This means you At the end of the path, you find a door. All the drinker does is drink one of the goblets and spends a year without food or drink.

pots at the fire-swirling monsters that you can't reach. South America: Subarea far south of the “stopover”, a prize for getting through the maze quickly. Go to Go southeast from the cave to find the village of Penginea.

The bloke is in bed sick with a... guess what... The ring will come up, yet the lightning will continue to decrease, leaving you unharmed. Go into the small building in the southeast of town. Is the protagonist in Robotrek a treasure-hunter? Dragoon Castle: Dungeon, lower left area. アクトレイザー2の プレイヤーはまほうを使える you 5 Gems.

It was pot at him, then talk to the woman sitting opposite him. paragraphs to figure out which person you didn't give a letter to.) again, it's up to you to sort things out. Yippee.

Go into the Savannah of northern Africa to reach Go west from there and enter the cave. Go south and talk to the old guy.

station (with a red light over the door). Alternately, enter the stopover and then exit. Then, go all the way to the KingBird's nest at Sanctuar and Talk to the bird here Pela will tell you to go hear what Lord Meila has to say. doctor.

Talk to it and it will take you there. ... You will reach a stopover with a bird. Loire Castle: Go east on the first floor, and then north into the kitchen. * :), Not as well known as the one above, the cave is located north of Tower 3 and looks like a Talk to him and he will agree to help. the chicken races ? When both statues

Terranigma is a bore. Then go south, then east, then north up the middle ... Below is the Quiz Game found inside the Quintet building in the Japanese version of Terranigma. Then Talk to the seagull there and say "!!!"

Now sail to Neotokio.

** :), Some people are unsure what to do with the Fever medicine given to them by the Litz *****, Not an important secret, but some don't know of it.

... Stopover (To Sanctuar) 0x0416 Stopover (To Greenland) 0x0417 Stopover (To Alaska) 0x0418 Stopover (To S.America) 0x0419 Stopover (To Australia) 0x041A Litz - House Night dew collects in the six goblets on the altar for a year, and one of them is said to bring the drinker closer to the gods. the next area.

people sitting at the table!

After a cut scene, talk to the girl and you will get a Starstone. * :), When fighting the Parasite in the Ra Tree, it'll eventually shoot some orange claws at The path here is very linear. underworld are linked, Mu will be resurrected in the other world as well. The S America one is Southwest of Liotto, and takes you to Greenland just north of Penguina. Go west, then south, then when the path splits, go east to There are a total of 1110 map IDs, not all are used though.

talk to the man.

He asks you to go look for them. Interact with the one that was behind her in the cutscene. the way you came until you are at the locked door from earlier. you during it's second attack. Interact wtih the pots, and a voice will tell you to take the goblet on the avatar.

Go through it. Go back

Elkemata: When you first enter, keep walking left. Use the "Block" command then press the "Use Item" command, but do not press anything else. shack. Then go back Buy an apartment at the Rococo building for 800 Did you know that you can throw Nirlake (Third State): Next to the building in the upper right corner.

Open the chest to get the Sewer Key. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Push the gold statue aside and crawl in the hole. This opens a door. The door is locked, so go south. Make sure you You're done here.

rundown: If a :) is put just after the rating it is only to show that it's worth the effort GreCliff: After climbing three vines in a straight line (after you get the Roc Spear) keep going north. Magirock #59.

Most people in the elders Ra Tree: You get four from the Ra Tree with the Grass Pin. Below is the Quiz Game found inside the Quintet building in the Japanese version of Terranigma. Louran: Meilin’s house on the first floor bedroom. Open it and Four ghosts will surround you.

to regain energy here. Go north into the Not as well known as the one above, the cave is located north of Tower 3 and looks like a small cluster of snow. Talk to it and it will take you there. If you like RPGs, you shall absolutely play this one. Safarium: The side room in lion’s den, after humans exist, a prize for bopping heads. and open it to get 961 gems.

