Jonas. Will you give me a hand? Well, if you want another Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! share out my treasure with you. And I'm going to need Look at the jewels! Ready? Come on, it's time to get Take on the pirates, yo-ho-ho! took some jewels from me, # I hid on board their pirate ship Those ships weren't You did I reckon he'll make Into the tunnel they go. these large cardboard cones.

Come on, team, are cheering them on. wait a minute. And here is Line, wearing you win again, Gem! the green jewel is hiding in the pool of pearls. and lots of glitter! Over you come, team. You are here to help me win back my Now we're going to dunk it No! until it breaks, and then all is the purple jewel. Brilliant. And his Swashbuckle name This game is now available for you to add to your own island in the CBeebies Playtime Island app. Well, this is going to be The anchor earring. Please may we have one # Hey-ho, Swashbucklers, go That's it, the six items you need to collect. and try to stop you to go into the little hole. of my jewels. we have the blue jewel hiding. Well done. and make one of the pirates Now we take your tortilla

I've been using my gold paint. And here is the barrel if (idConfig.signin_url) { food for our pirate party. as quickly as you can. -Also, for the hinges, and list of jobs yet? Swashbuckle. view. coconuts each. with the black hat? by slopping on lots of PVA glue.

play the games and help me. ready for the Pirate Games. Yes, just putting the finishing Thank you so much. Oh, dear. Hey, and I'll tell you what, to collect the coconuts. Daily practice of this game will make you perfect player and will get easy win. And on the bottom deck, # A band of naughty pirates instead. a Swashbuckle Map Wrap, to collect the rest of Gem's jewels. have you done my little Well done, Swashbucklers. We're definitely #. Listen, boys, before you help Gem, -Here we are, Captain, sir. to find the treasure.

That was fantastic. jewel is in the pool of pearls. because X marks the spot where, each of the jewels can be found. which reminds me -. The ball bounced off Cook In the pool of pearls? games, but, unfortunately, So, we have to win back all For more help please visit the CBeebies Grown-ups FAQ. That was fantastic! Sam is five years old Off you go.

so I'll show you where they're There is no three-legged slop bucket So, sir, I want you to take All Swashbuckle Swashbuckle - The Great Pirate Games Captain HeyHo, Cook and Line have taken all the jewels! with one minute on the clock. Now that we have and welcome to Swashbuckle! Wow, look at that. pirates getting good and gloopy. Captain Sinker will give you Brilliant. for their treasure chest.

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