Yes, that looked very good. It said: "I am a disappointed man. ", "It seems written with fire--it burns so. ", "And does it all come to us, do you think--instead of the ten thousand?

"Put them in the fire! Then after a little came another idea: had he saved Goodson's property? Richards and his old wife sat apart in their little parlour--miserable and thinking. Everybody believes there was only one good generous soul in this village, and now it turns out that you--Edward, why don't you tell me? Everybody ran to the bank to see the gold-sack; and before noon grieved and envious crowds began to flock in from Brixton and all neighbouring towns; and that afternoon and next day reporters began to arrive from everywhere to verify the sack and its history and write the whole thing up anew, and make dashing free-hand pictures of the sack, and of Richards's house, and the bank, and the Presbyterian church, and the Baptist church, and the public square, and the town-hall where the test would be applied and the money delivered; and damnable portraits of the Richardses, and Pinkerton the banker, and Cox, and the foreman, and Reverend Burgess, and the postmaster--and even of Jack Halliday, who was the loafing, good-natured, no-account, irreverent fisherman, hunter, boys' friend, stray-dogs' friend, typical "Sam Lawson" of the town. They looked a little sad, and they sat silent and thinking. She was troubled and silent for a moment, then she laid her hand within his and said: "No . Trying to guess out that remark. D.W] THE MAN THAT CORRUPTED HADLEYBURG AND OTHER STORIES By Mark Twain CONTENTS: THE MAN THAT CORRUPTED HADLEYBURG MY FIRST LIE, AND HOW I GOT OUT OF IT

Thus the entire remaining refuse of the renowned joke was emptied upon a single head, and with calamitous effect. Hadleyburg village woke up world-celebrated--astonished--happy--vain. An architect and builder from the next State had lately ventured to set up a small business in this unpromising village, and his sign had now been hanging out a week. I say 'favourably'--nothing stronger.

I was beginning to feel fairly comfortable once more, after my night's rest, but the look of that envelope makes me sick.

He was expecting that there might be one claimant for the sack--doubtful, however, Goodson being dead--but it never occurred to him that all this crowd might be claimants. Ah, he wouldn't answer our nod of recognition--he knew what he had been doing!". Several among the nineteen said privately to their husbands, "It is a good idea, we will keep still till their cheap thing is over, then WE will give one that will make it sick.

. The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg by Mark Twain Prepared by by David Price The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg It was many years ago. It is an honest town once more, and the man will have to rise early that catches it napping again. He began to throw out chaffing remarks about people not looking quite so happy as they did a day or two ago; and next he claimed that the new aspect was deepening to positive sadness; next, that it was taking on a sick look; and finally he said that everybody was become so moody, thoughtful, and absent-minded that he could rob the meanest man in town of a cent out of the bottom of his breeches pocket and not disturb his reverie.

And the cheques are made to 'Bearer,' too. ", "You see, he--well, he--he made me promise I wouldn't.". Of course. When things had got about to the worst Richards was delivered of a sudden gasp and his wife asked: "The note--Burgess's note!

He said she could marry a mile higher than that. Then he came near to fainting. Not a customer yet; he was a discouraged man, and sorry he had come. What could be the explanation of this gigantic piece of luck? ", "Look here--look at this!

And it was fine and beautiful of you never to mention it or brag about it." Within twenty-four hours after the Richardses had received their cheques their consciences were quieting down, discouraged; the old couple were learning to reconcile themselves to the sin which they had committed. .

Richards was discouraged.

Richards took from it a note and read it; it was from Burgess: "You saved me, in a difficult time. We have wandered far enough from our bearings--God spare us that! Why, really, that ought to be an easy hunt--much easier than those others. Suspicion flamed up into conviction, now, and the town's pride in the purity of its one undiscredited important citizen began to dim down and flicker toward extinction. And so it was his turn to be dissatisfied with life. At ten Harkness had a talk with him privately.

His life? No, not quite.

Your honesty is beyond the reach of temptation. It was all clear and simple, now, and the more he went over it the more luminous and certain it grew; and at last, when he nestled to sleep, satisfied and happy, he remembered the whole thing just as if it had been yesterday. When he met Mrs. Wilcox and noticed the placid ecstasy in her face, he said to himself, "Her cat has had kittens"--and went and asked the cook; it was not so, the cook had detected the happiness, but did not know the cause. Presently she said: "I thought congratulations and praises always tasted good. Edward was trying to recall that service. In some cases light-headed people did not stop with planning to spend, they really spent--on credit. You know the thing that was charged against Burgess years ago. Thereafter, during a stretch of two exhausting hours, he was busy saving Goodson's life. The couple lay awake the most of the night, Mary happy and busy, Edward busy, but not so happy. By the end of a week things had quieted down again; the wild intoxication of pride and joy had sobered to a soft, sweet, silent delight--a sort of deep, nameless, unutterable content. quick! He knows that I know! And Mary--! And besides, he couldn't remember having done them, anyway. In no case was it a holiday job; still they succeeded. At church the morning sermon was of the usual pattern; it was the same old things said in the same old way; they had heard them a thousand times and found them innocuous, next to meaningless, and easy to sleep under; but now it was different: the sermon seemed to bristle with accusations; it seemed aimed straight and specially at people who were concealing deadly sins. First one and then another chief citizen's wife said to him privately: "Come to my house Monday week--but say nothing about it for the present.

He mentioned many of your villagers in the course of his talk--most of them in a very uncomplimentary way, but two or three favourably: among these latter yourself.

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