Sign up for The Lineup’s newsletter, and get the creepiest cases delivered straight to your inbox. 2 The second best result is William M Patterson age 50s in Versailles, KY. Timeline: Samuel Stewart Clan near Yadkin River, NC, Joseph Harrison of Sussex Co DE & Augusta Co VA (d. 1748), Fishburne-Holton Ancestral Burial Catalog.

| Visit “I always knew Pat and Margaret would take off like this some day, but I figured it to be four or five years away. Patterson did related oil and watercolor studies of Monhegan Island in the early 1920s. SOLD, AnemonesWoodcut printed in colors, 1920s, Bakker 99a, intended edition of 100. War, Esther Harrison (c. 1732 - 1781) m. Robert Cravens, Jr. (c. 1733 - 1784), 1-2-3. Signed in pencil in the image, lower left; signed, titled and numbered in pencil below the image. William & Margaret Patterson of El Paso TX simply disappeared from their home in 1957, leaving behind all their possessions, an expensive car, boat, furs, a successful business and the family cat and were never heard from again. The margins are trimmed to the borderline (by the artist). There's also a subtle wrinkle from the printing process which can be seen in the background at left and it extends somewhat into the image. I have edited it here for clarity.

Humphrey Donelson (c. 1744 - 1781), 2-2-1. In 1984, though, a man named Reynaldo Nangaray came forward with new, startling information.”. The husband seemed unhappy that I was in the house, and I left soon after leaving the cookies with her. This is an exceptional impression with rich, vibrant colors. The margins are trimmed by the artist. On the morning of March 6, 1957, one day after Cecil Ward had had dinner at the Patterson’s home, he told police he opened his auto business and discovered that William Patterson’s Cadillac was sitting in the driveway. It's a little hard to read there, but worth it. $6,500, Flanders PoppiesWoodcut printed in colors, undated (1920s), Bakker Retrospective 97 (1989), intended edition 100. The only evidence that William sent any of his sons to college exists in the form of two receipts for tuition at Catawba College in 1853 and 1854 for John N. W. Patterson. A friend of the couple soon claims to have received a phone call from Pat, who allegedly said that he and Margaret were leaving town for awhile.

The condition is very good apart from two small strips of scotch tape on the top and bottom edges verso.

The margins have been trimmed by the artist to about 1/4" on the top and sides and 1/2" on the bottom.

Signed in pencil, lower right. 52-year old William “Pat” Patterson and his 42-year old wife, Margaret Patterson, vanish without explanation from their home, leaving everything behind. ", 48 years, many theories, no leads. He married Elizabeth McEwen Potts in 1828 and settled on a parcel of land a few miles west of present day Davidson, NC (much of this property is now under water, as the result of the construction of a hydro-electric dam in the 1960s). The house was found in disarray, with dishes unwashed, underwear and a pair of Mrs. Patterson’s stockings on a bed, and other indications the Pattersons did not know they were leaving for a long time. It's still an open case.

The print is trimmed along the edge of the image (by the artist) and attached at the top to a black paper support sheet which extends slightly beyond the print For example, Edwin Potts wrote out his will in 1851 and William Patterson served as his agent. El Paso Times. The original price of $18 is written in the lower margin by the artist. His business activities are documented by the many receipts in his papers, from such commodities as cotton, sugar, molasses, rice, salt and tea. John Wm Patterson was born circa 1859, at birth place. 9 7/8 x 7 1/8 in. Signed in pencil (twice); one in the image, lower left and also below, lower right. My Patterson ancestors are as follows, beginning with the oldest generation: Here is my explanation for where this error began, Writing Projects: Legends Revealed, Newfound Church Minutes, and Brookberry Farm, Pattersons of Rabun Co GA - Timeline of Records from that county, Black Family of Clarks Fork SC and Cooks Creek VA, Location of Clarks Fork Tracts in York Co SC. 9 x 7 in. Their disappearance was front page news in El Paso, and even around Texas. (There are old hinges at the top corners and a thin layer of light tissue attached across the top edge of the sheet.) That night there was unspecified "unusual… He also had an interest in a high-end boat company, property in the city of Guaymas in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, a boat in his garage, and a Cadillac, in addition to his house. This is a superb impression of this uncommon print.

