However in Ireland they supported the O'Donnell, for long the bitter enemies of the O'Neils. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of … Their arms follow the senior House of Fanad in tincture, although the bend vert has been replaced by two flaunches vert charged with antique crowns representing the ancient Gaellic kingdoms of Ireland and Scotland.

(below) Interesting facts: The Sweeney clan is thought to have originated in Scotland before emigrating to Ireland, particularly the Ulster region. Mantling: Gules turned argent. As I recall one of the symbols of the Virgin Mary is a white chameleon...could this be relevant? Then to make sure he charged the griffin with Crossed battle-axes sable. An essay, posted on the web, entitled "The Sweeney Clan Crests" (sic), stated that there were Heraldic Offices in Belfast and Dublin "at least 800 years ago", i.e., at a time when Belfast was a fishing village at the mouth of the river Lagan and Dublin was ruled by Vikings - the … The clan also claims an Irish descent from a prince of the Uí Néill dynasty, Ánrothán Ua Néill, son of Áed, son of Flaithbertach Ua Néill, King of Ailech and Cenél nEógain, …

Argent a lion in Chief and a boar in base both pass. These two septs adopted shields of similar design, though different tinctures: Everything you need to know about the Irish surname Sweeney, Counties associated with the name: Donegal, Coat of arms motto: "Strike for Victory.".

Framed Irish Coat of Arms & Family History We also carry many other products, including clothing, glassware, flags and more, all of which can be personalized with the Sweeney coat of arms and surname. Argent a lion in Chief and a boar in base both pass. Badge: Two battle-axes in saltire proper within an ancient crown. Clan Sweeney is an Irish clan of Scottish origin. three boars pass. © Copyright 2020 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. Mac Sweeney Fanad: Or, on a fess vert between three boars passant sable, a lizard argent. The Mac Suibhne family did not permanently settle in Ireland before the beginning of the 14th century, when they became Gallowglass soldiers for the Ua Domnaill dynasty of Tír Chonaill. Some of the reasons here given are based on the laws of probability and other hypotheses would be most welcome. His arms are recorded as follows: Mac Sweeney (Co. Donegal). The description of the arms illustrated herein are as follows: My only thought on this is that these Lords of Fanad introduced the Carmelites into Donegal and built a Priory for them at Rathmullan. The crest is A demi-griffin vert grasping in its dexter claw a battle-axe proper and Motto: Clann na d'Tua Abu.

On June 25th 1847, a famine emigrant, Jeremiah Sweeney, aged 23 yrs., embarked from Cork on the ship "Henry-Hobbs" bound for New York. Larcertilia is the suborder of reptiles commonly known as lizards. Do you know any Sweeneys? Crest: A demi-griffin segreant or, holding a lizard proper, and charged on the breast with two battle- axes in saltire sable. Moragh Mac Sweeney, Chieftain 1267, Reg.Ulster's Office. © Copyright 2020 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. The crest of the former is A demi-griffin or, holding in its dexter claw a reptile vert. This is a list of the extant Lacertilia families. Tuagha tulaig abu. Wreath: Or and sable. This is dated The Age of Christ 1267.

The surname Sweeney was first found in County Donegal (Irish: Dún na nGall), northwest Ireland in the province of Ulster, sometimes referred to as County Tyrconnel.The name is derived from Suibhne O'Neill, who was a chieftain in Argyll, Scotland.His descendants migrated to Ireland as gallowglasses (mercenaries) prior to 1267. Sweeney of Bolger's Park Canada: Or, three boars sable, langued gules, in pale passant between two flaunches vert each charged with an antique crown of the first. : The crest is A demi-griffin or charged with a fleur-de-lis sable holding in its dexter claw a reptile vert. 541. Suibhene was Lord of Knapdale in Strathclyde circa 1200. The whole surrounded by the Knight's Cross of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. gules. His arms were obviously based on those of the ancient Morrough, and are Argent, a fess azure charged with two battle-axes in saltire Or between in chief a lion passant gules, and in base a boar passant sable. Early Origins of the Sweeney family. All rights reserved.

Ulster’s Office). Bishop Sweeney of St. John chose as his shield a portrayal of the Virgin, with a halo of sever stars. © 2017 Name Origin Research.

An ideal gift. Many Sizes & Styles Personalized Coffee Mugs Make a Thoughtful Gift Engraved Pendants in Gorgeous Gold or Silver … john is also listed as having lands there, and many years later, during a Visitation by William Flowery, Norroy King of Arms (1575) a monument with the following arms was recorded: SWYNE: Argent a boar sable bristled or. sa. Let us know in the comments! A branch of the House of Tuatha went to the south where they became High Constables to the McCarthy Mór of Desmond, the most prominent branch centering at Mashanaglass Castle.

These arms can be blazoned Or, three boars in pale passant sable langued guess, between two {launches vert each charged with an ancient crown of the first. Crest: A demi-griffin rampant or holding in the claw a Lizard proper. Crest: A demi-griffin vert holding in its dexter claw a battle-axe proper. On the Crest is an armoured arm embowed holding a battle-axe, all proper.

Sween of Knapdale: Or, three boars passant sable. His arms are recorded as follows: Mac Sweeney (Co. Donegal). Framed Irish Family Name History 2. Moragh Mór Mac Sweeney (1267): Argent, a lion in chief and a boar in base both passantgules. A Coat of Arms granted to the family depicts a silver lizard on a green fess between three black boars passant on a gold shield. 1) (an Irish Sept possessed of a territory in co. Donegal, of the race of O’Neill, and claiming descent from Suibhne Menn,or Sweeney the Renowned, who was monarch of Ireland a.d. 616-28; MacSweeney Fanait was chief of this Sept., while St. Kevin was at Glen-da-loch, Reg. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Murrough MacSweeny, which was dated 1267, in the "Annals of Connacht", during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Read More: How weather forecast from Mayo lighthouse saved D-Day invasion. Hon.

Arms of Captain Richard Patrick Fortier Mingo Sweeney, C.E.M., K.L.j., F.R.S.A., F.R.C.S., etc. a lizard ar. We have two heirloom-quality products that provide detailed information on the Sweeney coat of arms and name.

As a representative of this line was created a hereditary Roman Marquis, and the colours of the Vatican also violate the same rule (as did the Kingdom of Jerusalem) some reason for this might be sought therein. Check out the origins of the Sweeney name, its family crest and coat of arms, famous clan members, and some interesting facts! 1. Mac Sweeney Banagh: (Tuath) Or, two boars rampant combattant sable, on a chief of the second two battle-axes in saltire of the first.

A branch of the House of Banagh became High Constables to the O'Conor Don, and to the Butlers, Earls of Ormonde. The crest of the senior line comprehended that of the Clan Neil, An arm in armour embowed holding a battle-axe proper. How weather forecast from Mayo lighthouse saved D-Day invasion, Alison Sweeney (1976-, American television actress), Anne Sweeney (1957-, President of Disney-ABC Television Group), Bob KO Sweeney (1894-1961, American boxer), Brian Sweeney (1974-,  professional baseball player).

Na d'Tuatha: Azure, two boars rampant combattant or, in chief two battle-axes in saltire of the second.

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