[96] Olympic's gunners opened fire at once, and the ship turned to ram the submarine, which immediately crash dived to 30 m (98 ft) and turned to a parallel course. [60][62], On 14 April 1912, Olympic, now under the command of Herbert James Haddock, was on a return trip from New York. [135] Some of the timber panelling was used in the extension (completed in 1937) of St John the Baptist's Catholic Church in Padiham, Lancashire.

New metal hulls made for powerful vessels, and huge coal-fired boilers turned gigantic propel… He said that he was returning to harbour in New York. However, the cable parted after Audacious's steering gear failed. [12] Harland and Wolff were given a great deal of latitude in designing ships for the White Star Line; the usual approach was for the latter to sketch out a general concept which the former would take away and turn into a ship design.

The Admiralty had initially been reluctant to use large ocean liners as troop transports because of their vulnerability to enemy attack; however, a shortage of ships gave them little choice. To return her to service as soon as possible, Harland & Wolff again had to pull resources from Titanic, delaying her maiden voyage by three weeks, from 20 March to 10 April 1912. Vor allem aufgrund ihres Kriegsdienstes erhielt sie später den Spitznamen „Old Reliable“, zu deutsch „alte Zuverlässige“.

This modification would reduce the refuelling time from days to hours; it also gave a steadier engine R.P.M and allowed the engine room personnel to be reduced from 350 to 60 people. [74], The 40 collapsible lifeboats were transferred from troopships and put on Olympic, and many were rotten and would not open. For her launch, the hull was painted in a light grey colour for photographic purposes; a common practice of the day for the first ship in a new class, as it made the lines of the ship clearer in the black-and-white photographs. The collision took place as Olympic and Hawke were running parallel to each other through the Solent.

Entgegen einer weit verbreiteten Ansicht spielte die Verglasung der vorderen Hälfte des A-Deck-Promenadendecks auf der Titanic (das wesentliche Unterscheidungsmerkmal der beiden Schiffe) hierbei keine Rolle, da es sich dabei nicht um einen umbauten Innenraum handelte und somit für die Größenberechnung des Schiffes ohne Belang war. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas.

[93] Instead, from 1916 to 1917, Olympic was chartered by the Canadian Government to transport troops from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Britain. Das Feuerschiff sank, wobei sieben der elf Besatzungsmitglieder starben. On 1 October lifeboats from the French ship Provincia which had been sunk by a U-boat that morning off Cape Matapan were sighted and 34 survivors rescued by Olympic. [79] Five of the watertight bulkheads were extended up to B-Deck, extending to the entire height of the hull. Her engines were performing at their best and she repeatedly recorded speeds in excess of 23 knots, despite averaging less than that in regular transatlantic service.

[69] Sea tests were performed for the British enquiry in May 1912, to establish how quickly the ship could turn two points at various speeds, to approximate how long it would have taken Titanic to turn after the iceberg was sighted. Hohe Reisegeschwindigkeit sollte allerdings – anders als bei den beiden Cunard-Linern – beim Design der neuen Dampfer keine wesentliche Rolle spielen. Two crew members, stewardess Violet Jessop and stoker Arthur John Priest,[53] survived not only the collision with Hawke but also the later sinking of Titanic and the 1916 sinking of Britannic, the third ship of the class.

This corrected a flaw in the original design, in which the bulkheads only rose up as far as E or D-Deck, a short distance above the waterline. Between 1935 and 1937, her superstructure was demolished, and then on 19 September 1937, Olympic's hull was towed to Thos W Ward's yard at Inverkeithing for final demolition which was finished by late 1937.

However, the strikers now objected to the non-union strikebreaker crew which had come on board, and demanded that they be dismissed, which the White Star Line refused. ), wurde jedoch insgesamt in Quantität und Qualität häufig großzügiger ausgeführt.

[9] (By tradition, the White Star Line never christened any of their vessels.) Ez a hajó élte meg a legtöbb időt, túlélt egy világháborút és a testvéreit. To accommodate the construction of the class, Harland and Wolff upgraded their facility in Belfast; the most dramatic change was the combining of three slipways into two larger ones.

