The twelfth, is the dark drake-fly, good in August; the body made with black wool, lapped about with black silk; his wings are made with the mail of the black drake, with a black head. I, Sir: but who taught me? Viat. Now for the wings, see.

Well, Sir, your raillery upon our mountains has brought us almost home; and look you where the same river of Dove has again met us to bid you welcome, and to invite you to a dish of trouts to-morrow. 135 I shall, for a taste of the rest, describe one of them; which I will, some time the next month, shew you feeding on a willow tree; and you shall find him punctually to answer this very description: his lips and mouth somewhat yellow; his eyes black as jet; his forehead purple; his feet and hinder parts green; his tail two-forked and black; the whole body stained with a kind of red spots, which run along the neck and shoulder-blade, not unlike the form of St. Andrew’s cross, or the letter X, made thus crosswise, and a white line drawn down his back to his tail; all which add much beauty to his whole body. One observes, that. And in the midst thereof, like burning gold.

shall I have nothing from you, that seem to have both a good memory, and a cheerful spirit? And young Mr. Izaak Walton was so pleased with it, as to draw it in landscape, in black and white, in a blank book I have at home, as he has done several prospects of my house also, which I keep for a memorial of his favour, and will shew you when we come up to dinner. Pisc. Yes, I saw the fish: and he saw you too, which made him turn short. The flies sold in the London tackle-shops are generally good, and in some very good.—E.].

Pisc. The widow of the late Mr. David Garrick, of Drury Lane Theatre, once told me, that in her native country, Germany, she had seen the head of a carp served up at table, big enough to fill a large dish.—H. and note, that your fly is to be ribbed with yellow silk; and the wings long, and very large, of the dark gray feather of a mallard. Guillaume de Saluste, Sieur du Bartas, was a poet of great reputation in Walton’s time. But, Sir, I beseech you give me leave to ask you one question: is there no art to be used to worms, to make them allure the fish, and in a manner compel them to bite at the bait? He is a fish that lurks close all winter, but is very pleasant and jolly after mid-April, and in May, and in the hot months: he is of a very fine shape, his flesh is white; his teeth, those little ones that he has, are in his throat, yet he has so tender a mouth, that he is oftener lost after an angler has hooked him, than any other fish.

Great, fear’d—fair, tempted—high, still envied more: I have wish’d all; but now I wish for neither.

No. )], My hostess has two beds, and I know you and I may have the best; we’ll rejoice with my brother Peter and his friend or Dare, for they be much of a kind, in matter of feeding, cunning, goodness, and usually in size. . Though I must tell you this fish is past his prime, and begins to decline, and was in better season at Christmas than he is now. BEING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO ANGLE FOR TROUT OR GRAYLING IN A CLEAR STREAM. Body, same as before; wings, gray mottled partridge tail-feather; legs, wren’s tail-feather; tail, two small fibres of brown mallard. you have but just prevented me. * And, yet, I will exercise your promised patience by saying a little of the caterpillar, or the palmer-fly or worm; that by them you may guess what a work it were, in a discourse, but to run over those very many flies, worms, and little living creatures, with which the sun and summer adorn and beautify the river-banks and meadows, both for the recreation and contemplation of us anglers; pleasures which, I think, I myself enjoy more than any other man that is not of my profession. Among other things, tansy contains thujone—the substance that got absinthe banned for so many years.

The chief is Thamesis, compounded of two rivers, Thame and Isis, Newcastle, and her inexhaustible coal-pits, Lebault allows water-frogs to be good meat . I am afraid I shall not, Sir: but were you once here a May or a June, if good sport would tempt you, I should then expect you would sometimes see me; for you would then say it were a fine river indeed, if you had once seen the sport at the height. But come, Sir, I see you have dined; and therefore, if you please, we will walk down again to the little house, and there I will read you a lecture of angling at the bottom. now you may tell my brother Peter, at night, that you have caught a leash of trouts this day. your own fault, and through your own eagerness and haste; for you are never to offer to strike a good fish, if he do not strike himself, till first you see him turn his head after he has taken your fly, and then you can never strain your tackle in the striking, if you strike with any manner of moderation. And to take the roach and dace, a good bait is the young brood of wasps or bees, if you dip their heads Both editors let us off easy; the whole thing runs 136 lines.]. The temperature at the two periods would make the difference.—E. I confess I long to be at the river, and yet I could sit here all day to hear you: but some of the one, and some of the other, will do well; and I have a mighty ambition to take a trout in your River Dove. We have then, the Cow-dung-fly; the dubbing, light brown and yellow mixed; the wing, the dark gray feather of a mallard. The time of the year when this happened was, as they informed me, about a fortnight or three weeks after Michaelmas; which makes me of opinion that they go down to the sea, or salt-water, to prepare themselves for the work of propagating and producing their young.

