But you’re a Samaritan. currently in prison for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. You wrote a book, A Prayer to Our Father, which is how Yeshua was teaching His disciples how to pray.

Information on the evolution of Yahweh and El will give us an idea of when they were merged into the one god that we have today in the Bible. We don’t know. We’re just all the same.” This is assimilation, radical assimilation. The Assyrians took the 10 tribes, scattered them all over what today is Iran and Iraq, and possibly parts of Syria, and in their place they took people from five different regions which were also in those areas. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Because they sinned and because the area had been abandoned. You are listening to Hebrew Voices with Nehemia Gordon. And you’re not saying, Michael, to those people, “Hey, that salvation experience you had, that was false.” You’re not saying that, right? These people, identifiable as the biblical Kenites, would have been held in high regard and seen as being close to the divine because they possessed knowledge about the secret and mysterious process of copper smelting, Amzallag says.

I’d said that for years. We want you to be part of our empire. This is how it is written in over 1000 different manuscripts.

There are steps leading up to the temple, because Shechem is in the valley and Mount Gerizim is up on the hill.

(Origin of the Humankind, chapter 2.7) connects all the dots. This was in November, 2017. Learn more at NehemiasWall.com. That’s what’s understood certainly when it comes to the Samaritans. I talk about this passage - this was a life-changing passage for me, Michael. Now that information is going out around the world. For more on this sacred mountain, and for a possible origin of the name “Yahweh,” please read the trilogy of The Last King of Babylon. God’s that merciful that if you mispronounced His name, He can still find you where you are. They were a large contingent of people who dominated what today is northern Israel, the area of Samaria, the so-called “West Bank”, which Jews call “Judea and Samaria”. Of course, the most famous “Bayt El” in modern times is the one housed inside the Kaaba at Mecca.

Iron is much easier to find and just needs to be combined with another common element, carbon, to produce one of the strongest metals known to man: steel. They’ll tell you it was on a certain date, at a certain time. When he descends upon Mt. So I don’t think God is striking people down because they’re calling upon God with the wrong name. Somewhere there’s a source, and that source is the information we have – not what it says in the translation.

Your email address will not be published. It’s a verse in Psalm 44. We just live here.” In Isaiah 44:8 where he relates the story about the mythical “Jacob” having a chit chat with God, Yahweh says “is there any other God besides me?” And then answers his own question:  “There is no (other) rock that I know of.”  The King James version of the Bible translates the word SWR as God making the final sentence read “there is no (other) God that I know of.”  However, the actual meaning of SWR is “large rock,” “cliff,” or “high citadel.”   So, in other words (in the original Hebrew) Yahweh is saying that there is no other “rock” besides himself. Years ago, I suggested that Ayah, which supposedly the Jews refer to God as, was a corruption of the Yah that you have in Halleluyah, and that’s definitely a possibility. Decem means ‘ten’, but December isn’t the tenth month. Now, with all that, scholars came along, Christian… We don’t care about that. Nehemia: Every Jews thinks it’s actually what I eventually discovered, which is that it’s Yehovah.

We’ll put any name you want on the temple. Yet, as this information, as you started bringing this out, it finally came to a point that I can’t ignore this. It’s all recorded here to put you and me on the right track as to why the world? Perhaps it’s the same origin as Yovis…” which is Yowis, “and Yupiter,” meaning Jov and Jupiter, “and transferred from the Egyptians to the Hebrews.” What? effort to return to the U.S. to testify before Congress, put a stop to the Where it came from is Gesenius. So this is the Lord’s Prayer. Nehemia: Right. We want that to stop. The Nation of Yahweh is a purchaser of national infomercial time.

No obligations, total privacy, unsubscribe anytime, if you want. They’re telling us around 168 or 175 BC, “we have a temple at Gerizim which follows the sacrifices of the Torah, but we don’t call the name of the God of Israel upon this temple, because it’s not the place He put His name.” They understood that. All of these issues and much more are discussed in this, the

What are we going to do? Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau, by Rubens. "[6], The SPLC has criticized the beliefs of the Nation of Yahweh as racist, stating that the group believes that blacks are the true Israelites and whites are devils.

Originally, it was called an anonymous temple. Nehemia: And he claims it doesn’t mean that, because he bases it on a Hebrew form, I won’t get into too complicated stuff – but it’s the hiphil form, and the name “Yehovah,” which comes from Haya, Hoveh, Yiheyh, comes from the kal form, it’s a different form of the verb. Thank you for supporting Nehemia Gordon’s Makor Hebrew Foundation. This statement by Theodoret, what I just read to you, that is the only solid proof of any kind for Yahweh, is this statement by Theodoret, who’s quoting the Samaritans. We really have to start this, Michael, in Exodus 3:14 and 15. The translators of the King James version obviously tried to smooth that one over so as to disguise the polytheistic nature of early Israelite religion, but in the Hebrew version it is obvious that “Yahweh” (the “Lord”) is subservient to “El ‘Aliyon” (God the most high).Some people have tried to use this passage to prove that Yahweh was originally a God of Ugarit where “El ‘Aliyon” (God the most high) was the chief deity over a large pantheon of Gods. To answer those questions we have to delve into the very nature of Yahweh—at least as viewed from the standpoint of early man.Imagine that you are lying under the desert sky some nine or ten thousand years ago adoring the beauty of the night sky. Nehemia: Key information.