Following her refit, Olympic was marketed as the "new" Olympic and her improved safety features were featured prominently in advertisements. [111] According to his autobiography,[112] Cary Grant, then 16-year-old Archibald Leach, first set sail to New York on Olympic on 21 July 1920 on the same voyage on which Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford were celebrating their honeymoon. Hierdurch verzögerten sich Fertigstellung und Jungfernfahrt der Titanic um drei Wochen. Rostron explained that Olympic continuing on course to Titanic would gain nothing, as "All boats accounted for. Die drei Schiffe sollten in der Lage sein, eine Reisegeschwindigkeit von 21 Knoten zu erreichen und den Atlantik auf der Route Southampton – New York City innerhalb von sieben Tagen zu überqueren (die konkurrierenden Cunard-Schiffe schafften die Strecke in fünf bis sechs Tagen). [107], Olympic emerged from refit with an increased tonnage of 46,439, allowing her to retain her claim to the title of largest British built liner afloat, although the Cunard Line's Aquitania was slightly longer. Among the potential buyers was a syndicate who proposed to turn her into a floating hotel off the south coast of France, but this came to nothing. [104] During the conversion work and drydocking, a dent with a crack at the centre was discovered below her waterline which was later concluded to have been caused by a torpedo that had failed to detonate. [85], On 4 August 1914, the First World War began. Olympic was withdrawn from the transatlantic service, and left New York for the last time on 5 April 1935, returning to Britain to be laid up. [9] They were by far the largest vessels of the British shipping company White Star Line's fleet, which comprised 29 steamers and tenders in 1912. 20 Stunden) außer Reichweite. [77] Fearing that public opinion would be on the side of the strikers, the White Star Line let them return to work and Olympic sailed on 15 May. Im dritten … Mai 1924, als sie bei New York mit dem Liner SS Fort St. George kollidierte. [128] This merger allowed funds to be granted for the completion of the future RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth. [126] The lightship's surviving crew and Olympic's captain were interviewed soon after reaching shore. Oktober 1935 erreichte sie nach zweitägiger Fahrt Jarrow, wo innerhalb der nächsten zwei Jahre u. a. die Inneneinrichtung ausgebaut wurde. [109], During the 1920s, Olympic remained a popular and fashionable ship, and often attracted the rich and famous of the day; Marie Curie, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, and Prince Edward, then Prince of Wales, were among the celebrities that she carried. About 675 souls saved [...] Titanic foundered about 2:20 am. ; Magistrates Find Charges Proved, but Forego Jailing or Fining Seamen", MODIFICATIONS TO OLYMPIC FOLLOWING THE TITANIC DISASTER, "Page 7302 – Supplement 30756, 18 June 1918 – London Gazette – The Gazette", "Page 11575 – Supplement 31553, 12 September 1919 – London Gazette – The Gazette", "Lightship bell raised from ocean's depths", "de beste bron van informatie over night beacon.

Hayes was criticised for this action by the British Admiralty, who accused him of putting the ship in danger by stopping her in waters where enemy U-boats were active. [44] Designer Thomas Andrews was present for the passage to New York and return, along with a number of engineers and J. Bruce Ismay (chairman of the White Star Line), as part of Harland and Wolff's "Guarantee Group" to spot any problems or areas for improvement. [84][7] The ship experienced a short period of tranquillity despite a storm in 1914 that broke some of the First Class windows and injured some passengers. Olympic's first major mishap occurred on her fifth voyage on 20 September 1911, when she collided with the British cruiser HMS Hawke. Meanwhile, USS Davis had sighted a distress flare and picked up 31 survivors from U-103. In addition, an extra bulkhead was added to subdivide the electrical dynamo room, bringing the total number of watertight compartments to seventeen. Am 14. Wireless operator Ernest James Moore[63] received the distress call from Titanic, when she was approximately 500 nautical miles (930 km; 580 mi) west by south of Titanic's location. By contrast with Olympic, both the other two ships in the class, Titanic and Britannic, had short service lives: in 1912, Titanic collided with an iceberg on her maiden voyage and sank in the North Atlantic; in 1916, Britannic struck a German naval mine and sank in the Aegean Sea. Bei voller Belegung boten die Schiffe jeweils etwa 3500 Personen (einschließlich Besatzung) Platz.

One was unseaworthy and the deputation said that it was prepared to recommend the men return to work if the boat were replaced. In 1920 she returned to passenger service, on one voyage that year carrying 2,249 passengers. [120] During slack periods in the summer, Olympic and fleet mate Majestic were employed in summer recreational cruises from New York to Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mit dem Bau der Olympic (Baunummer 400) auf der Werft Harland & Wolff Ltd. (Belfast) wurde gut drei Monate vor der Titanic (Baunummer 401: Kiellegung am 31. [7][86], The first few wartime voyages were packed with Americans trapped in Europe, eager to return home, although the eastbound journeys carried few passengers. Doch der Dampfer rammte das Boot, seine Backbord-Schraube durchschlug den Druckkörper. Bereits im September 1911 hatte sie eine schwere Kollision mit dem britischen Kreuzer HMS Hawke, die eine kostenintensive dreimonatige Reparatur erforderlich machte. Tatsächlich erreichten Olympic und Titanic mit ihren insgesamt 16 Abteilungen, die durch Schotttüren wasserdicht verschlossen werden konnten, ein für die damalige Zeit hohes Maß an Sicherheit: Grundsätzlich war ein Zwei-Abteilungs-Standard erfüllt, was bedeutete, dass die gleichzeitige Flutung von zwei beliebigen nebeneinanderliegenden Abteilungen das Schiff niemals gefährden konnte.

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