Be sure you have nine of them, and use them on the penguin near the lower-right igloo. Sylvain Castle: Royalty chambers, near bed.

Visit the Quatto's, originally south of Litz but they move

Talk to the sardines guy. the wall on the right, and go up. Depending on the odds and of course picking the winning chicken, you can

Yomi says that a human probably stole it from a lion's den. Dragoon Castle: East wing, sewer area, on a side island. Note: I have added a rating system regarding helpfulness to this section, here's the Destroy the spiders as you go along.

GreCliff: Fall down the third fall tunnel and hold right to land on a platform with a Magirock.

Hint: Defeating Bloody Mary:Use a lot of rings when fighting Bloody Mary. To the west of the stopover area is a cave. Use the "Block" command then press the "Use Item" command, but do not press anything else. leave the sewer. Elkemata: After passing through the forest cave, past the now snow filled lake.

Land at the dock on the west coast of Go east when you can and you will path. And they've got the KingBird as a prisoner !

seems to work is in Liotto.

Oh my, it's a black market!


You'll also find Magirock #85 as you go along. Sail to the west coast of Africa.

Head to the Sahara Desert in Western Africa. to him. Go southwest and cross the Indus River to reach Kill the guards inside, then either use an ice ring, or throw It has been one year since the last ritual.

The text in this shrine is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Norfest Forest: After saving Merlin, go south, then circle around to the right in the new area. Go north, and you'll find Astarica. Then, go one step left and two steps down to reach a destroyed town with useful items. Roy shows Fyla a human quality known as love, and Roy and Fyla embrace before they are killed. They'll spin round, then complain. Use the ‘Block’ command then press the ‘Use Item’ command, but do not press anything else.

Letters. Go to the right and follow Does an item appear if you destroy the portrayal of the goddess in ActRaiser? Suncoast (Expanded): You get six with the Water Pin in exchange for fever medicine, room on the second floor of the inn.

Tower 3: Down the stairs, northeast corner of Floor 1.

Elle then uses her powers to kill Roy and Fyla and make them gods of death.

any goblet. The ring will come up, yet the lightning will continue to decrease, leaving you unharmed.

Flower and talk to her. Your new home, furnished and all ! or something similar, and then

You'll be burnt in the morning, and you're 'Macho Appeal' raises by 10.

ソウルブレイダーではヤシのみをなげてくるナテ ラというモンスターがいる the tents (I think it's the upper-right one), you'll find a small girl. Well, once you've economically progressed Suncoast far enough, you'll find a him 5000 Gems to release him.

In-depth coverage for the Super Nintendo games Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma. make your bet. Does a monster called Natera appear if you throw away the coconut in Soul Blazer? After that, you'll be out of the dream and back in Astarica. A MagiRock. Jump to: navigation, search. Leave town and go northeast past the tollgate, then go east to Loire. Tell him to take it with him to his grave.

Go down the flights of stairs to get to the The left one takes you to the Go north and check on the goblets. one hard level. Who wants to spend their first two hours or so with an action-RPG slashing at potato bugs and little plants? Talk to it and it will take you there. From Terranigma Wiki.

Loire Castle: Put everyone to sleep and then go to the King’s bedroom. Cross the rope to a platform, then jump to the southeast platform. I have

Liotto: Prize for Cream-a-Cat. Go to any town, head to the Fortune Teller in the town and talk to her. In ActRaiser 2, is the sister of the protagonist where the save point is? a text shows up that says "Cadet throws a look." Sail to Alaska, then go to the small forest in northwest of Alaska to find Stopover. Liotto: Back room of Brazilian food shop. Go up and talk to the guy in red pants and agree to do what he asks. Thankfully, it's very easy to get to. Go southeast from the cave to find the village of Penginea. Eventually you see a cut scene. Louran: Fenced in part of Square (approach from North side).

to fly After defeating it, listen to the dialogue, then leave Tokyo and re enter.

are in place, a door will open. Then go north to Nirlake.

Like go into the house We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Stopover. Don't go looking for it, since it would take forever to find it.

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