It suits short stays aboard, but in Race guise will predominantly be for racing. Performance figures were very similar to the Arcona, meaning it slipped along very easily and is simple to sail quickly – we clocked up to 9 knots under cruising chute in 12 knots. Helming is engaging rather than thrilling, with good feedback and plenty of control from the single rudder. Netherlands Cruiser de Zeven Provinciën. Photo: Rick Tomlinson. [4] They could fire a 46-kilogram (101 lb) shell to a range of 26,000 metres (28,000 yd) at a rate of 12–15 rounds per minute,[5] and could elevate to 70 degrees, being capable of both anti-surface and anti-aircraft use. Many German square metre boats were confiscated by the British during and after World War II and transferred to Britain, where they became known as 'Windfall' yachts. The 435 just keeps moving, slipping along even when there’s seemingly no breeze. It combines a comfortable, stylish interior, with…, A cruising yacht means different things to different sailors. Skerry cruisers (or Square metre yachts) are yachts, usually wooden, which are constructed according to the Square metre rule.

She was a protected cruiser with a 4in waterline belt in the way of the machinery spaces and a 2in … //-->. The Grand Soleil 48 is a powerful looking design from Marco Lostuzzi, offered in Performance or Race versions. The Square Metre rule was much less restrictive than competing International Rules. google_color_bg = "EAEDF4"; Stricken (Chilean Navy) 1984[9], Swedish naval ship classes of World War II,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. HSwMS Gotland was a seaplane cruiser of the Swedish Navy built by Götaverken.. HSwMS Göta Lejon was a Swedish cruiser. During peak years, Skerry cruisers made up 95 percent of the yards' output. Although all the extras nearly double the standard price of the boat, they certainly helped produce a fun sail, allowing us to maximise the 10 knot breeze and clock up to 7, 9 and 11 knots under jib, Code 0 and gennaker respectively. These include Swedish Mälar boats (M15, M22, M25 and M30), Finnish Nordic 22, 'B' class Skerry cruisers and others.

The internationally most active classes are the 22m² and 30m². The cruisers were designed by the Italian shipyard CRDA in 1940–1941. The cockpit is well thought out for manoeuvres. HSwMS Göta Lejon was a Swedish cruiser. [1] In 1971 the Göta Lejon was sold to Chile were she was renamed Almirante Latorre and served in the Chilean Navy until 1984. In 1940, therefore, the Swedish government decided that two cruisers were to be built. 2 shaft geared turbines, 4× 4-drum boilers, Deck: 30 mm (1.2 in)upper, 30 mm (1.2 in) main, This page was last edited on 26 February 2018, at 09:33. In order to regain access to this page, please complete the CAPTCHA supplied below and press the submit button.Note: CIDRAM uses a cookie to remember when users complete the CAPTCHA. Development was dramatic: for example, whilst early 40m² boats tended to be around 9 to 10 metres long, in 1923 Westin designed a 40m² boat which was 15.2 metres long and had a beam of only 1.74m – a length to beam ratio of nearly 9 to 1.

Beam (max): 3.98m (13ft 1in) I cannot change anything unless I can discuss the problem with you. News Australia…, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, X-Yachts X4-9 test: Danish yard strikes a tough balance with hybrid design, Video: we test the Grand Soleil 46LC, Cantiere del Pardo’s formidable first cruising yacht, Fountaine Pajot 59 first look: This new cruising cat is a social animal, Outremer 55 first look: Efficient catamaran promises more sailing and less motoring, Pelagic 77: Construction update on Skip Novak’s new expedition yacht, Pogo 44 first look: This Finot-Conq designed cruiser should punch above its weight, Hallberg-Rassy 50: New model continues the Swedish yard’s twin-rudder revolution, Spirit 111: This sailing art gallery is one of the most sensational yachts ever built, Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts, Lagoon 46 first look: Updating this catamaran is a significant step for the yard, Excess 15 first look: This vibrant catamaran can sail in the lightest of winds, Dragonfly 40 yacht tour: This cruising trimaran can do 24 knots, Vendée Globe 2020: Pip Hare on preparing for the world’s toughest race.
LC stands for Long Cruise and there are many clues that…, The November 2020 issue of Yachting World includes our essential guide to hitch-hiking your way around the world on boats, plus a full test of the Moody 41DS.

A political debate broke out about the cruisers, with this, together with rework of the design, ensured that work did not start until 1943. They also gave designers relatively free hand, and top designers like the Finns Gustaf Estlander and Zake Westin soon came up with very extreme designs which pushed contemporary sailboat technology to its limits.

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