Far from facilitating pluralism, these media houses advocated its suppression. Meier, W. A. Oxford University Press: Melbourne, pp. (17 Jun 2014), Affichage Électoral/Election Posters ( Log Out /  Legsies are commonly used to brag about one's vacation, a person who deliberately misleads someone on social, more specific: cat shaming or dog shaming, = bad press: negative opinion or image expressed in the, The firm got some negative press over that decision, [Tech.] For example Finland, where commercial broadcasting developed rather earlier than in most of Europe, has a far freer approach to paid political advertising than most European countries. Media ownership is sometimes seen as a simple reflection of political conditions: dictatorships or authoritarian regimes control the media directly, while democracies allow pluralism of ownership. Most Western European democracies, for example, had a state monopoly of broadcasting until relatively recently. There is a grain of truth in this, but it is clear that the reality is much more complex.

Equal or Equitable Direct Access Coverage? Search media ownership and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. 22-31, viewed 29 March 2014 Obviously those who can afford to subscribe to a pay channel will not be among the poorest - television owners seldom fall into that category anyway. (30 Mar 2012), Selection criteria for candidates' debates Media Ownership Matters. In Britain and France there was historically a strong distinction between broadcasting, with its strong public element, and the privately-owned print media. All rights reserved. With the concentration of media ownership, this information is heavily regulated and biased which decreases its investigative nature. But why does it matter? Hart, E 2008, ‘Media Ownership’ in Media and Journalism, Bainbridge, J., Goc, N. and Tynan, L. This creates a media oligopoly as large-scale media companies eliminate their business competition (smaller-scaled or local companies) through mergers and acquisitions because they lack resources and finances. (09 Jan 2012), EISA - Promoting Credible Elections & Democratic Governance in Africa, United Nations. But that is not an isolated example. Some media companies are characterised by horizontal integration or cross media ownership – this refers to the fact that global media corporations often cross media boundaries and invest in a wide range of media products. Government's Duty to Inform - Voter Information, The Role of the Regulatory Body - Monitoring the Process, The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations, Professional Associations and Trade Unions, Promoting Professional Coverage of Results, Australia - Broadcasting Services Act 1992, Bosnia: summary of complaints investigated, Cambodia: Guidelines of UN Transitional Authority on Media and Elections, Indonesia: sample press materials from election authority, International Federation of Journalists: Election Reporting Handbook, Malawi: Election Reporting Guidelines - Election Commission 1994, Montenegro: law on state election broadcasting, Poland: laws and regulations on election broadcasting, South Africa: Independent Broadcasting Authority monitoring report on 1999 elections, South Africa: IBA Guidelines on election coverage, South Africa: IBA Guidelines for broadcast licensees, South Africa: IBA Formula for allocating party broadcasting, United Kingdom: BBC guidelines on election coverage, United Kingdom: Decision of Broadcasting Standards Commission (1), United Kingdom: Decision of Broadcasting Standards Commission (2), UN Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression: Report 1999, International Treaties on media and elections, United States: guidelines on opinion poll reporting, Zimbabwe: Code of Conduct and Reporting Handbook, Where Do People Get Their Election Information? Criteria for Allocation of Direct Access Time, Countries that Allow Paid Political Advertising, A Mixed System of Advertising and Free Access, Political Advertising and Campaign Spending Limits. 1615 L St. NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20036 USA (+1) 202-419-4300 | Main (+1) 202-857-8562 | Fax (+1) 202-419-4372 | Media Inquiries. The Middle East has been fertile soil for satellite viewing because it shares a single language, Arabic. However, in some long-standing democracies - for example in Scandinavia - there is a tradition of public funding of the print media, usually as a means of ensuring pluralism. 1. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If the media becomes overly concentrated, this can allow abuses of power, lack of diversity of opinion, conflicting interests and suppression of journalistic freedom. Also fig: to bask in someone's reflected glory; to bask in, a photo of one's suntanned legs usually taken with a smartphone and shared on social, [Neologism] combination of "legs" and "selfie". Next Page → Refine Your Results.

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