Here’s our translation of it.” It turns out they just made that all up once the scholars deciphered hieroglyphics. Nehemia: And they did, right. It claims that its present literature downplays and has nearly erased all past racism, and the past criminal behaviour of its leader and followers. Let’s go a step further and see with whom Adam and Eve are going to be interrelating. It literally means, “the baby who was taken captive by pirates”.

(posted on 14 May, 2011). In Genesis 2.4, the story flashes back to its parallel verse in Genesis 1:1 with a couple of major differences. Now we’re being attacked by men, by humans, by Greeks.

We’ve been captivated by this falsehood for 200 years, since 1833 when Gesenius wrote that, and now we have better information. Michael: Okay, well let’s go to it. She says, “This isn’t a Hebrew name. .

יְהֹוָה Yᵉhôvâh yeh-ho-vaw’; from H1961 (הָיָה); (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: KJV – Jehovah, the Lord. Meaning they understood Jerusalem was the place where God put His name forever. Because this is key to understanding where we get Yahweh. What if an ancient table was discovered that undermined the

The Nation airs a weekly half-hour program on stations across the United States, usually on weekends during little-watched early morning hours, that combines Bible studies with discussions about the Nation itself.

Even though the place names of Edom and Sinai are usually not thought of as being in Arabia, many scholars do equate those sites, as well as Se’ir, with Tayma and areas of NW Arabia east of the Red Sea—at least in this particular context (Smith, Mark, The Origins of Biblical Monotheism, 2001, p. 245).In this context it is interesting to note that Nabu Na’id, the last king of Babylon, thought of Edom as extending from Tayma to the Jordan River area as noted in the trilogy The Last King of Babylon. I want to see evidence,” and then I found the smoking gun that I’m going to share in part two. Here’s the Biblical Hebrew root and meaning of YAHWEH or YAHVEH. The Samaritans weren’t even Israelites, so their form of Hebrew was a corrupt form of Hebrew based on the northern dialect, but it was corrupted over time.

But when the kidnap operation falls apart and

Well, In Hebrews 7:3 the Word carries yet another name, and there it states. But wait a minute - the Bible and most archaeologists agree that after the collapse of the Egyptian empire in the 12th century B.C.E., Timna was taken over by the Edomites, not the Israelites. Even though his theory was thourghly debunked by all of the scholars and linguists of his day ( And he even recanted) it was so sappy that it quickly caught on, became popular and from then on all of the preachers taught/teach that abba means ” daddy”. Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. What I love about you, Michael, is you heard this information and you said, “You know what?

Together we are empowering people around the world with vital information about the Hebrew sources of their faith! So we’re in a world where we’ve been lied to and deceived for 200 years, and now we’re like that baby who was taken captive by the pirates, and meets his father and realizes, “In my heart, I feel that I am a Jew. You are the one who we spoke in Lamentations. The God of the Bible is the result of a theological merger of two different gods, El (Canaanite supreme deity) and Yahweh, the god of the Shasu nomads.. By tracing the different histories of El and Yahweh, we will successfully show the separate and distinct ‘pagan’ nature and origin of El and Yahweh. That’s why he’s saying, “I Will Be has sent me.” Then He explains, “Just so you know, that’s just a one-time title for now. A name describes and defines the person that carries that name. What does he say the name is?

The men of Hamath made Ashima. This is an ancient pagan name…” Today! Sorry, didnt mean to get on my soap box. Michael: Nehemia, I want you to come back, and I want you to lay that thing out, because as you say, it was literally one of your relatives that deliberately hid the name. I did come to see that it was the name of a pagan diety. What do you think it means?” He says to me, “It means, He Was, He Is, He Is To Come, He Will Be. He will send the Spirit to lead us into all truth. The Nation of Yahweh is a predominantly African American offshoot of the Black Hebrew Israelite religious movement which was founded in 1979 in Miami by former Nation of Islam minister, Hulon Mitchell Jr., who went by the name Yahweh ben Yahweh. They kept it a secret! WHERE DID YAHWEH COME FROM? Or maybe something else, right? I think it’s deception. Those steps were discovered by archeologists. I’d already done videos that had gone out by the hundreds of thousands all around the world, and I had a stake in that. What does Epiphanes mean? I will point out the deeper meaning of some words to plunge you into the Biblical context. That’s what Exodus 3:14 and 15 means.

Understand Genesis 2 and 3, and you will have The Explanation. They don’t have the Hei sound, for example.

They’re priests in the Catholic sense.

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