7 x 9 1/2 in. Abigail Patterson (c. 1737/40 - after Nov. 1740) - may have been alive in 1797? Furthermore, This impression was exhibited at the American Federation of the Arts in New York and the Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford in conjunction with the catalogue. "Anytime we get new information from people who call in, we follow up on those leads. This exceptional, vibrant impression is printed on the typical study, fibrous wove paper. Box 14688, Durham, NC 27709TEL: (919) 294-8228 - CELL: (413) 221-2383E-mail:, All Contents Copyright © 2020 William P. Carl Fine Prints, Grandmother's Flowers (actually known as Garden Flowers). The... March 17, 2015 Initial Report Those of us who descend from John Patterson and Margaret Black know that John's father was Thomas Patter... For years I've read online about the Thomas Harrison of Buncombe Co., NC who lived there during the late 1790's and early 1800's... Last Revised: 27 December 2018 After my latest trip to north GA I have become 99% certain that my gggg-grandparents are buried at Bethlehe... By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 17 August 2018). As viewed on page 20 of the Bakker retrospective catalogue from 1989, there's an oil study for this image as well as a charcoal and white pastel drawing.$6,500, P.O. Want more chilling stories? FBI Special Agent Art Werge told the El Paso Times he couldn’t find any information in the agency’s files that indicate whether the Pattersons ever came under surveillance for suspected espionage. The paper is Patterson's typical sturdy, thick Japanese paper which is especially well-suited for intensely rubbing the colors onto the paper from the back of the sheet.SOLD, Surf and RocksWoodcut printed in colors, 1915-20, Bakker 47, edition 100 (?) SOLD, Morning GloriesWoodcut printed in colors, 1920s, Bakker retrospective exhibition catalogue #102a, edition 100. The condition is fine apart from a small ink smudge in the blank area at left, probably which occurred during the course of the printing process. After the meal, Ward and William Patterson went out to the garage to have a beer and work on William’s boat. The margins measure about 1/2" around but this is most likely the full sheet as printed. SOLD, SwansWoodcut printed in colors, circa 1920, edition unknown. William Patterson (1758/62 - after 1783) - no further info after Rev. ", "At that time it was a matter of putting together as a complete a case as we could, which is sometimes difficult with older cases," he said. After their disappearance, Cecil Ward would recall several strange incidents involving a man named Doyle Kirkland. One of the more significant documents in this collection is a letter detailing the way in which the enslaved people were informed of their emancipation on November 10, 1865: The first series in this collection pertains to names—of families and in some cases, individuals. This exceptional arts and crafts image was probably done on Cape Cod, about the same time she produced such notable works as Summer Clouds, Windblown Trees and The Sands, Chatham. In addition, his papers show that he sent at least two of his daughters on to “female colleges.” Mary attended the Salem Female Academy and Josephine Banna attended the Edgeworth Female Seminary. The condition is fine. "I took some cookies to Mrs. Patterson, and she seemed very upset," Jeri Cash told the El Paso Times in a March 18, 2013, article. The margins are full apart from three small, similar rectangular cutaway areas on three sides. William ran Patterson Photo Supply, a photography supply store in downtown El Paso. Jeremiah Harrison was one of the famous Harrison brothers who migrated from DE to what is now Harrisonburg, VA in the 1730's. Signed in pencil within the image and signed and titled in pencil below the image. She also listed her address as Trinity Court, Boston. Yes! The end result is almost sculptural. After William Patterson died, Margaret remarried to a, John Adams died sometime during the 1720's, and Margaret thereafter was known as, Margaret was known for most of her life as, Furthermore, Margaret is also known widely on the Internet as ". The Pattersons' disappearance remains one of El Paso's great unsolved mysteries. According to police, the couple were last seen between March 5 and 6, 1957. The disappearance of William and Margaret Patterson has been a mystery to El Paso for 50 years. The condition is fine. Lydia Patterson (1755/58 - 1786/88) m. John Black, 1-1-10. Individuals are listed singly if there are significanct items in this collection. Who were the parents of Robert Patterson?His father was William Patterson and his mother was Margaret _____.

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