BoxVR is a rhythm game. Not to mention being able to actually employ footwork. BoxVR is not a game, nor is it a boxing training app. Absolutely, BOXVR is a much much better excercise than Beat Saber. Basically the different intensities should be considered difficulty level. Thrill of the Fight, by contrast, may not be as fancy, but in that aspect it’s far more functional. Human opponents, especially skilled ones, are obviously going to be smarter, read you better and respond accordingly, be more unpredictable.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [CPU] ➤ Intel® Core™ i7-8700K 4.7GHz. But it’s much easier jumping into a game like The Thrill of the Fight having first played through Creed: Rise to Glory, where you learned how you should move in a VR boxing game.

There’s probably 1000 comments on this over the last few days. It's a workout, but not really fun and for me I played it like a workout where I was kind of trying to grind through it and didn't actually enjoy it. Face off in the virtual ring where you'll jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of the boxing world. Plus, it's a time to practice dodging and blocking. I posted details about calorie burned.

Ended up deleting it. It sounds like TotF will be a good way to improve in those areas. I don't care if the developers call it a game or not. But yeah i wouldn't call it a "boxing game" but moves involved are punching type ;]. Well-done overall. That dev could easily charge double and the game would still be a bargain. This thread is archived.

The graphics are the most bland which I find makes a big difference for me. Why not hit that like button.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------➤ TL;DR (scores are entirely my opinions). I found totf the most boring of all the boxing games tbh. It gets old fast with its really mediocre graphics and same gameplay over and over. But its functionality is almost identical to Beat Saber, so if the latter is a game, the former is too. Grab your gloves, step through the ropes, and become a champion. It's a rythm game the same way as beat saber or audica. VBL wants you to explore various ways to get cardio that utilize boxing-like skills.

I’m new to the Quest and I’m looking for something to give me a workout. I wanted to enjoy it, but not being able to actually just go in and fight ruined the experience for me. Please search. In that sense, training with fellow martial artists is superior. The Thrill of the Fight; Image credited to Fyiandev My workout results in a Polar H10 after 50 minutes of The Thrill of the Fight. It got infuriating fast, especially when it led to situations like getting pummeled for no other reason than the fact that the game literally would not permit me to fight back. Very different games and not really comparable. Has he even confirmed a sequel? Which I don't. Nowhere did I do that. I'm hesitant to get too excited about any PVP VR boxing because I imagine there's all kind of ways for people to cheat the system. I look forward to Thrill 2 which I believe he is about to be start working on. I have boxvr but never really use it, it’s quite boring boxercize type game that gets old fast. My back, my sides, my arms.

I like setting my workout to 30 minutes and the squats really get my thighs burning. Review: I've tried BoxVR, Creed: Rise to Glory, and Thrill of the Fight (in that order) BoxVR: Got it to train accuracy/reflexes. Where TotF really shines is in a couple of ways: 1) You can train whenever you want, as much as you want. Would that be correct? TotF kind of blows me away in terms of how close it comes to simulating a fight with a real opponent. Thanks for the heads up! I'm on fire. But yeah, against a person who really wants a fair fight, it sounds like it could be amazing.

save hide report. I know I'm late yet Thrill is the definite way to go. CHAPTERS:0:00 - Introduction.0:53 - \"The Master of Disaster\" Apollo Creed.5:27 - James \"Clubber\" Lang.11:59 - Ivan Drago.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------♥️ LET’S CONNECT ★➡ YouTube:➡ Discord:➡ ‍ Oculus: Gregz_VR➡ Twitter:➡ Steam: GregzVR➡ ✉️ Business:➡ Facebook:✅ WATCH MORE ★➡ CREED:➡ TOTF:➡ Contractors VR:➡ PokerStars VR:➡ Other VR Games:♥️ LET’S CONNECT ★➡ YouTube:➡ Discord:➡ ‍ Oculus: Gregz_VR➡ Twitter:➡ Steam: GregzVR➡ ✉️ Business:➡ Facebook:✅ PC SPECS ★(Disclaimer): I am a member of the Amazon affiliate partnership program. It does get monotonous though, and I wish there were more options to increase the difficulty other than just longer levels. Awesome. Well-done overall. Thrill of the fight has reminded me that I need to get into shape. Look at my posts specifically.

CREED vs Thrill of the FIGHT! I prefer creed over thrill of the fight. Thrill is probably the best. I enjoy it more for the "realism" than for the workout, but it does both pretty well. The fact it is also so cheap a bonus. The problem I had was, I’m already in good enough shape that Creed’s exhaustion mechanic felt crippling, because my own endurance far outstrips what the game allows the character.

It is unarguably the most exercise tho. The training mode of Knockout League provides fun cardio (check out reflex alley and heavy bag on YT).

In practice, however, I ended up having a couple of problems with the mechanics. Box VR is awesome if you buy it with the intentions of working out. 14 comments. My boxing skill is pretty basic, so I'm fine working against the limited AI available for now; it's still beneficial, plus a decent workout. None of the other games did. Get yours here:♥️ JOIN the membership, to show further support:➡ CashApp: £GregzVR➡ Join the Patreon:➡ ☕️ Buy me a coffee? share. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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