One specific example, involved Wizards center Ian Mahinmi, an experienced NBA player for more than a decade and NBA Champion with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, Mahinmi was a solid team contributor, but his free throw shooting accuracy consistently ranked near the bottom half of the league.

Keenum has done 2647 mental plays in VR and the data supports his claims about VR training adding to his performance on the field. Spare yourself the impact of training on the field or court, great for physical sports such as football and basketball. The proprietary VR technology developed by STRIVR is used for both learning and training. Despite injuries, Mahinmi still managed to log game minutes and shoot at least one free throw for 11 calendar weeks that season. Some NFL VR training goes even further in allowing the player to use real-world objects within the simulated practice game. It's safe to say that VR is the new kid on the block in many areas related to technological and educational advancements. The industry treat these losses as cost of doing business. The result is an immersive experience that puts the quarterback at the center of the action. STRIVR (Sports Training in Virtual Reality) is one of the pioneer in sports training through virtual reality.

Psious – Using VR exposure therapy to overcome fears & anxiety disorders. The latter would be much more scalable and generate much better customized results. It's safe to say that VR is the new kid on the block in many areas related to technological and educational advancements.

That’s why STRIVR Labs exists. Send us a message and a member of the Strivr Sports team will get back to you soon. Developed in close collaboration with the Stanford University Football team and coaches, Strivr's VR sports training is ideal for knowledge and skill repetition that elite athletic performance requires. 7 Key Elements of VR Training to Boost Employee Engagement and Retention, 5 Examples of Immersive VR Training Solutions to Increase Training ROI, We knew VR was an up-and-coming technology, but we probably never imagined the breadth of scope this immersive training and learning tech would have. [viii], These benefits could be achieved without the same level of muscle wear and tear through conventional practices, thus both reducing the risk of injury while increasing the accuracy of players. According to STRIVR CEO Derek Belch, Keenum has long been immersed in running VR gameplays and this trend continued even after he started getting reps in on the field. The result is an immersive experience that puts the quarterback at the center of the action. of the Minnesota Vikings reports that STRIVR game simulations have helped make him a better player. eLearning Benefits and Tips from Our Team.

As the efficacy of training with VR proven, it will attract other competitor to also create practice VR contents. STRIVR is credited with enhancing player performance for an increasing number of players and coaches. If you are completely cut off from the outside world, immersed in an experience which can simulate the outside world or completely negate it, then you're experiencing virtual reality (or it's a dream). The NFL virtual reality training simulations confirm that VR can be highly useful and effective in training sports players. Over the 2016-17 NBA season, the Washington Wizards used Strivr to help strengthen its team’s performance on several fronts, accelerating mental preparation, strategy, and play knowledge. Devices such as the Oculus-Rift, Hololens, Google Glass, and. Does Game-Based Learning Improve Corporate Training? It allows you to work on mental reps without the physical pounding on bodies. To this, the NFL added Simulated Reality (SM), in which American football players can safely run practice games without the risk of injury. We look forward to hearing more about what you do and showing you how we can help. Sundquist brought a new vision to the game (pun intended) due to his experience with air flight simulations used by pilots. Maybe their best niches would be in low contact individual sports like tennis, or golf that would better lend themselves to athlete generated content? By clicking on the button above, you agree to Strivr’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. [i] In sports, many see injuries as a cost to win. Immersive Learning lets players practice anytime, anywhere, just as if they were on the field, court, slopes, ice or course. However, they also cost money.
You can unsubscribe anytime. STRIVR’s approach capitalizes on the oft-unacknowledged mental workout of football: memorizing plays and repeating them in perpetuity until they stick. If you're curious about building a VR application don't hesitate to get in touch with our team! With Immersive Learning, skiers got the chance to run through the actual slopes as many times as they wanted, and learn the positions of the gates, the details of the terrain or the way the turns appear. Read also: 5 Virtual Reality Benefits HR Managers Should Know About. If you're curious about building a VR application don't hesitate to, Custom eLearning, Serious Games, Training Simulations, and Mobile Learning Development, Webinar: The Impact COVID-19 Has Had on Learning and Development, Challenges to Consider When Creating Mobile Learning, Things to Consider When Creating Microlearning Courses for Employee Training. , to name a few, are blasting VR into outer space when it comes to usability and applicability. Today, many NFL and college teams are using Strivr Immersive Learning technology to train players and accelerate overall player development. How might they give the tools to a quarterback to create content for himself? For press or media inquiries, please email us directly at, For support requests, please email us at One concrete example is the NFL virtual reality training that offers players the option of injury-free training and learning. Want to learn more about digital transformation? For three of those weeks, he trained with Strivr, averaging a 73.3 FT% clip, while in his non-Strivr weeks he averaged only 41.9%. MLB spent $665 million last season to pay injured athletes and their replacements. Football players, and especially quarterbacks, spend weeks poring over playbooks and video footage in order to learn the customized offenses designed by their coaches. It’s the classic scaling problem whether STRIVR should go for depth in a single sport or breadth to tackle the entrance of other vendor even into other sports.

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