Kamilla gets pulled into the Mirrorverse in Episode 14, Around Valentine’s Day, Mirror Iris goes undercover to find Amunet Black’s (. Información sobre tu dispositivo y conexión a Internet, incluida tu dirección IP, Actividad de navegación y búsqueda al utilizar sitios web y aplicaciones de Verizon Media. I bust them wide open,” says Nash (Tom Cavanagh) to Team Flash down in the tunnels where he reveals he believes The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) is dwelling as season six episode six of The CW’s The Flash begins. And Is Iris Ready to Crack? Unbeknownst to Iris, Eva sends a Mirror Iris into the real world to execute a master plan of escaping the Mirrorverse, killing her husband Joseph and taking over McCulloch Technologies.
Eva got stuck in the Mirrorverse during the particle accelerator explosion, leaving her husband the sole proprietor of the company and her research. Allegra spent an awful period of time in prison for crimes unrelated to her powers. TVLine.com. In Episode 4, “There Will Be Blood,” Barry tells Team Flash about the impending Crisis.

Episode List. Labs and when he does a search on the computer for news about himself, he discovers he has been legally declared dead.

Back at the auction, Barry stumbles out on stage drunk as a distraction so Ralph can get to the laptop control of the satellite weapon. To understand what the Monitor meant, Barry decides to run to the day after his predicted disappearance only to be pushed back to the present by a wall of antimatter. He turns Nash into “Pariah” and makes him witness the destruction of other Earths in the multiverse. Meanwhile Frost finds out Nash is Allegra’s adoptive father on Earth-719. Barry thinks they should leave the party but Ralph points out the room is full of criminal bosses and thinks he should do some investigating. Iris is still stuck inside the Mirrorverse with Kamilla and Singh. In the season finale, it’s revealed that Joseph, revealed earlier in the season to be the leader of Black Hole, had turned McCulloch Technologies into an underground arms dealing company, which is why Eva wants to get rid of him. Ralph finds a computer and digs up what’s up for the big auction at the party. In the Mirrorverse, Iris finally meets Eva, who pretends to be lost, waiting to reunite with her husband Joseph. The final three episodes of the season, “Liberation,” “Pay the Piper,” and “Success is Assured,” feature a push-and-pull between Eva and Team Flash.

Chester tells her they need to be themselves and “shine through.”. After handing off Ramsey to A.R.G.U.S., the Team now awaits the Crisis. At the same time, the Monitor assembles a team of superheroes from across the multiverse. Nash has also been silently suffering from hallucinations after the Crisis, with Wells from different Earths questioning his every decision for Team Flash. Instead of superhero saves and action, most of the episode is spent with Gustin and Sawyer looking dashing in tuxedos and recreating classic 007 scenes and moments. hat are your theories for how things might wrap up?
The Speed Force was infected by energy from The Spectre (Oliver Queen, who assumes the role during Crisis), which its revealed is slowly poisoning the power source. Jay has been detecting antimatter signatures across the Multiverse, explaining to Barry that a speedster’s body cannot penetrate the antimatter wall but their mind can. During which a small portion of Ramsey’s infection enters his bloodstream, giving him control over Barry’s body.

Just as he discovers this he’s knocked out by Meister. The Speed Force finally ceases to exist in Episode 14, “The Death of the Speed Force,” which leads Team Flash to attempt to rebuild it.

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