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If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Robert "Bob" McCall is a character featured in the 2014 film, The Equalizer and its sequel, The Equalizer 2. Die Hard scenario Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. McCall is widowed, having made a promise to leave his hitman life and move forward. Alias

ReadingHelping others Robert McCall Marketing Director. Robert "Bob" McCall is a character featured in the 2014 film, The Equalizer and its sequel, The Equalizer 2. It also features a number of original recurring characters from the television series such as Mickey Kostmayer… Dès 1995, le trophée Tracy Wilson et Rob McCall est remis à des duos canadiens mémorables dans divers sports[1]. He ends up employing his skills and becoming a secretive vigilante after seeing an underage streetwalker had … Robert "Bob" McCall is the main protagonist of The Equalizer and its sequel. The character Commander William Riker expressed admiration for the work of "Bob McCall" in one episode of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Classification: Former hitman, former marine, Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand to Hand combat, Weapon Mastery (Extremely skilled with various knives and guns), Vehicular Mastery, Can improvise, Preparation, Stealth Mastery, Attack Potency: Street level+ (Easily dismantle the entire Russian goons, Killed a man with a book, Snapped an arm with his knee, Killed Dave York by stabbing him in the neck and kicked him off of the tower), higher with weapons, Speed: Peak Human with Superhuman combat speed (Was fast enough to disarm a man's gun while he was pointing at him; Dismantled a group of Russian goons within 28 seconds; Shouldn't be much slower than a boxer, that can throw punches at 15 m/s), Subsonic+ to Supersonic+ attack speed with firearms, Lifting Strength: At least Athletic Human, Range: Standard melee range, tens of meters with firearms. When McCall learns that Susan has been killed, he decides to investigate the one's behind it, learning a dark truth. Du premier vol spatial habité de Mercury I aux premiers pas de Neil Armstrong sur la Lune jusqu'aux récents lancements de navettes, Robert McCall a fait plus pour capturer la présence de l'Amérique dans l'espace que tout autre artiste. Full Name Ils sont ainsi les premiers Canadiens à atteindre le podium olympique en dance sur glace et deviennent membres du temple de la renommée olympique canadien ainsi que de l'ordre du Canada. Hobby

By the end of the film, McCall manages to kill Dave and his men, and save Miles, a kid whom he puts under his wing.

McCall was an illustrator for Life magazine in the 1960s, created promotional artwork for Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey and Richard Fleischer's production Tora! Robert McCall, né le 14 septembre 1958 à Halifax en Nouvelle-Écosse et mort le 15 novembre 1991 à Ottawa en Ontario, est un patineur artistique canadien. He is a former DIA operative and retired hitman, who will aid anyone who has been antagonized, hurt, or been victimized by any means necessary.

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