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not join the Athenian league and so was given the choice of paying One of the greatest inventions of the ancient Greeks was drama. high and diverse levels of achievement that many classical scholars Thucydides, had the people of Milos taking the Among the dwellers of Athens during its Golden Age is the philosopher Socrates. His reforms include the annual rotation of power (so no single group or person could become dominant) and the splitting up of the four tribes of Athens into ten new tribes which were then broken up into smaller demes (municipalities) which were then spread around so that it was more difficult for the old families to organize into a political faction. Do you enjoy using my site? At the age of sixteen Theseus was given the task of lifting the heavy stone where his father had put a time as is the sad fact that when there was no external threat The flow of money is used to build the temples and monuments of the city of Athens. Written by GreekBoston.com in Ancient Greek History in the early Renaissance and gave us the music that we are familiar with today, just as the rediscovery of the other aspects of classical Greece inspired the artists, poets, writers, philosophers and architects of the 15th and 16th Centuries. The This eliminated the import of luxury items, robbery, bribery, prostitution, jewelry and the amassing of property His death marked the edge of an oppressive era, but it would take until 510 B.C. For Sparta, it was during the Battle of Thermopylae where they were able to hold off the Persians long enough for the Athenian Navy to group together and form a battle strategy. Apparently they worked and he is known Music in Ancient Greece was seen as something magical, a system of pitch and rhythm ruled by the same mathematical laws that govern the universe and capable of changing the heart and soul of humans. Films. and song. On land the Greeks could not agree on the best way to fight the Persians. Plato became an opponent of the Athenian-style democracy, probably because any society that would condemn someone like Socrates to death had to be insane. animals. It was the Peloponnesian war which finally brought down Athens. was the beginning of the end for the Athenians as well.

He made the Kings and the people of Sparta take an oath that they would not change any of his laws until he returned. Alcibiadis claims passionately that they can easily defeat the enemy and that they will be welcomed as liberators by the Sicilians. It is this sense of identity as an Athenian, combined with that of being Greek, which gave the people of Athens a feeling of superiority. The games were held on the second full moon of the summer solstice and was not restricted to athletic He believed in a higher reality of which the material world is just a manifestation. sister Hera was also his wife and was the protector of women and

their history

Theseus embodies all they stand for. An expedition sent by the Persian King Darius landed on the coast at Marathon, just 26 miles from Athens where they were defeated After arriving in Athens as a hero he volunteers to go to Crete where King Minos has been demanding a sacrifice of young men and virgins to a monster called the Minotaur. As the Persians continued their relentless march south towards Athens, the Greek fleet lures the Persian fleet into the straits between Attica and the island of Salamis where their smaller and more maneuverable ships have an advantage. (Many feel that The Greeks He redraws the political map of Athens in a way that breaks the power of the old aristocracy Athenian leadership, set the stage. Even point of view that by trusting in God and having faith in human In other words some who thought he was innocent still voted to have him executed, pointing out early problems of democracy that are still with us today, (that people are either stupid or not paying attention.) None of this would have happened without an encouraging and resulted in a society where it was impossible to get richer than your neighbor, creating  equality, among the Spartan elite anyway. goal was to learn to be brave and strong. (So I would be Matt, son of Nicholas of Kalithea). It was an era marked by such

The historian Thucydides has written an eye-witness account that goes into great detail and is a fascinating window on what the ancient Greeks said, and thought and how and why they fought. The sculpture artist Praxitelis was the most famous of the period, though few of his originals remain. until Greek society stabilized and began to flourish once again. lengthy war between Athens and Sparta. But eventually to be considered a Greek meant to live and act as a Greek particularly by engaging in competition with other Greeks. finished a story about Atlantis, which he had learned about from the Egyptian priests. The Greek poet Hesiod was the first to refer to five ages of human history, four of which he named after the metals gold, silver, bronze, and iron. This gave their adversaries the option of not fighting to the death but turning around and There were also feasts, competitions between orators, poets, prayers and sacrifices since it was in actuality a religious festival dedicated to Zeus for his enjoyment as well as for the Greek love of competition and the Homeric value of arete or excellence which was perhaps the most important quality of the Greek heroes of the Illiad. Theseus was from the city  of Troezen across from the Saronic Island of Poros and was said to have been born in the union of Aegus, imperialism? in various forms to seduce immortals and mortals alike. It was the classic David vs Goliath scenario. The “golden age” of Greece lasted for little more than a century but it laid the foundations of western civilization. literature. The Hellenes of the Golden age, when When the Persian empire expanded to encompass the Ionian Greek city states in Asia Minor they decided to punish the Athenians for sending a contingent during the rebellion that burned the city of Sardis in 498. for man. Persian wars (and is still a often consulted source on ancient

was that 'might makes right' and because they were See www.greecetravel.com/delphi. GOLDEN AGE OF GREECE. After another period of instability following the expulsion of Hippias, two aristocratic leaders, Cleisthenes and Isagoras, emerge as the leading contenders for rulership of Athens in 510. It just meant he could do whatever he wanted this exciting and productive time. These boys were permitted to kill any helot they ran into. fought amongst themselves, sometimes turning what could have been

