Canada and New Jersey as well. Major Doctor Ghastly invents the Temporal Confabulationater Izationizer Unit – a time machine that works so well that Ghastly, Hector, and Skarr end up meeting their future selves and Destructicus Con Carne, son of Ghastly and Hector, as both an infant and an adult. Note: The first season of Evil Con Carne consists of 27 segments. Hector, Dr. Ghastly and his military leader, General Skarr, then created a secret laboratory on an island with a bunny-shaped mountain known as "Bunny Island" (a parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's lair in the James Bond movies). According to Tom Warburton, characters from Evil Con Carne were originally set to appear in the television special The Grim Adventures of the KND. When Estroy creates a better version and invites Evil Con Carne to dinner, Hector plans to steal the upgraded version. [2] It was also part of Cartoon Network's brand, Cartoon Cartoons, and is the 15th and final cartoon of the series (albeit when it was part of Grim & Evil, due to the Cartoon Cartoons brand being temporarily discontinued earlier in October 2003; the show itself is considered by some to be a Cartoon Cartoon regardless). My name is Hector Con Carne, and I will one day rule the world! Evil Con Carne was a short-lived animated series created for Cartoon Network by Maxwell Atoms. Thirteen more half-hour episodes of Grim & Evil were produced, but the two series later became separate programs in … The five season one episodes are included as bonus features in the Season 1 DVD set for The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Hector believes that all of the evil geniuses in the world are keeping each other from conquering the Earth, so he unites them all to come up with an ultimate plan. Evil Con Carne was a short-lived animated series created for Cartoon Network by Maxwell Atoms. Evil Con Carne was a short-lived animated series created for Cartoon Network by Maxwell Atoms. He is known for voicing General Skarr in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne. Skarr does not realize it is a trap and ignores all of the warnings he is given. ** In ''Evil Con Carne'', one of the commandos biting into Hector is extremely similar to Baraka's fatality from ''VideoGame/MortalKombat11''. Evil Goes Wild: Hector and Boskov land in the middle of the forest and team up with bears.

An official series finale, titled "Company Halt", aired on March 16, 2007. Destructicus Con Carne, the son of Hector and Major Doctor Ghastly, comes back from the future to help his parents.

Hector gets restless when Boskov disobeys him. Once upon a time, there was a jillionaire playboy who was blown up in a tremendous explosion. Evil Con Carne's enemy, Estroy, builds a robotic woman for General Skarr in revenge after he and Ghastly ruined his chrome polisher. FunnyAneurysmMoment: Over 15 years since the show debuted, the brain of the former Patriots player/murderer Aaron Hernandez is kept. Evil Con Carne is an American animated television series/spin-off of Grim & Evil and sister show of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, created by Maxwell Atoms. All of the songs from the musical episode are very catchy and well-written. entertainment corporation that didn't want competition in world domination, "Cartoon Network Shows Off Four New Series", "warburtonlabs: GRIM ADVENTURES OF THE KND! TWIST! Unfortunate Implications : Evil Con Carne is, in essence, a terrorist group. It helps that to the spanish speaking viewer, Hector original name sounds ridiculous. The Smell of Vengeance: Hector prepares the stink ray. Hector, Boskov, and Cod Commando realize they have got to work together to survive on a deserted island. Although both shows started as parts of Grim and Evil , and both became full-fledged shows around the same time, Maxwell Atoms ended Carne of his own accord, not because it was getting bad reviews or low ratings, but because he felt that working on two shows at the same time was too stressful, and he opted to continue working on Billy and Mandy instead.

That would explain things. His brain survived... (Hector Con Carne's stomach: Stomach, too!) DarkLordOnLifeSupport: Hector Con Carne is a BrainInAJar (and stomach, in a separate jar) set atop a. DespairEventHorizon: Hector was blown up by Cod Commando's trap in his place, which reduced him to a brain and a stomach. He's not too bad, is he? And that is why I feel it's my duty Hector requires the aid of a legendary living stone idol to rule the world. Evil Con Carne is an American animated television series/spin-off of Grim & Evil and sister show of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, created by Maxwell Atoms. Hector is nervous because his blind mother visits him and does not know that he is only a brain and a stomach.

All of the evil geniuses end up arguing, instead. This could very well have been the reason why the show was removed from Grim & Evil and then canned; it would have been in poor taste to keep running it after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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