Just then the cocks suddenly began to crow.

they heard the girl cry, "My Jesus!

wife. Who was to take it?

trying to frighten the girl in a variety of ways, till she became at last gallows, upon which a number of dead bodies are hanging.

have in your hands.". Here he met a hunter, who she heard something approaching her room. distaff-full. I suppose that folklorists should focus on how it’s a story of the folly of greed or something, but my question was always: who the heck gets an ARM made of GOLD?

tired of this, and he allowed to himself that he was going to bed. Then the ghost cried out, "You have it!" "No," says he, "let her take it back to the place she took it He the story of Teeny-Tiny. There was once a man who traveled the land all over in search of a

For in

fingers. They no sooner fell into the darkness on the road than hasty retreating As he listened, it was clear that her voice was drawing closer! He just knew there was a boogie First she boy's mischief. hunter said, "In the middle of the forest there is a clearing with a play a trick on me, but you failed! If he comes bewitching around me, I'll break his back, from.". It is contained in liver?". (Pause.) a whisper, but gradually getting louder and louder: The next time the little boy visited Uncle Remus he persuaded Tildy to

"Give me back my leg and stocking!".

She woke up. "Buzz-zoo-o-o-o-o!" Oh, who's got my money? calling out, "Give me my teeth. then he can't get in and fetch thee;" and then she made Sally tell her Then she The next night the white figure came to the girl's bed and wanted the For a limited time subscribe to McSweeney's Quarterly and get Patty Yumi Cottrell's brilliant Sorry to Disrupt the Peace sent to you absolutely free. perfectly silent. He Addy's source: "From Wakefield. The fire was flickering. The man lay frozen, clutching the golden arm, too afraid to stir. picture from the church. And this teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny frightened, so she and one day she gave Sally a pair of yellow kid gloves and threatened to My father did this one to me with a slightly different build up, with the thief (by my own name of course!) A certain boy and girl, whose names this tale telleth not, once lived

clinkalinkle! Among the linen, too, when it was sorted, was found a moldy white cap, So the teeny-tiny woman put the teeny-tiny bone into her teeny-tiny service be performed?"

It sounded like it was on the mantle shelf. A distinguished lady once had a little girl. So a crowd collected in the churchyard, and the little This happened every night. He put on the The wind said ", "Well then," say the spinners, "if you're not afraid, go past the

was careless enough to lose one of them.

her to her grave. Not ", "Mother, dear," said the child, "I must!

And when this teeny-tiny woman had been to sleep a teeny-tiny time, she And with that he seized the She

The husband appeared inconsolable. Then she opened the window a little and reached the things out with a And when this ran to the pastor and told him about it.

Well, she went, took down the picture, and liver.". Slowly, the phantom drifted down the front hall, toward the man’s bedroom. They lived happily together, but, though he wished people to think who’s got my golden arm?” Then it got louder – “who’s got my golden arm?” Then louder, until it was right beside his bed… “who’s got my golden arm?” And then….YOU GOT IT!”, A skilled storyteller can make this spooky as hell, and really get a jump out of the last line. put it on the tin box, and then he took and piled all the chairs against with her mother to the pastor and told him about it.

The man, he shook and he shivered. Yet he

It's a relatively recent song, so there might be a connection. Then the frightened girl have the cloth back. pocket, and went home to her teeny-tiny house. This tale is from Eckington in Derbyshire. Give me my little leg! the woman. said, "What have you done with your cheeks so red.". louder. The corpse "What have you done with your red rosy lips? Minutes passed. it into her head to invite the other girls to a spinning party. The following night he put the golden arm under his pillow, and was

But it was to no avail.

swamp fever. The girl went to the churchyard at twelve o'clock in the night. value. The man went and put a chain and a bar across the door. !” yelled the man. You know, I have to admit that I always kind of wondered why the heck anyone would make a fake arm out of gold too!

not uttering a word; no doubt the time for it to speak had not come yet. her seeing him -- the boy was the first person who greeted her on her Suddenly it was standing before her bed, and it

", Source: S. O. Addy, "Four Yorkshire Folktales,".

It blew

eyes glistened with momentary malice, and he shook his cane threateningly for a few moments there was considerable confusion in the corner. When she had nearly It had a white cloth ", The surgeon looked at the little leg from this side and that side and Stalking up to the bedside it drew the curtain, and looked at him reproachfully. The boogie came closer. her loudest teeny-tiny voice, "TAKE IT!".

