He then runs into Scaramouche, who mocks him for his late appearance and loss of his sword before attempting to tell Aku the news.

Aku is the one who has laid waste to the beauty of this world! This caught the attention of a group of dog archaeologists, who discovered the truth about Jack's origins and asked for his help in saving their group from Aku's oppression. He and the dogs then came up with a strategy to defeat Aku's army of mechanical beetles. Because he starts each new episode with his kimono fully intact, it can be assumed that Jack repairs his clothing in-between episodes. However, Jack refuses as he believes he can still find a way and his foes are always just "nuts and bolts". There is no escape! ", "But how?!

Emotional manifestation Soon, Jack and Ashi are directed to the ship's armory, where Jack receives a device that can kill the monster (dubbed Lazarus 92) that is hunting them. Reblog.

Jack and his companions, later on, arrived at the mines the dogs were excavating before witnessing the gate in which befell those incapable of fulfilling Aku's bidding. Eventually, Jack reaches the shore and makes his way to a cave, all the while being stalked by the mysterious samurai. It is believed that all of these (with the exception of Hope, Puffball and Care) resign into Mad Jack's body and take turns to convince Jack by changing into their different forms.

Suddenly, Ashi is bitten and poisoned by a strange leech-like creature, but jack manages to kill it and remove the poison from her leg before it can spread further. Continuing on, Jack and Ashi take refuge from a sandstorm inside a strange, towering structure, discovering it is actually a prison ship, though the prisoners themselves are nowhere to be found. Press J to jump to the feed. The final appearance of all of Jack's bad Consciousness was in Episode XCVIII, where Mad Jack, realizing that the other personalities failed to convince Jack down the wrong path, takes matters into his own hands. He is able to distance himself from the knowledge of all the robots and androids he has destroyed by noting that they are just "nuts and bolts". He has had considerable development during his time in the future.

He's the one who has taken it from us!

Human Jack is more positive, however, having experience exploring the innards of large creatures, and determines there must be another way out. Like his father before him, they deem Jack worthy of the sword, returning the weapon and restoring Jack to his original appearance.

To return to the past in order to destroy Aku (succeeded) Species This was Jack's only primary weapon until it was lost in battle sometime prior to Season 5, which forced him to resort to using other high-tech weaponry instead. Though is it likely that Odin, Ra, and Rama also remember the future due to being divine beings existing outside of time. Also, in Episode XCIII, his mind manifests a hallucination of Mad Jack, demanding that Jack give up and end his constant suffering, which means that Jack is contemplating seppuku (traditional Japanese suicide) in this episode.

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