor characters rarely make it into The Faculty fanfiction, however, which tends to focus on the teen team. The dynamic between Casey and Zeke in this story had huge influence on The Faculty fandom, not only capturing the imaginations of readers but influencing other writers as well; many Casey/Zeke stories riffed on the dynamic between the characters in Void moreso than the dynamic in the canon itself. [Holds up his car keys]  Principal Drake gets her name from the Drake Equation, which is used to estimate how much intelligent life there is in the universe. Zeke Jordana and Paul starred in The Fast and the Furious films together as Josh Hartnett was in HALLOWEEN H20 with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. Zeke Marybeth's face at the back of the poster certainly qualifies as an evil onlooker foreshadowing and hinting at her being the alien queen. Japan? [to himself]  It's your birthright man, just fucking take it.

: (at around 13 mins) The printed sign in the faculty lounge taped up next to all of the water bottles reads "the beating will continue until morale improves". C'mon... they're on me. Zeke Ouch! Connections Whoa! Release Dates [5], Traffic on the community appears to have maintained a consistent level throughout its life, with only a handful of posts per month since 2003.[6]. Marybeth What the hell is wrong with him? : Zeke But if you love all things sci-fi, it's a good mess." Zeke

: Now do you wanna talk to me about it, or take it up with Principal Drake? Casey Though her wearing glasses is more likely because contacts will dry out the eyes of people who wear them. (at around 11 mins) When Casey nurses his wounds in the bathroom at the beginning of the movie, graffiti above his head reads. This is a recurring art obsession, from Saint Denis to Victorian photographers.

Marybeth could be seen as another variation on Allison, the shy outsider misfit with a secret. Casey Hello sweety pie, What are you looking for? ...you could've made up your finals last summer and you wouldn't have had to repeat your senior year. : : This is your big secret? The Faculty (1998) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Trust me man, I'm brilliant. Miss Burke The story, written by Waxjism, depicts a sexual relationship between Casey/Zeke/Delilah heavily based on themes of power, control and eroticized violence. Stan, take it. : Happy now? A group of teenagers from different social groups become unlikely allies as their school is taken over by aliens keen on world domination.

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