Cool Springs Nursery specializes in Fraser Fir trees because of our location… We live, work and play in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee which are the only places that the Fraser Fir tree will grow naturally. Fraser Fir Wholesale Prices - (#2 Grade) 6-8': $22. We also hand-craft wreaths, provide competitive wholesale rates, and cater to special requests. We've been growing Christmas trees for over four generations and we specialize in growing the finest Balsam and Fraser fir trees. Wholesale Price List. Contact us today for our wholesale Fraser Fir Christmas Tree price list.
Using the Fraser Fir as a Christmas Tree is its most popular use since it is not an important source of timber for wood products. It is best grown in soil that is acidic and moisture-rich, although the soil itself needs to be easily drained like a sandy loam. Virginia Fraser Fir Tree Farm. As a younger tree in its prime for Christmas, the Fraser Fir features dense, straight branches that are angled horizontally at about a 40° angle. Wholesale Christmas Trees . Understanding that freshness is the most important factor in minimising needledrop, we have developed a system that can guarantee that the trees are cut, processed and delivered in the minimum timeframe possible. It has a classic Christmas tree shape, excellent needle retention and soft, long, dark green needles. Offering North Carolina Christmas Trees and Virginia Christmas Trees. Having a good plan in place before you begin any landscaping project is paramount to success. There are over 1 million Nordman Fir, Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir and Lodgepole Pine growing. Some scientists have attributed the insect with having killed over 80 percent of mature trees (30-50 feet tall). The Fraser Fir thrives in a cooler climate that is moist, with cool summers and snowy winters. Phone: 336-384-8828 Fax: 336-384-1006 Address: 275 Bee Tree Road, Lansing NC 28643 MMB Trees is a proud small family business. All trees are graded, netted and palletised, before being placed on a lorry for delivery. 8-9': $38. Fresh Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. 11-12': $98. It is pruned annually by hand to maintain it’s shape and improve density. ***. Country Business sells British Christmas trees grown on the Harburn Estate. Wholesale Fraser Fir Trees (Abies fraseri) The Fraser Fir is a small coniferous evergreen that serves as both an ornamental tree and a highly sought after Christmas tree because of its form, needle retention, color and pleasant scent. Powers Tree Farm

Powers Fraser Firm Christmas Tree Farm offers Wholesale Christmas Trees. However, the Fraser Fir’s ability to regenerate rapidly through seedlings has led to a decent regrowth of younger trees now that the canopy has opened up in some of the mature growth forests. Each tree is individually  marked and graded for size and quality before harvest. If you are looking for great needle retention at a low cost, then this is your tree! The Fraser Fir thrives in a cooler climate that is moist, with cool summers and snowy winters. We now offer transport of small quantities to almost all UK locations. This is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. Fraser Fir Tree Fundriaser. Bringing the Farm to You. We believe that the retail garden centers are the vanguard of the “Real Tree” market. Sandhill Christmas Trees

