Access to Support is available to Total Synergy maintenance customers. The utilization is used to determine the target charge out value for the staff member. Accesstoken: On Synergy app, go to Edit Profile -> Api Key and copy your Personal (3 year) API Key.

This is also known as a pension fund, 401K, and Kiwi Saver. Key benefits of Synergy’s help and support: Help is consolidated in one, central platform, making it easy to access; Get maximum help for minimum time invested on your part; Have a better experience as you use Synergy in your business ‘Get help’ Synergy does a lot of things. Filter the list by selecting the search button . Press the F1 key to open the Help Files when you are logged into Synergy. Available for salary, wages, part time, casual, or contractor types (no set cost). Send an email query to Log a request for assistance with Synergy Practice Management and the Total Synergy Support Team will get back to you with a solution via the helpdesk. The account code entered on each type is used to map these similar expense items to the matching location in your accounting system using account codes. Add overtime rates for staff to select when entering timesheets. No credit card required. This brings clarity and control to business, accelerates project delivery and creates a collaborative culture. Actual cost and target charge calculations. This will add the % margin above the break-even overhead rate to determine the target charge value for staff.

All - see both active and inactive items in the list. When a large number of items exist use the search or filter options to limit the number of rows shown in the list. Click the image above to view the attachments upload window. If not, the organisation needs to set the office that it would like to sync. This is normally a government regulated percentage that each salaried person must contribute to their retirement savings. Do system administrators need to do anything when Office 365 authentication is activated? Synergy Support; Getting started; Financial Controls; Articles in this section. Try Synergy FREE for 30 days. This can be required when a staff member works from home, or from a remote office which does not cost as much to keep them employed as a staff member working in the primary office location. Add the expense account codes to map to a matching location to your accounting system. Use the 'Search' box to look up a keyword in the help files, or look up a topic in the table of contents. Uncheck the active box to stop the expense type from use on future expense entries. Acquire Using Work or school account Microsoft account. Step 2: the salary package ($80,000) / 1580.80 hours = $50.61 adjusted cost per hour. This package value include any extras and super / pension fund contributions. Delete / mark as inactive any of the sample expense types that are not required. Open SharePoint folder from Synergy; How do I connect to SharePoint? DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL MESSAGE - Click the 'Open this call' link in the email to update the call. Click the image above to view a sample of the updated helpdesk call email. Open and setup the configuration.json file. The lowest value that this person should be charged out at on a project, if the other business overheads and target profits are to be met.

How do I name folders using Windows file server? The account code is used to map where the expense data should be transferred to by the Accounting add-ons interface. Updated 1/17/2020. The staff minimum charge value. Adjusted cost ($50.61) x overhead rate for the organization (2) =, Actual cost ($101.22) x target profit (25% as 1.25) =. Enter a short description into the 'Solution' box shown and then and press save. 982. If you need assistance with Synergy we can connect to view your PC,  using a product called Team Viewer. Click the 'Add' button in the top right corner. Try reviewing the following topics: View Topics,, Click here to go to the Total Synergy helpdesk -.

The updated note field displays the update the Total Synergy team has added to the helpdesk call. Tip: Learn more about searching with the list search or the global search. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Total Synergy Cloud\Total Synergy File Sync or the folder which you selected for the FileSync.exe installation, Run the FileSync.exe manually, as an administrator (right-click), Go to C:\Users\%yourUser%\AppData\Roaming\SynergyFileSync. A login screen for Synergy Cloud Services will be shown. Create an expense type for each grouping that is required for expense reporting, or for sending the expense to your accounting system by Accounting add-ons. Whether you're thinking of creating an app to integrate with MYOB and need help getting started, or you've already made one, get all the support and API documentation you'll need. Support Support. How will Office 365 authentication affect new users? Add account codes to cost center, disciplines, or expenses to map where your invoice or expense data should transferred to in your accounting system. ‘Get help’ at the click of a button. Each invoice, bill, or staff expense created in Synergy is allocated to a stage, which always have both a cost center and discipline assigned. The total value that will be paid per year into the superannuation or retirement fund. A strike-out style is applied to rows that are inactive.

Set the 'effective from' date for when this rate will start from. If you have updated the staff record by mistake, then use the 'undo last change' option to remove the top row shown in the history panel. e.g. Support is available if you have an active Synergy Practice Management license. This is the server which contains your shared drive being used by all of your users to store project documents on-prem. Synergy Support; Getting started; Configuration; Articles in this section. Products supported Outlook on the Web Outlook 2013+ Outlook 2016+ Outlook 2016 for Mac. Setup the expense types used to group together similar types of expenses on reports. As a result, there are lots of things you need to learn about. Use the following support options if you require assistance with using Synergy. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. If the expense type has been used then it cannot be deleted, and will need to be made inactive to stop future use of the item. The actual cost is based on the salary cost details for the staff member, and the operating costs for the organization. Access to Support is available to Total Synergy maintenance customers. Follow. The Synergy File Sync component should be installed by your IT team on your file server. Multi office and FileSync/Windows File Server. This defaults to today's date, click into the field to select another date from the drop down calendar. Go to: Settings > Project lists > Expense types , and use one of the following methods. Adds mod installation support …

Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 1; Videos 0; Posts 0; Bugs 0; Logs; Stats; Current section. The target charge value is the minimum level that a staff member should be billed out at per hour, to still meet the companies profitability requirements defined in financial controls. Total Synergy AEC people — get #moretimefordesign with Synergy … Enter a name for the expense type that will be displayed in drop down lists. The Total Synergy helpdesk is located in Support within Synergy Cloud Services. Add a note to the helpdesk call when the Total Synergy Support Team have resolved the query. Synergy Support; Getting started; Rates & Costs; Articles in this section. Office operating expenses setup in financial controls for the organization. View all features. Select option 4 and leave a message at the prompt with your name, company, contact number and a brief description of the issue. This change updates all existing expense transactions to use the new name.

Which users from a company that can access Support will vary based upon if your company has selected to use Synergy Cloud Services Application. For the Professional Synergy product, define the cost per hour for the staff member.. For the Business or Enterprise Synergy product, enter the staff annual package, annual salary, or hourly pay rate. Use the 'Search' box to look up a keyword in the help files, or look up a topic in the table of contents. Select how the salary will be calculated - annual package, annual salary, or pay rate per hour.

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