Comment: Final save.

You will only be able to choose Rostam's Corpse first, and Huey's second. ^_^. Riza, Lv58, DAY 15

The absorption of your enemies strength, S?ELLA. Then go back to the main area and head north and grab the Tasty Water outta the chest. Go up the steps and to the outside. Released by Squaresoft in 1996, Rudra no Hihou is one of the last RPGs written for the SNES. Then go back and go up the stairs on the left. Riza, Lv58, DAY 15 Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Game saves? In this area are mimics in every chest. If you need help using these game saves, I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Riza, Lv58, DAY 15 Each *.srm file contains four saved games (a save in each slot).

Meaning, the font will render higher than the resolution of the graphics. Enter the mountain and follow the water west. Sion, Lv27, DAY 6 Riza, Lv19, DAY 6, >> Slot #2 Riza, Lv42, DAY 10, >> Slot #2 Sion, Lv42, DAY 14 Try leaving and you'll be taken to a secret place. Sion, Lv53, DAY 15 Sion, Lv6, DAY 2 Sion, Lv41, DAY 12 Another one that might not be a bug, although it certainly seems to be: there's a room near the end of the game that contains four treasure chests, each containing a monster-in-a-box and a Magic Leaf. Hence, the dialogue and in-battle prompts appear rough and jagged. Surlent, Lv48, DAY 15 save states are here to save the day. Surlent, Lv10, DAY 6 Sion, Lv53, DAY 15 Riza, Lv45, DAY 12, >> Slot #2 Dune, Lv57, DAY 16 Especially "Surlent's"; Let's just put it this way: you know Final Fantasy Mystic Quest?The game with the amazing soundtrack?

Equipment and levels are good enough to win against the other two big evils. Equipment and levels For Example, in Surlent's Scenario, if you play that first, you can choose between Huey's and Rostam's Corpses, but if you play Riza's story and reach Sodom Castle before choosing the first corpse in Surlent's.

good enough to win against the other two big evils. Riza, Lv5, DAY 2, >> Slot #2 Sion, Lv40, DAY 10 Comment: Face off against Hausan and the 3 scenarios are done.

After speaking with Surlent the doors in this castle are now able to be open. Surlent, Lv48, DAY 15

Surlent, Lv48, DAY 15 Screen Shots: Surlent's Scenario. The treasure in the center contains a spell. Q:

Go south through the hole and get the treasure for 120 Ragu. Surlent, Lv21, DAY 8 When finished, exit town and head north to Mount Delphi. are Riza, Lv15, DAY 4, >> Slot #2 Shots: Surlent. Shots: Riza. Whatever the case may be, these Surlent, Lv10, DAY 4 What are these? specific game sprites to capture? As you can see by Surlent's outfit, he is a wizard so his had lots o' MP for mantras. Press the button on your right to remove the stakes around the treasures. I then discovered that if you enter one of the interior rooms of Mantra Peak, you can fall into the pool and down the waterfall. Sion, Lv35, DAY 8 Dune, Lv87, DAY 16

Riza, Lv47, DAY 15. Sion, Lv53, DAY 15 Surlent, Lv38, DAY 12 Surlent, Lv5, DAY 2 First go inside the house. It's often mentioned in connection with two other Japan-only Square Soft games of the era: Bahamut Lagoon, and the at times very similar Live a Live. Surlent's destiny as a holder of a jade is to learn about the destruction yet to come and collect ancient relics. Do you Levels: (53)Dune, (47)Sion, (47)Surlent, (48)Riza Items: (--)Magic Leaf Enemies: MimicL56 Go down the steps and enter the door. Surlent being forcibly merged into the new Rudra and being killed by Sion, the three teams reunite with Dune and the fourth chapter begins. Shots: Final ^ major spoilers! Comment: Beat Hausan for real. Exploring too far can result in several Game Breaking Bugs. You'll also see Surlent here, completing his quest.

>> Slot #2 You can enter this room as many times as you like, and the magic leafs will respawn every time, allowing you to max out everyone's MP. Go through the bottom door on the right for 260 Ragu. However, the treasures in here can be gotten a number of times. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. He is a pupil of Solon, a guardian of a gate to the Netherworld in Thor Volcano. Very cool. What I didn't know is how to get there. Riza, Lv29, DAY 8, >> Slot #2 Surlent, Lv40, DAY 14 >> Slot #2 The treasure on the left contains 240 Ragu and the one on the right contains an Alarum. ... Treasure of the Rudras utilizes a high resolution font.

>> Slot #2 I noticed that there is a treasure chest for Riza at the bottom of Mantra Peak. Surlent, Lv28, DAY 10 >> Slot #2 Yeah, one of the two composers of that game, Ryuji Sasai, the one that composed the kickass Doom Castle and Dark King melodies, wrote the music for this game. Sion, Lv14, DAY 4 Did you accidentally delete your saved position in Treasure of the want to skip certain parts of the game? Rudras? The missing letter is "T", to spell STELLA. All of the following screen shots were captured in a normal 1x1 size. Awesome Music: The Netherworld theme in Surlent's scenario.. Every single battle theme. Go through the broken hole in the left side and talk with Surlent. Then go through the door on the top. Surlent, Lv48, DAY 15 Riza, Lv47, DAY 15 >> Slot #2 Sion, Lv53, DAY 15 Surlent, Lv48, DAY 15 Riza, Lv58, DAY 15 Comment: Face off against Hausan and the 3 scenarios are done. Do you want to search for • Q:

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