Please get in touch if you would like a price list or to visit the estate. Having nurtured our trees for nearly a decade, we meticulously control every stage of the harvesting process. 7-8': $28 . Over 95% of our trees are sold wholesale, dispatched from our yard in Central Scotland. We pride ourselves in the quality of tree produced and take great care to ensure that every tree reaches the market in optimum condition. Men of the ( read more ), How to Create a Great Plan for Your Landscaping Project. The Fraser Fir can be found growing in the Southeastern Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and Southwestern Virginia, usually at higher elevations above 3,800 feet unless cultivated in tree farms. Contact us, Welcome to Country Business - British Christmas Tree Grower and Supplier. The biggest threat to this beautiful evergreen is the Balsam wooly adelgid, a non-native insect that has led to a rapid decline in Fraser Firs in its range. The Spurway family have been growing top quality Christmas trees on Harburn Estate for over 40 years, and this tradition of excellence, and attention to detail, has resulted in first class trees being produced at a sensible cost to the trade and wholesale operations. The traditional Christmas tree! Blue-green needles appear in a spiral-like pattern down the twigs and branches. Buy Online, Great prices on Wholesale Fraser Fir Trees, Fresh Fraser Fir Wreaths, buy from NC Christmas Tree Farms, Powers Tree Farm, Lansing NC. If you own a nursery, garden center or operate a retail Christmas tree lot, we offer competitive pricing and want to be your wholesale Christmas tree grower of choice.
This species is sometimes called the Southern Balsam or Southern Balsam Fir. When it is used for wood one will find the wood brittle and soft, so it’s better used for light frame construction, knotty paneling, crates, and pulpwood. We are able to cater for every outlet whether large commercial operations or small retailers. NC Fraser Fir Tree Farm. We have all of the commonly found species, of the right quality, in large volumes. Family owned and operated Power’s Tree Farm is a major producer of high quality Fraser Fir Christmas Trees (considered the ‘Cadillac’ of Christmas Trees) with a trusted and proven reputation in the Christmas Tree industry. 5-6': $20. There are approximately 25-30 ( read more ), 1510 – The first written record of a decorated Christmas Tree comes from Riga, Latvia. 9-10': $54. The quality of our product is always our primary concern. If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at 336-384-8828. Often described as looking like a Norway Spruce, with the improved needle retention of a Nordman fir, this tree also smells divine! Fraser Firs have mostly escaped the lumber industry because they tend to grow on difficult terrain so it’s not cost-effective to cultivate this tree for wood. It can suffer from a less regular appearance than other varieties, although this is more than outweighed by it’s other qualities. Fraser Fir Wholesale Prices - (Premium Grade) 3-4': $12 . *** 275 Bee Tree Road, Lansing, NC 28643, Email: If you like something you do it well. *** Take a look at our brochure and price list for the coming 2020 season.

Mile High Tree Farm - Wholesale Christmas Tree Farm in the North Carolina Mountains, Premium Evergreens Grown in the North Carolina Mountains. If you sell Christmas trees and would like quality Fraser Firs and Balsam Firs, we’re the company that supplies the best trees on the market.If you would like Christmas tree wholesale pricing, you can send us a Christmas tree pricing request. Can you imagine trying to hang ornaments on a tree where the needles constantly fall out? More often than not, the Fraser Fir tends to be the most popular choice among consumers due to its lovely fragrance, sturdy limbs, and its ability to hold onto its needles after being cut. Powers Tree Farm has the capabilities to harvest large quantities of Fraser Firs in a short period of time allowing customers to receive fresh from the field trees. The tree grows up to 60 feet tall and 25 feet in …

Our Field pallets are the optimum way in which to do this. By supplying direct to the retail outlets, we are able to ensure a freshly cut, affordable product, tailored to suit the individual customer’ s requirements. It is not as good at retaining needles as the other species, although if cut freshly and treated properly by putting it into a water holding stand, it will last well.

Wholesale Fraser Fir Christmas Trees.

The steeply triangular shape of the tree also increases its appeal during the Holidays. Country Business sells British Christmas trees grown on the Harburn Estate. 4-5': $16. Shatley Farms is a North Carolina and Virginia Tree Farm.

*** Take a look at our brochure and price list for the coming 2020 season. 6-7': $24. over 12': call for prices . Using the Fraser Fir as a Christmas Tree is its most popular use since it is not an important source of timber for wood products. 10-11': $78. When pruned, it has the ideal shape and density for a Christmas tree and is significantly less expensive than the Nordman and Fraser Fir. Uses for the Fraser Fir. There are over 1 million Nordman Fir, Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir and Lodgepole Pine growing. We encourage our customers to come and inspect their trees once they have been marked, prior to felling. Valfei has been growing quality Christmas trees for over 50 years. 8-10': $32. Wholesale Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. Trees need carefully handled if they are to remain in good condition from field to store. Fraser Fir Trees is the most popular Christmas … Our Trees. The Cartner Christmas Tree Farm is an exclusive grower and supplier for garden centers and independent retailers across America. It has long green needles and a dense appearance although it sometimes does not conform to the neat conical shape of a traditional Christmas tree! Your ( read more ), Each holiday season, shoppers find themselves confronted with a choice: celebrate with a fresh, real ( read more ), We have collected a few Christmas tree facts to share with you:

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