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This power drain is very strong and will fully drain power if not blocked (… Zatanna's hair is black and she puts on her classic black hat upon activating her Character Trait. Due to her long history in DC Comics, she has been named as one of DC's best and most powerful female characters[2][3], one of the Justice League's greatest and most important characters[4][5], and as a member of some of the Justice League's best line-ups. Both later concede that Bruce is too devoted to his cause as Batman to give her the relationship she wishes for, but the pair reaffirm their bond as close friends.

Zatanna is the next Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC character.

When she is introduced, she is on a quest to find her father Zatara who made his first appearance in Action Comics #1 but had not been published regularly for several years.

Lost on tag out. Red Arrow | Though Batman tries to join in the fight, Zatanna uses her powers to tie him up, saying that Batman was too valuable to the world to die in battle. She appears in JLA: Another Nail, which shows her teaming with Hawkwoman in Midway City. The 1978 DC Super Dictionary invented a character, Conjura, who had the same magic ability as Zatanna, in addition to possessing a time-traveling amulet. "Stringleshanks", Dini, Paul (w), Chiang, Cliff (p), Chiang, Cliff (i). She often uses her magic to assist in performing everyday tasks, especially if she is too busy or fatigued to do them the mundane way. Contents . Hobby [17], She briefly was featured in backup features in Adventure Comics and Supergirl from 1971 to 1973.

[52] When her cousin Zachary Zatara breaks the spell, the casino owner begs Zatanna to turn him into a soulless lump of gold in order to escape torment in Hell. Zatanna/Quotes < Zatanna. In the DC Bombshells continuity, Zatanna was the daughter of a Jewish father and a Romani mother during World War II, but was prevented from being sent to the concentration camps thanks to the Joker's Daughter, who in return, forced her to perform magic to aid the Third Reich. Speaking her spells as backwards words, Zatanna can cast illusions, manipulate elements, and even manipulate reality on a small scale allowing for teleportation or instant creation of several magical themed items, ranging from razor sharp throwing hoop discs, playing cards, and even her wand and Sargon's hat. [40][41] With assistance from Hardware and Icon, Zatanna and her comrades are able to defeat Starbreaker in a battle in the Himalayas.

This character is or was a member of the Insurgency, a gathering of heroes and villains who have come together to usurp Superman's Regime and restore democratic order on Earth in the events that precede and include the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game.This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Insurgency Members" category. Furthermore, her powers seems tied to her self-confidence, as the long series of blunders described in Seven Soldiers left her both emotionally and psychologically shattered, powerless, until she was able to restore her lost confidence. In the TV series Young Justice, Zatanna has a flirtatious and possibly romantic friendship with Dick Grayson / Robin during Season 1. Catwoman discovers that Zatanna's mind-wipe of Dr. Light in Identity Crisis is not an isolated occurrence; Catwoman's journey from villain to hero and her resulting efforts to lead a moral life are retconned as being the result of Zatanna's mental intervention. While possessing similar powers, the character was visually distinct from Zatanna, depicting her as a dark-skinned woman in a purple jumpsuit, jackboots, and yellow turban with a long cape. Swamp Thing | Zatanna informs Dale that the murderer was a powerful sorcerer known as Brother Night, who rules the supernatural crime scene in San Francisco. History Talk (0) Share. Bronze Tiger | She has proven capable on many occasions of casting spells by speaking normally, saying words that means nothing, and, in rarer occasions, the ability to use magic for simple tasks without speaking. She is described as the daughter of the deceased John Zatara, "the world's greatest magician". [9][22] Soon after Zatanna joined the group, the identity of her mother was revealed in a multi-issue storyline.

Azrael | Like the Black Canary, Zatanna's reliance on her voice often leads to her being bound and gagged by villains, a measure that renders her 'powerless'.

Later on, it is revealed Bruce would like to see her in hopes that she will teach him more about magic that would revive Tim Drake. [48] In the aftermath of Blackest Night, Kimiyo mentions that Zatanna is one of the members who has left the team.[49]. After the Regime's downfall, Zatanna was instrumental in restraining meta-humans during their trials, but when a jury recommended the death penalty for the more immutable defendants, Zatanna intervened.

She is considered among the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe.

Gypsy |

Her lover, John Constantine, confronted her during one of her shows in an attempt to rescue her, but knowing they were surrounded, Zatanna transformed John into a rabbit and kept him under her care to prevent his death. [75], In the Amalgam Comics universe, Zatanna is merged with the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers to form a character known as Wanda Zatara, the White Witch.[76].

Batman decides to confront the Spectre himself and orders Zatanna to teleport the group away when she feels the spirit cease his attack. In the first issue, she hears about the Justice League's run-in with the Enchantress and volunteers her services to the League.

Zatanna returns in the first chapter of Injustice Year Three.

Zatanna is multi-lingual, being fluent in English, Spanish, and her trademark "backwards speech.". Though she usually has at least a couple hundred specific spells prepared at any given moment, she is adept at magical improvisation and can readily modify her spells to handle unpredictable situations. "By My Black Hand, The Dead Shall Rise! Though Zatanna reminds him that their friends think he's staying in the Tower of Fate where he's safe, Batman insists he has to make sure Superman goes down. Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Guardian |

Pandora | Injustice: Gods Among Us is a bold fighting game featuring a large cast of favorite DC Comics icons such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman, The … Lex Luthor |

As Siphon taunts his captive of her predicament, she is able to relay her location to Power Girl. Katana | Zatanna is a skilled illusionist, showgirl and stage magician even without resorting to her innate magical powers. Zatanna is introduced at the Ace of Clubs, the scene of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack)'s birthday party.

[80] The first, Zatanna and the House of Secrets, written by Matthew Cody and illustrated by Yoshi Yoshitani, was released in February 2020. Blue Beetle | Zatanna was first teased when Ed Boon tweeted random clues associated with the word "Magic." This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice: Gods Among Us history. She has resurrected the city of Metropolis from ruin,[73] merged Aquaman's spirit with the entire ocean in the finale of the "Obsidian Age" story arc (albeit after the sorcerer Gamemnae had already merged Aquaman with a pool of water),[74] and manipulated time and space. She has performed at Paris, Hollywood, Metropolis, Gotham, and Bludhaven and helped various heroes in the DC world as her tours brought her to them.

"Welcome To Sundown Town Chapter 6: Metathesiophobia", Robinson, James (w), Bagley, Mark (p), Hunter, Rob (i). Zatanna's final appearance in Year Two is a brief scene in chapter twenty-four, standing close to Doctor Fate while holding the infant Connor Lance in her arms. Zatanna has shown great control of her magic ability, which extends to an ability to elemental sorcery.

She was created by writer Gardner Fox, artist Murphy Anderson, and Julius Schwartz, and first appeared in Hawkman # 4 in November of 1964. After Infinite Crisis, their relationship appears to have warmed; in Detective Comics #824 he calls her for information on a card-counter involved in scamming the Penguin. Cyborg | Zatanna aids Batman after Superman breaks his back by sheltering him in the Tower of Fate, away from Kal-El's eyes.

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