But I am very confident a trout will not be troubled two hours with any hook that has so much as one handful of line left behind with it, or that is not struck through a bone, if it be in any part of his mouth only: nay, I do certainly know, that a trout, so soon as ever he feels himself pricked, if he carries away the hook, goes immediately to the bottom, and will there root, like a hog upon the gravel, till he either rub out or break the hook in the middle. The carp is far stronger and more mettlesome than the bream. Ven. Predictably, no two printed texts show the same size. I do not then wonder you should appear dissatisfied with the length of the miles, and the foulness of the way: though I am sorry you should begin to quarrel with them so soon; for believe me, Sir, you will find the miles much longer, and the way much worse, before you come to your journey’s end. And if you would know more of fishing for the umber or barbel, get into favour with Doctor Sheldon, whose skill is above others; and of that the poor that dwell about him have a comfortable experience.

Come, come, the other fish, good master. * Part II: Piscator Junior (Cotton) and Viator (the Venator of the First Part of the Book)

Why, Sir, from that pikeWH that you see Pisc. Conrade Gesner, an eminent physician and naturalist, was born at Zurich, in 1516. They are considered spring-flies, but they are produced throughout the year. In the printed book, they shared a page with the Salmon. I attend you. I had almost lost myself, by remembering the discourse of Dubravius. Viat. . [The footnote is originally from Hawkins, though Ephemera reduced it from four sentences to two. [In spite of the “H.” tag, this note, too, originated with Walton. These spawn about the beginning of September: and in the Wye I have taken them with an ant-fly as fast as I could throw. The odd money was agreed to be distributed amongst the poor of their own corporation; and for the remaining twenty shillings, that was to be divided unto four gentlemen gipsies, according to their several degrees in their commonwealth. it now too brisk; and besides, I would have you take fish in both waters. is well worth noting. Wherefore, most sacred Spirit, I here present. He drew up, at the request of Mr. Secretary Cecil (temp. have proved that Walton was more correct. It is a rock, in the fashion of a spire-steeple, and almost as big. Thus necessary is air to the existence both of fish and beasts, nay, even to man himself; that air or breath of life with which God at first inspired mankind, he, if he wants it, dies presently, becomes a sad object to all that loved and beheld him, and in an instant turns to putrefaction. 287 ], Man’s life is but vain Come on, my masters, who begins? Of baits for the eel, the best are lob-worms, loach, minnows, small pope or perch with the fins cut off, pieces of any fish, especially bleak, as being very lucid, with which I have taken very large ones. Pisc. And for most of them, because they be so common, most men forget to pay their praises: but let not us, because it is a sacrifice so pleasing to Him that made that sun and us, and still protects us, and gives us flowers and showers, and stomachs and meat, and content and leisure to go a-fishing. The shepherd swains shall dance and sing, Ven. 299 Go your way presently; take my rod and do as I bid you; and I will sit down and mend my tackling till you return back. . London, 1758, p. 50. See the seventh paragraph of chap. The Tench, the physician of fishes, is observed to love ponds better than rivers, and to love pits better than either: yet Camden observes, there is a river in Dorsetshire that abounds with tenches, but doubtless they retire to the most deep and quiet places in it. It is observed, that the best ponds to breed carps are those that be stony or sandy, and are warm and free from wind, and that are not deep, but have willow-trees and grass on their sides, over which the water [As recently as 1845, Eliza Acton offers a syllabub recipe that begins “place the bowl under the cow, and milk it full”. There be also three or four other little fish that I had almost forgot, that are all without scales, and may for excellency of meat be compared to any fish of greatest value and largest size. And most believe that most fish breed after this manner, except the eel. Come, scholar, let Maudlin alone; do not you offer to spoil her voice. But mine may be thought as weak, and as unworthy of common view; and I do here freely confess, that I should rather excuse myself, than censure others, my own discourse being liable to so many exceptions; against which you, sir, might make this one, that it can contribute nothing to your knowledge. Viat. Let me live harmlessly; and near the brink, Where I may see my quill or cork down sink. Sir J. Hawkins adds as follows:—“Before I dismiss the subject of Thames fishing, I will let the reader know, that formerly the fishermen inhabiting the banks of the Thames, were used to inclose certain parts of the river with what they called stops, but which were in effect, weirs, or kidels, by stakes driven into the bed thereof, and to these they tied wheels, creating thereby a current, which drove the fish into those traps. [In the previous chapter, Walton referred to hedera grandissima. Many think the contrary, but have not specifically named them. No salmon spawn in April and May; a very small number of late fish spawn in March. is, with a worm, a minnow, which some call a penk, or with a fly.

I am to have the skin, if we kill her. * Pisc. Ven.

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