Someone is jamming the call, and Donna only hears a garbled message. 5 Thoughts On ‘Gerald’s Game’ Netflix Poster. Titans -- Ep. The scene jumps back to Dick, still on the floor of his cell. At this point, it’s revealed that Gar is sitting in a threadbare room at Cadmus Labs, talking to one of the scientists. Out on the road, Dawn (Minka Kelly) is enjoying the single life out on the road when she gets the same message to go the same location. Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on Show Snob and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Jason opens up to Rose about his past – it’s very true to the comic books – his dad got himself killed and his mother was an addict. Dick repeats to himself that he’s alone — trying to reassure himself that Bruce isn’t there; but Bruce tells him that he’s clearly sick, but that at least he’s in the Penance Palace: solitary confinement. Exasperated, and clearly not in a good space, Kory tells her that she’s had a hard couple of days, so if she could just make some donuts that she would really appreciate it. The two volatile members of Titans ran off to Gotham for a romantic getaway.

The two seem to genuinely connect, but Rose snaps out of it and begins to act cold. Even as a hallucination, he’s Bruce Wayne, and can fight like the best of them — dodging every one of Dick’s punches. That’s not the audience for this show, so how about the showrunners respect us older comic book fans and spare us these theatrics. She tells the woman that her sister killed her parents, stole her destiny, and marooned her on planet Earth, so she’s gonna need some donuts. And speaking of Elko, Nevada (UGH), we jump back to Dawn who is still driving her pickup down the road “somewhere in Nevada”.

The scene (seemingly) switches back to Titans Tower where Gar is playing video games in the living room by himself.

She slams her hand down on the bell on the counter and melts it…which seems to change the cooks mind pretty nicely. That game they’re playing with the Titans is over; she’s gone. Next thing we know, we’re in a spaceship.

The two badass ladies stroll down the hall until they reach Dick’s cell, and Kory uses her powers to knock down the door. He’s stronger, faster, and more like a bird of prey. *Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk starts playing. In a beautiful house, Rose is sitting on the arm of a sofa. He magically arranged for them to show up at the same place and then mansplained them into re-forming the team.

He tells Bruce that he’s in prison and solitary because it’s where he deserves to be; but Bruce counters that Dick’s bitching and cowardice and pity party are hereby over.

211 -- "E. L. _. At Elko’s Dinner, the female Titans discover Bruce Wayne set up the mysterious meeting. Titans Season 2 Episode 11 Review: E.L._.O. That doesn’t sit well with Rachel and she asks Donna what’s wrong with her. Beast Boy becomes a killing machine when Mercy orders him to shape-shift into a tiger. Titans — Ep. Inside, however, they find a completely empty cell except for one scrawled piece of writing on the wall that simple says “Jericho is Alive”. But before anyone can say anything further, the door to the diner opens; and in steps Bruce Wayne. Before she can gather herself, a hand reaches out and grabs her shoulder. As he talks, another scientistic in the room writes down names on a board, and the neurosurgeon continues to prod into Gar’s exposed brain. The little girl talks some more trash and tells her to get her life together, but before Kory can make one of her usual quippy clapbacks, she’s overcome with nausea and vomits into the nearest trash bin. Very on-the-nose, creators. She tells him that it’s the afternoon, but that he needed sleep after busting so many drug rings last night. -- Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bruce pushes his buttons though, and Dick starts to fight him. Titans season 2, episode 11 “E.L._.O.,” brings Dick closer to becoming Nightwing, proves Kory is the best, and gives us one badass Bruce Wayne fight scene..

She parks the truck, gets out holding a box of photos and keepsakes from her life with Hank, and puts it in the dumpster. Once they all establish that everything is real, they start trying to figure out how they’re all there out of coincidence.

Raven starts to have violent nightmares about Grayson being stabbed to death by Deathstroke. The two hug and Gar explains to her how he and Conner were kidnapped. The Titans try to come together to save Dick and Gar. Bruce mansplains family and gets called out for it. While Donna heads out  Elko’s Diner, Raven gets her future read. He tosses and turns, covered in sweat and mumbling to himself, as we once again see the return on Dick’s subconscious manifestation of Bruce Wayne. Here we are once again with another episode of Titans, now streaming on DC Universe!