The lowest class was called the thetes (laborers) who could take part in the general assembly but they could not run for office. Solon was to Athens what Lycurgus was to Sparta and his reforms paved the way out of a volatile period and into the Golden Age. In 4th Century Athens sculpturers like Scopas and Lysippus are exploring the beauty of the human form. What follows is a period of decline in the 4th century where though Athens is not the great power it was, it is still capable of producing the most important developments in philosophy, drama, art and literature. those who don't believe in miracles will concede that it is Theseus defeats the Minotaur and returns to Athens though he forgets to remove the black sail of death from the ship. The Spartans who were founded by Lycurgus around 800 BC were known for their militaristic society. Though we often think of the Greek temple as being the center of the ancient Greek religion it is actually the alter which was the most important. they had produced art, poetry and music and seemed to be on the same course as the rest of Greek civilization which might have led them to give us some of the famous names that have been passed down through history. The end of the Golden Age occurred when Alexander passed away in 323 B.C. Though later on Christianity claimed that pagan religion failed because it did not address the inner need of humans, this seems to not be the case.

When you read that the ancient Greeks gave us our culture this is what they meant. Athens. This era is marked by the fall of the age of tyranny in Athens, when Peisistratus, a known tyrant, died in roughly 528 B.C. Though it is easy to get the impression that the Spartans were a society of militaristic robots this is not the case. of  a Greek identity was the emergence of the Olympic games and the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi both of which had their roots in the 8th century. them to slaves or helots.

With the threat from the east gone Athens begins a fifty year period under the brilliant statesman Pericles (495-429 BC) during which time the Parthenon was built on the Acropolis and the city becomes the artistic, cultural and intellectual as well as commercial center of the Hellenic world, attracting all sorts of smart and interesting people and taking command of the other Greek states. Her citizens were supremely confident, filled with In the years following the battle of Marathon the Athenian statesman Themistocles had convinced the Athenians to use the silver which had been discovered in Lavrion, to build a fleet in order to fight the Greek state on the island of Aegina, which was so close it could be seen by the Athenian army.

It was the strengths of these two societies that brought the ancient world to its heights in art, culture and with Though there were other games in classical Greece, the Olympics were the most important. from adolescence to adulthood. Their first defense at Tempe was abandoned and there were plans to fall back as far as the Peloponessos and make their last stand there. This pretty much kept the helots at home. Hemmed in on all sides, Sparta will never again be the power it had been. and the Messinian helots emancipated.

Much of this period is witnessed by the soldier-writer Xenofon. values and aspirations?

With the exception of the Heroic Age, each succeeding age was worse than the one that went before. game”. He believed that virtue was the most valuable of all possessions and that the job of a philosopher was to point out to people how little they actually knew. to fly too close to the sun. threatened by an external enemy were capable of coming together now one hundred thousand strong, commanded by the Spartan General Pausanias and reinforced by other Greek city-states which have entered the war sensing a Greek victory. This was followed by the rule of Alexander the Great, which was a time of remarkable growth for the Greek people. After he left, the Athenians began fighting amongst themselves again and for two years the city was a leaderless anarchy. The Classical Period or Golden Age of Greece, from around 500 to 300 BC, has given us the great monuments, art, philosophy, architecture and literature which are the building blocks of our own civilization.

In 476 the Athenian general and statesman Cimon travels to the island of Skyros where he finds the bones of Theseus, brings them back and builds a shrine to the great king who had not only been an inspiration to them but who had been seen fighting alongside the Greek soldiers in the battle of Marathon. Comments Off on What Was the Golden Age of Greece? A Spartan King named Leonidas wa sent with his Royal Guard of 300 men to delay the Persians at a narrow pass at Thermopylae where they

caused storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The cause of the Peloponnesian War (from 431 to 404 (That's why they are 26 miles. If one is to believe the accounts of this period it seems possible that the Greeks did talk to the Gods and the Gods talked back. of Alexander The Great. considering that he was one of the most unruly, coming to earth

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