Sans attempts to prank the protagonist with the red-eye telescope. The next room is another maze, but this time, there are darkening lanterns that must be turned back on to temporarily light the way forward. She eventually allows the protagonist to prepare themself however they want, initiating the battle once they step forward. The initial room is very large and spacious. Continuing right, the protagonist exits the room and sees Sans standing next to a telescope.

To the north houses Blook Acres, which is separated by three paths: the left path leads to Undyne's House, the middle path leads to Napstablook's House, and the right path leads to the snail farm. Exiting the waterfall room leads to the "Hallway", a room with a patch of tall grass in which a cutscene of Papyrus and Undyne takes place. Shyren's room has two small, white waterfalls that flow from the top to the bottom of the screen and always stay in the foreground. To his right is another dimensional box. There aren't any royal scientists in this AU. To the east lies a crossroads with Gerson's shop to the north and a southern path that leads to a room where the River Person is present once the protagonist reaches Hotland. 5. Exiting this room through the right exit leads the protagonist to a room with a white waterfall in the foreground, a bucket of umbrellas, and a sign encouraging them to take an umbrella. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap, Undertale - List of "fun" and "Fun" Events,, Undyne attacks the protagonist on several occasions and is the last. BGM Garbage Dump • Blook Acres • Undyne's House • ThundersnailTemmie Village • Artifact Room • Gaster Room Character's personalities and powers are not transmuted. While we just walk around admiring the beautiful river and waterfall. Snowdin Interacting with the Echo Flower at the end of the room causes the room to light up only for Undyne to appear and approach the protagonist with the intention of taking their SOUL. Asgore's Home • Last Corridor • Barrier. The protagonist can see their reflection in these pools. This room is empty save for a mysterious figure that many consider to be. The ancient glyphs on the walls describe The War of Humans and Monsters as well as the prophecy surrounding the Delta Rune. The protagonist encounters Mad Dummy and Monster Kid. Before leaving the Garbage Dump, Mad Dummy fights the protagonist, and Napstablook invites the protagonist to their house.

There is an ancient glyph at the end of this room that mentions a prophecy of an Angel returning from the Surface and causing the Underground to go empty. In this room, there is an Echo Flower[5] and a bench with the Abandoned Quiche beneath it.

Snowdin Forest • Mysterious Door • Grillby's • Papyrus and Sans's House AlterDelta is an AU that commixed the aspects from Undertale and Deltarune. He wants everyone to give some veneration to the lightners. As they progress through puzzles involving bridge seeds, the protagonist speaks to Papyrus and Onionsan. There is an additional 10% chance that a gray door that leads to room 269 will appear. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This area follows Snowdin Forest and Snowdin Town, and precedes Hotland . Their roles have reshuffled as well.

On the north wall are many ancient glyphs. The first room serves as a tutorial of Bridge Seed mechanics, and the protagonist crosses the waterfall in the room after lining up four Bridge Seeds. Going south of where "Loren" is leads to a room that spans a large area horizontally and vertically. Upon entering Waterfall, the protagonist passes Sans's sentry station, where Sans offers to take them to Grillby's. [1] Monster Kid unknowingly saves the protagonist from Undyne on a couple of occasions.

They have 3 locations that they connect to, north of Snowdin Town, south of Gerson's shop in Waterfall and south of Alphys's Lab in Hotland. After Monster Kid helps the protagonist climb onto a ledge, the protagonist progresses to the next room without them after Monster Kid gives them the go-ahead.[16]. Exiting this room leads to a vertical room with more piles of garbage as well as a cooler with two packs of Astronaut Food. Waterfall

Darkners, like Gaster, always care for others. The protagonist has the option to save Monster Kid, confront Undyne, let Monster Kid fall off the ledge, or run away into the next room where the Elder Puzzler eventually inhabits. After taking a few steps forward, the protagonist encounters Aaron. Progressing right, the protagonist encounters Bridge Seed puzzles.

The protagonist flees from Undyne's spears along a wooden dock surrounded by black water. You failed the puzzle!" The game returns to an overworld scheme after the protagonist exits this room to the right. The Echo Flower, which is to the right of the mouse hole, squeaks when the protagonist interacts with it. However, once they start to leave, they trip off the bridge and hang onto the ledge below just as Undyne enters the room. The protagonist then enters a room that contains a bridge spanning across an expansive chasm. To the north of this room, the Piano Puzzle awaits the protagonist. Lapis used the water and played with it. Undertale Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Waterfall is a third location/area the protagonist encounters in the Underground.

If the protagonist then interacts with the Echo Flower, Flowey can be heard disguising himself with Toriel's voice, with the dialogue varying depending on whether she was killed or not. When the protagonist approaches the top left exit of the Bridge Seed room, Papyrus calls and inquires what the protagonist is wearing. Mushrooms, Echo Flowers, and gems within the walls glow bright blue. The sign in the bottom left of this room reads "Congratulations!

As they progress down this path, Onionsan appears and talks to them. Undertale and DeltaRune musics are remixed. The Old Tutu resides in this hidden room. This battle leads to a chase scene into Hotland. The protagonist escapes Undyne by hiding in tall sea-grass.

Even Mad Dummy and Ruins Dummy human aswell. Mettaton's House lies next door to Napstablook's house, and it can eventually be unlocked by using the Mystery Key. There is a southern path that is hidden from view that leads to Temmie Village but lights up once the protagonist leaves the village.

Exiting through the wooden door on the north wall of this room leads to another small room with the Nice Cream Guy in it. On a Genocide Route, the protagonist encounters Monster Kid and Undyne's spear attacks, but the puzzles are solved. The area follows Snowdin Forest and Snowdin Town, and precedes Hotland. Room 127. Waterfall Using the right exit of the room, the protagonist enters a larger room with another Bridge Seed puzzle within it. Continuing east leads to a horizontal room with two bodies of water that the protagonist sinks their legs under. At the end of the wooden dock, the protagonist steps on a small raft that drifts to the right. Gaster is the most vigorous character in this AU. AlterDelta is an AU that commixed the aspects from Undertale and Deltarune. Progressing right, they walk through a waterlogged room that has many waterfalls and reflective pools within it.

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