They are being used to supplement magnetic particle inspections underwater, to distinguish strong spurious indications from toe cracks. Jian Wang, Paul Vanherck, Jan Swevers, Hendrik Van Brussel. The experimental concept was given by Focault and hence they are also named as Focault currents. Eddy currents are parasitic loops of current induced in adjacent metalwork by current carrying conductors. This technology was originally pioneered in the 1930s by researchers at General Electric using vacuum tube circuitry. (4) The resistance of bulk conductor is usually low, eddy currents often have large magnitudes and heat up the conductor. The disadvantages lie in the high noise levels caused by permeability changes in the weld and lift-off noise from rough cap surfaces. Because eddy current fields penetrate below the surface of the test material, the method provides a better sample of material properties than many other material sorting methods and more importantly it is very rapid. They flow in closed loops in a plane perpendicular to the magnetic field. By Lenz’s law the eddy currents oppose the falling of the magnet which therefore experiences a retarding force .The retarding force increases with increasing velocity of the magnet and finally equals the weight of the magnet.

Slugs are slowed to a different degree than genuine coins, and this is used to send them into the rejection slot. Normally, the coil oscillates about its equilibrium position for some time before coming to r… Changing magnetic flux produced by a superconducting magnet placed on the moving train produces eddy currents on the stationary conducting sheet over which train levitates. The coin rolls past a stationary magnet, and eddy currents slow its speed. Other recent developments include use of computers to analyse the X and Y channels for defect signals. An eddy current is a current set up in a conductor in response to a changing magnetic field. This use diminishes harmful and abrupt changes in pace which allows for a more enjoyable work out experience as well as producing high quality machines. That’s why a laminated metal core is always preferred to be used in an appliance like dynamo, transformer, choke will etc. Another example involves dropping a strong magnet down a tube of copper[7] – the magnet falls at a dramatically slow pace.

With a very strong handheld magnet, such as those made from neodymium, one can easily observe a very similar effect by rapidly sweeping the magnet over a coin with only a small separation. Some of the important applications of eddy currents are: This is used in designing dead beat galvanometers. The magnet then attains a constant final terminal velocity i.e. Low frequency crack detectors need larger probes to allow for suitable coil inductances. Eddy current techniques are commonly used for the nondestructive examination (NDE) and condition monitoring of a large variety of metallic structures, including heat exchanger tubes, aircraft fuselage, and aircraft structural components. By Lenz law, the current swirls in such a way as to create a magnetic field opposing the change; for this to occur in a conductor, electrons swirl in a plane perpendicular to the magnetic field.
Slots and laminations intercept the conducting paths and decrease the magnitude of eddy currents. Eddy current tests are highly sensitive in the detection of surface cracks.

(3)  If a bar magnet is falling vertically through the hollow region of a long vertical copper tube, then the magnetic flux linked with the copper tube (due to ‘non-uniform’ magnetic field of magnet) changes and eddy currents are generated in the body of the tube.

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