Europeans came to America to escape religious oppression and forced beliefs by such state-affiliated Christian churches as the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England. Adult Pop. The rise and fall of utopian communities Utopian communities were established in America as places where adherents could achieve a perfect religious, political and social system. Roman Catholics had at one time held tightly to their cultural roots, but later joined the rest of American society. Many Congregationalist churches have subsequently merged with other churches from the Reformed tradition. The American church has continued its allegiance to the pope, even though many of its members disagree with him on such issues as birth control, abortion, and women in the priesthood.

The Lutherans settled on the East Coast and American Midwest, and celebrated worship services in their native tongues. Distinctive roles for men and women, parents and children, clergy and laity, were defined by readings from the Bible. In later attempts to free themselves from the tie of the state governmental system imposed by the Church of England (Anglican Church), such denominations as the Reformed-Presbyterian churches and the European Free Church were formed. While they were relegated to cable TV networks, evangelistic websites slowly began to crop up on the Internet during the early 1990s. Elaborate rituals and such dances as the Sundance, Round, Snake, Crow, Ghost and others were developed and led by such native leaders as Wodiziwob, Wovoka , Black Elk, Big Foot, Sitting Bull , and others.

To prevent a return to a centralized, overbearing government, the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution, without which ratification by Virginia and New York would not have occurred. It accounts for approximately 75% of the total population of North America. As white colonists drove Indians onto reservations, the fervency of their religious practices increased, even as Christian missionaries made inroads that influenced their spirituality. Pew Research Center. New Age movement Buried in the psychic mysticism of the 1800s, the New Age movement emerged with clairvoyants and psychics giving advice on past and future lives, beginning in 1968. Spreading the “Good News” during colonial times was accomplished through books printed by the Puritans on the press brought to Boston in 1638, or carried across the Atlantic on ships loaded with colonists. When combined, approximately 15.8 percent of the population of North America falls under one of these religions. Mexico has only 0.02 percent of its population practicing this religion while the total population of the Canadians who practice Judaism is 1.2 percent. The Gallup Poll assesses religiosity around the world,[1] asking "Is religion important in your daily life?" Such calls to “purify” the Anglican Church led to the birthing of the Baptists and Congregationalists in America. They espouse an inclusive policy toward membership. The most religious region of the United States is American Samoa (99.3% religious). All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, European Countries That Are Not Members Of The European Union, The US States Most Prone To Natural Disasters, The Largest Football (Soccer) Stadiums In The World. [2] The Harris Poll has conducted surveys of the percentage of people who believe in God. Evangelism turned to elaborate crusades in the 20th century when such preachers as Billy Sunday attempted to convince nonbelievers that they should "jump ship" from their ancestral Christian denominations.

Skip to content. The percentage of people practicing the multiple faiths is determined by countries such as the US, Canada, and Mexico which contribute to approximately 85 percent of the total population of North America.

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