As Clark, he then teaches a college wrestler—who has publicly challenged Brannigan—how to counter "the paralyzer.".

Freeze to attack now while he has the chance.

Meanwhile, the Daily Planet is shorthanded as cub reporter Jimmy Olsen is taking some time off for a week. Directed by Vinton Heuck. Lex Lang as Clayface, Metallo and Hamilton Hill. Bouler undergoes plastic surgery to look like Superman and then is trained by a voice coach to sound like him. Otherwise, poor Suzy could be in grave danger before she can make a young audience smile. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He, Lois Lane and Jimmy are surprised by what they see.

TMS won an Emmy Award for the animation, a more prestigious primetime Emmy, thanks to the WB Network airing these episodes as a movie at night. KEEP READING: When Superman: The Animated Series Got Very, Very (Very) Weird.

Use the HTML below. Familiar B-western actor Lane Bradford appears in this episode as intrepid test pilot Chris White (Perry White's nephew). It's part of a program where young people assume important offices, including mayor and police chief, for 24 hours. Grandpa Jackson is not so happy, for Bobby has given away his Prince Albert coat, which had the old man's life savings of ten thousand dollars in cash hidden in the lining.

Gotham's sister city, Metropolis, is sending a check to help pay for damages.

Vinton Heuck Black Mask points a laser at the hero and fires.

A mysterious box from Egypt causes a bidding war between two men, Whitlock and Barnak.

Naturally, I'm speaking of the animated Batman's first meeting with Superman. The New Batman/Superman Adventures is a name given to a package series that combined Superman: The Animated Series with Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures produced by Warner Bros. Rick Sable, after being persuaded by Gambini, is calling the police to confess to the crime he is about to commit. Clark and Lois assume that they are looking for something hidden inside the figurines, so they investigate. Metropolis Police Inspector Bill Henderson is running out of ideas on how to discover if Paul is within the structure.

), Criminal Arnold Woodman (Herburt Vigran) and his two confederates plant $20,000 in stolen money on Inspector Henderson (Robert Shayne) and then threaten to accuse him of taking a bribe unless he does what they tell him.

"The Batman/Superman Story, Part II"(September 29, 2007) Working under the assumption there never would be an animated Superman/Batman team-up, and looking for a concept worthy of an anniversary issue, the 25th issue presented the animated Batman's first encounter with Superman. Kelso."

Clark gets reassurance when he finds out the phony Superman makes an appearance.

Catwoman uses a gas to help her find out which Gotham citizens are actually Batman and Robin./The Joker tries to look for an actual pirate's buried treasure while filming a pirate movie. He also a former convict, something he's managed to keep hidden in his new life. Clark Kent discovers the promoter has imprisoned an immigrant dubbed "the swami" who has extensive knowledge of the body's pressure points. Future TV western star Chuck Connors appears in this classic episode as a gangly hillbilly who happens to be named Sylvester J. Superman.

Jimmy, however, wants to be more than a figurehead.

It is signed by the Spectre, the mastermind behind this crime wave.

Joker tries to keep the Dynamic Duo off his trail while plotting to destroy all of Gotham with a giant laser. Even to this day, survivors of the race believe in its superstitions. Abdul Ben Bay and Alli Zing, rumored members of the mysterious group, arrive in Metropolis in an hour as a final stop on their world tour.

This is the episode in which Clark's alter ego, Superman, not only wrestles a gorilla but also uses his bare hands to convert a lump of coal into a diamond. After Zeus is defeated, Batman discovers Luthor has been Zeus' secret benefactor the entire time (posing as the mythical Hephaestus). The heroes defeat all the villains. Did Catwoman Star in Batman: The Animated Series' Lamest Episode? The rest of the episodes honestly look great -- TMS's use of lighting, shadows, dramatic angles, and their exquisite character animations, are unparalleled in TV animation. For the Daily Planet's anniversary edition, editor Perry White wants Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen to get an exclusive interview, something the two men have previously refused from other newspapers and magazines.Believing that it will help her, Perry has given Lois a necklace with a scarab that is an ancient Zaharan relic.

Superman prevents another ship from being blown up, intercepting a small model plane carrying a powerful explosive. It has only three occupants: two men who are trying to kill each other and a wheelchair-bound old woman who laughs like a maniac.

Superman uses his x-ray vision to see through Batman's costume.

He reveals Poison Ivy in a bulletproof glass case. RELATED: Did Catwoman Star in Batman: The Animated Series' Lamest Episode? … Superman, in his Clark Kent identity, assists a doctor who operates on the creature.

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