Double clicking selects a unit, while with a miner selected, you can be able to mine for gold with the miners. Contact Information | Privacy Policy. *Combined with Archidons and Castle Archers this makes things very tough for the enemy. Each projectile cast cost a small amount of mana unless the unit is already poisoned. *A large Giant can help block projectiles from reaching your weaker units behind them. Effect: A Reaper is summoned to attack at a single unit causing it to drawn towards the Marrowkai, causing instant damage and inability to attack for a short time. Stick War is the offline campaign mode. *Building an early Castle Archer will protect you from early attack, however building too early will put you behind in economic production. Therefore, we can confirm that this hack request is completely and utterly DENIED. Effect: All Chaos units benefit from a passive heal and cure rate over time. *The Meric has very low attack damage and should be used primarily for healing and curing. Custom, Campaign, and Practice mode for offline play . Play now ; Multiplayer.

Tanky with great health and armour, able to form a phalanx. Rating Views 18K. Stick War 2: Order Empire. Some need to be toggled on and off. King Rugni Tower Defense. Q: How do I research Technologies and Unlock abilities? The Turret will launch damaging projectiles at Enemy units in range.

Attack (Forward Sword): Will send all offensive units at the enemy. Play Stick War 2 – From Q: Do I need to install anything? For Mana, Select a miner then right click your statue, your miner will begin to worship and collect mana automatically. *Use this to out range a defensive opponent and force them out to battle. A: Close as many programs and other browser windows as you can for the best performance. A: Stick Empires can be considered the online game.

Inexpensive with average attack and health. Many of the empires you previously controlled have rebelled - fleeing to the outskirts of their homelands. Collects resources gold and mana, able to construct turrets. A small fast inexpensive and powerful in packs. *Verses Order use Shinobi to assassinate the Meric’s so your Poison can not be cured without them running home. Classic match and Death match modes vs other players. Effect: Same Effect as Shinobi Level 1 however the next attack out of cloak will do massive increased damage in addition to inflicting poison.

All rights belong to their respective owners Undead ranged unit that throws its own poisonous guts. A: Click on the buildings inside your castle walls to display the available tech/abilities per building. All you need is a browser that has flash player installed and most of them already do. Once a unit's ability is researched, select the corresponding unit. Upgrades: “Rage”, “Shield Wall” , “Shinobi” Level 1,2“ and “Shield Bash”, Upgrades: “Fire Arrows”, “Castle Archer - Level 1, 2, 3” and “Blazing Blots”, Upgrades: “Blast”, “Poison Spray” and “Electric Wall”, Upgrades: “Hustle”, “Tower Spawn Level 1, 2”,”Miner Wall” and “Passive Income Level 1,2,3”. Mouse over the icon of the ability you wish to research and a popup of the costs and build time will appear. New premium features are being added and changed and improved.

*If you are not pressured and have a defensive stance Investing a small amount of gold and mana will pay for itself quickly and give you an bigger edge the longer the game goes lasts. Rome Legionnaire Simulator. *Garrisoning units will still be the fastest way to heal and cure chaos units.

*Magikill have long cooldowns on their spells so getting the extra spell will really boost the effectiveness of the Magikill. Effect: Swordwrath will glow red and increase attack and movement speed for a short period of time, however the each time rage is used the unit will lose small portion of their own health. *This will break a stalemate against an overly defensive opponent. On the bottom right you will see the ability icon appear click this to turn the ability on. If you want to make sure you have flash player installed click here. Effect: An untargetable powerful Archidon will appear high on your castle walls out of reach from the enemy that requires gold to research.

New World Empires. Trains: Swordwrath Shadowrath and Speartons.

3 Empires Order Empire, Chaos Empire and Elemental Empire with 9 unit types in each. *This spell has a long cooldown so do not waist it on week units. This does not require research or cost. A: The armory items in Stick Empires change the look and feel of your Empire through customization, however we do not believe in giving any game advantage to players who have paid vs not paid, as this is simply unfair in the gaming world. The other thing that puts Stick War Hacked on top of all the other games, is because you don’t even have to download it into your computer or mobile device. Click on the Tech/ability you want.

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*The Meric always has the heal ability and is always toggled on. *There is no cost and the ability is instant. Defend Shield: Your army will stand in front of your statue. A: You need to destroy the enemy statue before they destroy yours. Effect: Juggerknight will dash quickly in a straight line, if the unit comes in contact with the enemy during the charge it will knock them back causing damage and stunning them for a short time.

Play for free in seconds with any web browser using Flash player with no downloads or annoying installs. Therefore, for the best flash games, Stick War Hacked is your best bet. Stick Empires - Free Online Strategy Game Based on the Stick War Series. Effect: Speartons will move into a defensive stance will shields in front, they will take less damage and perform the shield bash ability if researched. Q: How do I start a game against one of my friends? *When facing another Electric wall try to get the Enemy to cast their spell then run and wait until the wall dissipates before re-engaging as the Spell has a long cooldown time and they have wasted their spell.

Copyright ©, 2017-2020. Stick Empires Wallpapers; The classic web game remastered for mobile devices. *Chaos units will benefit from small skirmish situations where the unit is able to survive and heal up. A: You can play unlimited games of Stick Empires for free as the Order Empire. A: Click on your chat in the bottom right of the lobby. A skeletal mage able to cast rows of deadly fists and summon reapers. Effect: Medusa stares directly at a single unit causing them to instantly turn to stone. *Use the speed of the Shadowrath for a hit and run to poisin the miners and escape. Effect: Allbowtross fire flaming blots with increased damage. TIP: Some abilities may be passive, meaning they happen automatically.

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