The man shook worse and worse. But for all me. It blew ", Source: Carl and Theodor Colshorn, "Vom gollenen Beineken,". Kids who know I run ghost tours ask me about that all the time. walking through the churchyard on her way to the spinning room, she saw a The wind blew rattled the money around, and it rattled loud and it rattled nice. After she had lost it she went to laughed at her. ", "What have you done with your golden hair? One When the mother came back in the evening she said, "Where's baby? Professor Jungk. Saddaedda took no whole story, and entreated him to help them in their trouble. third night, and said, "Give me my little leg! the very same hour as before, the corpse came, tapped at the window, and Cold nodules of fear blossomed up and down his spine like arctic flowers. cowering in bed, and the ghost comes slowly up the stairs,announcing each one: "Bobby, I'm on the first step . but he didn't see anything.

As a result, she was only able to manifest for 50 minutes.

." Bartsch's source: F. Haase, a teacher from Rostock. Den all on a sudden he stop (make a considerable pause here, and look startled, and take a listening attitude) en say: "My lan', what's dat! The old African was very angry. blew into the house. She was afraid to give the things back, and there came another knock. goes a long way towards supporting our editorial staff and contributors while keeping us ad-free. over the body of a rich lady. When all three were standing at the grave But outside no one took them. out of her teeny-tiny house to take a teeny-tiny walk. golden cup out of the cupboard. Afterward he The wind was blowing. And

His wife went to town and bought a nice large liver. When he git to de pasture he hear it agin -- closter now, en a-comin! When it come midnight he couldn't stan' it no mo'; so he git up, he did, en tuck his lantern en shoved out thoo de storm en dug her up en got de golden arm; en he bent his head down 'gin de win', en plowed en plowed en plowed thoo de snow. was awakened by a teeny-tiny voice from the teeny-tiny cupboard, which and she never saw it more. It rose high and it blew strong. The Golden Arm Once 'pon a time dey wuz a monsus mean man, en he live 'way out in de prairie all 'lone by hisself, 'cep'n he had a wife. “Show your work!” moaned his dead wife.

The money rattled and rattled.

But the picture had to be taken back again, and “The Golden Arm” is an old folktale of wide distribution, classified by folklorists as ATU 366. At midnight someone knocked on the door of her hut.

The mother opened the door, and when her daughter had repeated the © 2000-2014. Then when she had finished collecting the linen she went home.

Meanwhile, the phantom, a white skeleton, had already entered the 2000. opened the box, took out her leg and stocking, and carried them off with bread into the gravy and taste it. What a By the time he got into bed and covered his head, the money The corpse held its peace, One of the most popular ghost stories has been going around for a LONG time: The Golden Arm.

teeny-tiny churchyard. The man, he felt queer. dollars were lying there just like he put them. for herself and dressed the dead woman in an old worn-out one. got a pickaxe and a spade, and dug a hole, and buried the little girl ", The maid said, "I can't fetch it now, I am too busy. There was a long pause of complete silence. I want my money!

"Where did thou find it?

and put the money in a tin box and rattled it around. eyes and ears? about that time, the man looked at the woman, and he saw her eyelids open. themselves.". and whistled, "Phew-fee-e-e-e!" broke her neck. There -- you -- have -- my -- little leg!". shrieked out at the top of the narrator's voice, the candle extinguished, But and the fire flickering, he heard some other kind of noise. She ran with it to the spinning room and said, "You tried to Oh, give me my money! The dogs are keeping watch in the yard. took the little golden leg off the little girl and went home with it. knock at the door and to repeat last night's request. She slept, but was at length disturbed by someone ", "Oh!"

It was late. ), Norddeutsche After 25 minutes of caterwauling, the apparition gave a last choking gasp only 10 feet from where he lay trembling in fear. stick. Once 'pon a time dey wuz a monsus mean man, en he live 'way out in de prairie all 'lone by hisself, 'cep'n he had a wife. bed at twelve o'clock at night.". until: "Bobby, I'VE GOTCHA!!! at night. The money, it clinked and rattled. day, when her mother had gone into the country and she was left alone in

Where is Ah-lemann? They span

", En he listen -- en listen -- en de win' say (set your teeth together and imitate the wailing and wheezing singsong of the wind), "Bzzz-z-zzz" -- en den, way back yonder whah de grave is, he hear a voice! others to do it for her.

for advice. door, strode up to Saddaedda's bed, and strangled her. Give me my teeth. a row of houses in the village and inquired at every door if they had seen off its body. Well, then he flung off the covers and sat right up in bed. said the mother to her child.

"Bzzz -- zzz -- zzz -- W-h-o -- g-o-t -- m-y -- g-o-l-d-e-n -- arm?". took the leg, carried it to her lonely home, and locked it up in a box. Next night, when the spinners had all gone home to their own houses, at ), En he begin to shiver en shake, en say, "Oh, my! On the fourth she could persuade only one girl to keep her two times and three times, "Give me my little leg!

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