View production, box office, & company info Videos. An unnamed psychic who lost her gift years earlier is now a charlatan living in rural New York and giving fake Tarot card readings and performing fake seances.

Frankie keeps appearing to him even after he’s dug her up and dismembered her. New Release Review [Arrow Video Channel] - THE DEEPER YOU DIG A hit and run driver is haunted by the spirit of the teenage girl whose death he covered up.

premise simple, and that's what we get here. THE DEEPER YOU DIG is an enthralling and original experience.

It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. While Poser and Adams do so much to overcome the production’s limitations, they unavoidably show through nonetheless.

Directed by: John Adams, Toby Poser. The twelfth Amazon Leadership Principle is “Dive Deep.” If you’re preparing for an interview at Amazon, you should ask yourself what Amazon means by dive deep and how this leadership principle applies to your role at the company. I immediately liked it and knew there was something very special about these actors, who, at the time, I had no idea that they were also the filmmakers.

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It takes away nearly all cliche and replaces them with thought, inspiration, and excitement. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. The person he hits is Frankie (Zelda Adams), a feisty, zesty, wholly lovable teen whose eccentricities include a taste for the kind of music mostly heard on 78 RPM records, or emanating from vintage radios. When reclusive Kurt moves down the road to restore an abandoned farmhouse, an accident leads to Echo’s murder, and suddenly three lives collide in mysterious and wicked ways. While no one will be bowled over with action, that doesn’t mean tension is absent.

And together they’ve made one of the more striking and effective horror pictures of recent years, “The Deeper You Dig.”. locating her child.

Kurt assumes he can hide his secret under the ground. Competition: Win ‘The Deeper You Dig’ on Arrow Video Blu-ray!

But Echo burrows into his head until he can feel her in his bones. | Digging deeper: Mining methods explained. When reclusive Kurt moves down the road to restore an abandoned farmhouse, an accident leads to Echo's murder, and suddenly three lives collide in mysterious and wicked ways. Start Digging The Foundation Trenches. There were scenes that were shocking, but not for shock value. One evening she leaves her home to visit one such client, leaving her


Open-pit, underwater, and underground mining.

“I’m as real as I am dead,” she taunts.

death he covered up. Stylish horror plays havoc with the usual horror tropes and certainly deserves its burgeoning cult status - plus, it looks great

We dissect twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won't read in reviews. It's also where plate-tectonic activity mixes and scrambles these new rocks and injects them with chemically active fluids. A lot of digger drivers are quite happy for you to mark ‘centre of dig’ lines, but you may prefer to mark both sides of the trenches.

Largely avoiding visual effects (the couple of CG moments present do

Ivy, once an intuitive psychic, makes an easy buck as a bogus tarot card reader; 14-year-old Echo likes old-timey music, hunting, and black lipstick. Add to Watchlist. He has written for a host of other publications and resides in Brooklyn.

It's all done by one, very talented, family. Subscribe here to get our latest movie reviews, takes on the breaking news from the industry, film commentaries, editorials, and our weekly film podcast hosted by Senior Film Editor Matt Goldberg. There were scenes that were shocking, but not for shock value. Exclusive Clip: Check Out This Rousing Chase From The Adams Family's The Hatred, Now On Blu-ray From Arrow Video. mood and slow-burning dread. A deep yet well-told story that is both heartbreaking and fun. Added to Watchlist. The line between the living and the dead blurs after a roadside accident. Bald Move Pulp is where you can get your fix of robots, aliens, action space adventures, and everything in between; on television or on the big screen.

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