Do you really need to email everybody once a week with inane news about your granny? Although Squarespace isn’t designed specifically for musicians, there’s plenty on offer for music makers. The emergency has led to tours being cancelled; album releases shelved; media appearances curtailed. Difymusic means Do It For Your Music and was designed by a team of music industry professionals who understand the needs of musicians. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll have noticed that selling records has become more and more difficult. Even though you can extend the power of default WordPress widgets, they are still limited to widget ready areas in your theme such as sidebars and footers.Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add widgets in your post or page content without writing a single line of code? This is technically quite a bum deal, but I suppose that fans are not only getting a record (eventually) but a feelgood factor too; that warm glow which only arrives when you support a starving artist. What’s more, you keep 100% of the profits. So, for example, your humble fan pledges £5 and gets a digital download of the album; your Lord Ashcroft-type fan pledges £500 and gets a copy made of gold, a credit on the liner notes as executive producer of the album and the opportunity to sleep with the band and dictate musical direction.

Be conservative.

The text you enter here is not indexed by search engines, but it is displayed in search results — and if it is relevant or appealing enough to the people searching for your music, it will be more likely to generate clickthroughs to your site. It will also do wonders for your playing, and – almost as importantly – your stage patter. And, depending on how seriously you’re taking online gigging, you might want to think about using dedicated encoder hardware or software to stream your shows.

Make sure your site contains a gallery / embedded Youtube videos - people want to look at you, you know. Instead of charging £8.99 etc., charge £15.00. So a bit of organisation goes a long way, and in this post I thought I’d share a low-tech but very effective way to plan an album release — and one which, incidentally, involves a lot of post-it notes. #iVoted Festival gives fans who show a selfie from outside their polling place or at home with a blank mail-in ballot access to hundreds of performances. But if you are serious about online streaming, and have a large following, you’re probably going to need to look at a more professional setup — and one which facilitates larger audiences. It's dead easy to create and share interesting visuals using Instagram that arguably say a lot more about who you are as an artist than a 1500-word blog post could ever do. Particularly if you are dealing with something rather niche like darkcore, you may find that there are less artists operating in the genre to pester these poor souls for coverage and airplay, meaning YOU get more opportunities to get publicised (to a smaller — but as mentioned above — more dedicated audience). Well, it basically boils down to using sites like Pledgemusic and Kickstarter to encourage fans to pledge an amount towards the cost of making your album (or anything else really). One of the best ways to generate traffic to a website is to ensure it is packed full of content that people want to read. If we’re honest about it, band members and artists aren’t always the most organised people around. Ask contributors to be realistic and logical about their deadlines. Their huge range of templates, including bespoke options for music and entertainment, have won awards. This is a really simple way to increase the income you generate from any stock you manufacture, and you'll always find at least some listeners prepared to pay a bit extra for a signed CD. Our view is that typically, Facebook ads work best for bands, and email addresses are the best thing to try to obtain from a ad campaign, as they let you fully ‘own’ the relationship between you and your fans — you are not beholden to a social network’s algorithm when it comes to getting messages about your band out there. why the company particularly want to work on your project. Each task should be assigned an ‘owner’ (i.e., radio plugger, press officer, live agent etc.) There is a huge number of website building platforms now available which allow you to build a website without needing to understand web development or code. Communicating with your list is extremely cost-effective. Client required integration of Songkick and Mixcrate widgets.

HTML markup with support for events as defined by, This plugin uses a non-commercial Songkick API key. For some tips on how to go about this, you can read our article about SEO for musicians (I’d also recommend that you check out our inbound marketing tips). Generating a decent database is one of the most important things that a band can do these days, but, perhaps understandably – as “data management” isn’t exactly the sexiest aspect of a rock career – it can get overlooked by bands. Once you’ve got a large number of subscribers on your mailing list, you can send them e-newsletters about about physical releases, downloads, merchandise and gigs. Being aware of your niche also comes in very handy when it comes to hiring music PR agencies, radio pluggers and so on — if you hire an agency or a plugger that is really into your niche genre, they are more likely to be experts in it and more keen to work hard for you as a representative of that genre. There is a catch however: Music Glue takes a 10% slice of your earnings.

So, before you hire anyone to do anything with your music, try to define what kind of genre you are operating in and do some research into companies and individuals who specialise in that genre. And finally, although the money may be in the list, it isn’t ALL going to come from flogging recordings. 6. There is a huge arsenal of powerful (but dangerous!) MusicGlue

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