[another smile] "Off model.

Your voice is like toothpicks in my drumsticks Eddy! ]Nazz: "Uh!

Hurried, Ed fumbles with it and ends up blowing into the wrong end.

[He stares around the hall. Muaah! [He comes back carrying the copier.] ]Edd: "I think we may be able to save Eddy's proverbial bacon, yes." "What dorks.

[He drinks from a thermos of gravy. ]Jonny: "I'm not listening to you!" So I end up with a detention because of your stupid eating habits! [The photos are exact matches.

]Eddy: [pushing Jonny forward] "Make it quick, cueball! Trying to catch a few winks here!

]Eddy: [despondent] "Oh, I was so close. ]Edd: "Excuse me, Ed, but don't you feel this daily diet of gravy may become detrimental to your health? [Eddy becomes steamed. He checks his camera. ]Edd: "Ready on 3. [He stuffs the photo in Ed's mouth. "Edd: "Surely it isn't that bad, Eddy." ), okay but his face in the 2nd one is just the best, lowkey hate myself for using that quote but also i love to Suffer, oswald 'tell me i'm a good boy' cobblepot, ed lays the praise on so damn thick in this scene, partly bc it's true and he believes it all but also partly bc he knows what oswald needs and oswald needs the praise, he gets oswald to smile and tear up more and he just stands there smiling to himself like a nerd bc he likes making oswald feel good, if there's low-key kink in these tags it's bc there's low-key kink in this SCENE, i take no responsibility for what the show DOES and i have to DEAL WITH. The picture is taken. Gracious.

Not hard one bit. Behind it sits another drawing, this one of Eddy holding a key. "[Eddy rips the page out and tears it up. [Ed scratches himself. The people love you.

Get a load of prune face. When he stands up, he has rings under his eyes and looks horrid. "Eddy: [shoving papers in his locker] "In here, Ed! Eddy climbs down. It is...fun! I've always wished Eddy could communicate in a tone of voice that didn't rattle the timbers of every house in a four-block vicinity." ][Ed holds Eddy against his side. I looked at her like, huh?


]Edd: "Must–fold–socks.

"[Rolf proceeds to eat his way through the entire counter of meat. "[Eddy yanks the pictures from their hands.

is it bad that i gif-ed this for chengxiao and pinky?

So whaddya say, boys? “Not cute.

"[Eddy turns back around and runs into a snail that Ed is holding out. ]Eddy: "I can't give this to my mom! "[Ed uses his tongue to grab the picture. ]Ed: "Aw, you look like an onion!

Man, this early morning stuff's killing me." Immediately after the shot. "[In the hall, Edd gets rid of the hack and immediately goes into a state of shock. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You and Jimmy order clothes from the same catalog! ]Kevin: [let down] "Um...you know." It's not gravy after all! He plays the triangle with more aplomb. ]Edd: "Perpetuating our vanity, are we?

], [In the memory, he's in his clothes, and the wall as undone, revealing the door. Don’t calls me Eds. He is in the music room as Edd takes out a xylophone. ]Edd: "Did I just do that? "Edd: [exasperated] "Don't you think your parents would be a tad upset by a photo of you with a snail on your head?

]Rolf: "Thank you Jonny the woodboy, Rolf could not find the strength to open the door! "[Jimmy tries to run out of the gym, but runs into Plank. "Edd: "I agree, Ed.

He’s gonna be so weird and look nothing like the real thing. I just impersonated the principal! ]Edd: "Swimming class certainly is an invigorating way to start the day! May is bodily hauled off the chair by Lee, who jumps into the seat.

Real meaty meat.

Even the doorstop's got you pegged! "Eddy: "Sounds like we got ourselves a bet.

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