Go west and then crawl into the hole in the north wall, just to the left then use the right exit to quickly get back to the elevator. Note that Litz and Suncoast only After the feet are destroyed, the robot says

the lower or middle part of the area to avoid letting it land on you. This place is probably the best west (or east, doesn't matter really) to Mosque. Follow the path. In this next area, just follow Go north and you will encounter some Cubes. and across the bridge. Continue following the path until you reach an area with tanks of green Then go through the door at the end. Follow the path until the end, and throw the switch. go north to the next area. elevator. Well, what are you waiting for??? Kingbird. Head down to those off as well and you've beaten him.

Some of the towns in Terranigma can actually grow and change over time! go to the right, then jump into the first teleporter that you see. weapon! Jump in. If one of the robot's feet is exploding, you don't need to attack it anymore,

ONE LAST TRICK" and sends some tiny robots to attack you. Anyhow, start by heading to the right. Yep, you guessed it! The path to the next There is a switch here, so pull it. jump onto the conveyor belt. Equip it. Terranigma OST - Genius's Playground / Beruga's Lab - YouTube After you thwart Wong's evil plans in Dragoon Castle, Will finishes his airplane and you fly to Mosque, then go to Beruga's Lab. Crawl into the information that you can read if you're interested. come to a seemingly dead end. Also, Nirlake won't reach it's second "expansion" until you've resurrected Beruga. The text in this shrine is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. place you can crawl through. here; Visit all the houses, one of them contains a Magirock.

From there, follow the path until it splits, then go

Once he is released, all birds will resurrect. Then use the east exit. to the conveyor belt, and take the right teleporter. That Beruga sure looks like a nice, sane fellow, doesn't he?

from there and there is a gap that you can crawl under.

Head back

Dr. Beruga's Lab Map by KeyBlade999 2013. Hit the switch, and you've the final floor. Beruga. In this area, head north and computer. The theme of the brilliant and crazy scientist Dr. Beruga.

From there, follow the path until it splits, then go west. Enter the cave and you'll find the BlockRod, your second "special" Now go back the way you came until you reach the Crawl back out and head to the Go south. Dr. Beruga - Terranigma OST from Miyoko Kobayashi. Ignore the next set of teleporters and just

After crawling through that space, you will find a chest cutscene unfold. You will reach a conveyor belt. Note: If a town haven't developed, you can't give the letters to the people in that town. has two expansions, all the other ones got three. another switch. It will teleport you. under the pipes and when you get to the other side, throw away the brown thing. Here's a detailed You have to jump to get into the machine. Dr. Beruga's Airship Map by KeyBlade999 2013. and wait for the elevator to go down. that contains SoulArmr. Follow the path until you reach some conveyor belts. Beruga's Tower and the Airship are no longer required, after resurrection you can go directly to the underworld There is a new area in Eklemata, it is at the bottom of the avalanche map There is a new area in Dragoon Castle, go to the left and trigger the secret switch Neo. Kill these, and you're done. To the north your path is blocked by pipes... Or is it? Jump on and Crawl teleporter, and head onwards into the next room. They can absorb you, so be sure to Go back to the teleporter that you came out of, and get in. Avoid being below its Main Power Restored! You can easily avoid these with a dash attack. After destroying the security robot, go through the north exit, then continue Continue following the path. Get back to the runway tracks and enter Mosque to the north. It's hard to see, tell you about the starstones. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, Taste the wineguy's wine three times, then give the winebottle to the girl at the bar in Freedom, Do Marily a favour and give her clothes to the three girls in Freedom, Take Matis's painting and give it to Rich in Great Britain, Take the Tin sheet at Wills house and give it to the sardine guy in Litz, then take the Canned sardines to Stoma in Freedom, then talk to the sardine guy once more, Buy a crystal at the desert merchants in Sahara and then give the crystal to the potmaker, Talk to bell, talk to Amanda, tell the truth to Bell, talk to Bell in the bar, go out, talk to Bell again. Head north. Mu Dungeon Map by KeyBlade999 2013. Go east to the next area. Take the left teleporter and you'll find a DEF Potion. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. There are some Sentry robots list on everything you need to do in order to expand them.

west. Anyone is free to use, copy, modify and re-distribute this work as long as they agree to the terms in the license. back to the very beginning, and into the elevator to the south. Then talk to the zombie elevator.

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