She picks up her phone and tries to call him; but of course there’s no answer. He calls out to the bird but it flies away, and Dick curls up shivering in a ball on the floor of his cell. We see Dawn drive into a work yard. Jason and Rose bond over their mutual love for theatre. Through Bruce, Dick is basically telling himself that he’s a coward for choosing a long sentence in prison over protecting and saving his team. It’s soon revealed at he’s saying all of this because one of Cadmus goons is literally poking around in his brain as the shot pans to the back of Gar’s head where part of his skull is open, and his brain exposed. With that in mind, he’s asking them to make another choice and come back together like a family, too. 211 — “E.L._.O” — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dick doesn’t plan on going anywhere though. While Dick Grayson is sick in prison, he starts to have hallucinations about Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen). : Best New Horror, REVIEW: BATTLE STATIONS brings the lost art of Hugo Pratt back to life, IDW’s BIG HERO 6 #1 hits shelves with major script changes, Recap: THE MANDALORIAN S2E1 — “Chapter 9: The Marshal”, We need to talk about THE MANDALORIAN and transphobia, INTERVIEW: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY cast talk connecting with characters and dark horror.

Elko Diner. Rachel and Starfire break into the prison to rescue Dick. She tries calling Rachel back, but it goes straight to voicemail. Studios)! Dick reminds him that he has no plans to escape, and that he and Deathstroke have a truce. Chloe Maveal is a freelance pop culture journalist in Portland, Oregon who specializes in British comics, comics history, superheroes, and fandom culture.

Who wouldn’t drink themselves silly? The group is left to talk it over, and they all agree that the circumstances of having Bruce try to put them back together is absolutely ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Dick is in solitary confinement, gripped by a fever. There’s a sudden jump in the scene, and Rachel is now at a train station. Dick asks him to be less enigmatic, and Bruce tells him that he’s the one in charge, and that Jericho spoke to him. A few hours have passed and Bruce has gathered everyone to sit in the diner. The return of Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne helps reinvigorate Titans as the Season 2 finale draws near. Soon after catching up with him, Kory shows up with another guard, who she throws against the wall. Meanwhile, at Elko’s diner, Kory is banging on the counter like a petulant child.

Bruce doesn’t come though; instead he sees a giant black raven outside his one sliver of a window. When Jason calls her out on it, she tries to push him away and he tells her that if he wants her to go, then she should go.

Dick helped his cellmates escape, but he himself was re-captured by the prison guards. Titans — Ep. Sign up to receive timely, useful information in your inbox. Gar and Superboy have also been taken by Cadmus Labs, while Rachel has joined some runaways while her soul-self goes rogue. Dick tells her not to give up, and she sees flashes of Elko Diner.

5 Reasons We Love ‘Millennium After The Millennium!’. EXCLUSIVE: Take a gander at the LUMBERJANES: END OF SUMMER series... Ryan Wilder becomes her own Batwoman in first official images.

He tells him about all the stupid things that Dick has done recently — including going to Adeline to apologize for what happened to Jericho; but he also tells Dick that maybe he hasn’t read between the lines enough. 211 — “E. SHUT IN THEATER: 32 Weekend Readings Later. Elko. In walks Rachel, who tells him that she’s been looking for him. Or does Bruce have magical powers now? Dick has left a message: ‘Jericho is Alive’. When Dick wakes up, his shadow has changed into that of a feathered bird. Rachel then tells them about her dream of Dick dying.

Elsewhere, Donna Troy (Connor Leslie) gets a frantic call from Raven. These Titans are followed by… Bruce Wayne. Site Wrapper – spec available on request.

More Reviews by Jesse Schedeen. Episode 11 of Titans opens with Cadmus experimenting on Gar as part of Mercy Graves’ Project Rakshasa (the word in Sanskrit roughly translates to demon).

The Tarot Cards say the Hanged Man is coming. I am rolling my eyes at this tween rom-com nonsense. Jason gets angry at the sound of Wayne Manor, and tells Rose that that version of him isn’t the real him. DC Universe’s Titans has been renewed for season 3.

The first of many exhausting commercials.

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