Religion, particularly Christianity and Islam, have traditionally been seen as vehicles for foreign ideas and misguided loyalties to find their way into Chinese society.

[Source:], Traditional Religious Beliefs and Practices in China, Traditional religious beliefs and practices that remained strong though Qing dynasty China (1644-1911) include and still exist toda: 1) popular religion and beliefs concerning the souls of the ancestors, the afterlife, and the pantheon of gods inhabiting the three domains of the Chinese cosmos -- Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld; and 2) the long-established institutional religions often collectively referred to as the sanjiao (literally “three teachings”) — Daoism (Taoism), Buddhism, and Confucianism.

China has the potential to be the world's largest Christian nation and the world's largest Islamic nation. Additionally, this percentage is small, but given the enormous population of China, it reflects millions of people. CHRISTIANITY, CHRISTIANS, BIBLES AND HISTORY IN CHINA; Muslims in China face strong persecution and religious discrimination as a result of what the Chinese government labels religious extremism. I’m telling you this thing is like out of Revelation where it says that people can either buy or sell without the government’s permission. Islam is practiced in China primarily by non-Han ethnic minority groups within China, such as the Uygurs in Xinjiang province.

The Buddhist Association of China was established in 1953 to oversee officially sanctioned Buddhist activities. In contrast to Confucianism, Taoism is mainly concerned with the spiritual elements of life, including the nature of the universe. Wu.

(Boulder: Westview Press, Inc., 1994), p. 174]. And apart from that here, probably one of the scariest things is they have built a surveillance system for their whole population. Questions or comments, e-mail, Religion, Folk Beliefs, Death - Religion in China. The need for the word zongjiao arose because scholars translating Western texts into Japanese and Chinese frequently encountered the word “religion,” a term for which they had no equivalent. CONTROL AND REPRESSION OF ISLAM IN CHINA; So they’re called reeducation camps, but they’re taken from their lives and stuck in these places. Though Buddhism originated in India, it has a long history and tradition in China and today is the country’s largest institutionalized religion. Tibetan Buddhists recognize the Dalai Lama as a political and spiritual leader, though the Dalai Lama fled China in the 1950s. “Treating Chinese religion as fundamentally affected by social position also helps scholars to focus on differences in styles of religious practice and interpretation. In fact, to not do so would have been contradictory, because that would have been akin to removing oneself from full participation in the cosmos, where Confucianism was just one tradition among many.

[Source: “International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 China”, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, U.S. Department of State, ]. Religious activity must be registered with the Religious Affairs Bureau of the State Council and the Communist Party's United Front Work Department. Separately, a 2012 Pew Research Center report found that more than 294 million people, or 21 percent of China’s population, practice folk religions. In that light, the polling by Liu and his colleague, Tong Shijun, seemed likely to be read with interest by Communist leaders as they seek to rebuild confidence in a party apparatus often compromised by corruption and distance from common people.

In contrast, adherence to a particular religious tradition in late-imperial China did not involve a total or unitary commitment. We see individuals being taken in for questioning and tortured. It really makes the Gospel subservient. "The standards of morality are declining," Liu told Oriental Outlook magazine, which reported the survey results. CHINESE CATHOLICS AND RELATIONS BETWEEN THE VATICAN AND BEIJING; Among the general Chinese population, there are a wide variety of religious practices. [Source: The Library of Congress; [Source: Robert Eno, Indiana University ]. However, some sources indicate groups of Chinese Christians dating back to the 7th century. Individuals in China often recognize a wide range of beliefs and religions---including organized religions like Buddhism and Taoism as well as folk religions and beliefs in local deities, ancestral spirits and superstitions---in hope of making all spirits, gods and supernatural forces happy and thus ensuring good fortune. And I think the big point is where you started. He has made creation of "a socialist harmonious society" a watchword of his administration. Confucianism often functioned as a political ideology and a system of values; Daoism has been compared, inconsistently, to both an outlook on life and a system of gods and magic; and Buddhism offered, according to some analysts, a proper soteriology, an array of techniques and deities enabling one to achieve salvation in the other world. It was declared a cult organization by the Communist Party and banned, but estimates suggest millions of participants still practice in secret. The goal for an individual is often to be in harmony with the cosmic world rather than seek one true, divine path. That’s what it reminds me of. After his death in 479 BC, Confucius’ followers compiled his teachings into the Analects, the central doctrine of Confucianism. 09/24/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Over the past few years, we have only seen the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities increase in China.This spike in oppression sits primarily on the shoulders of China’s president, Xi Jinping. Religious worship retreated into the homes, family groups and small communities. The cosmos also defined the world within which the three teachings -- Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism -- operated, though throughout their long histories the teachings also defined and redefined in turn how the “cosmos” itself was conceived. Taoism is some ways developed as a response to Confucianism. Yeah, that’s a great summary. “The second sense of “popular religion” refers to the religion of the lower classes as opposed to that of the elite. But even though it could argued that the Chinese are not very religious, religion and religious culture have had a profound effect shaping the Chinese psyche. Tibetan Buddhists are often the object of public scrutiny and discrimination based on ethnicity and religious beliefs. These days religion is something the officially atheist Communist government tolerates but insists on having control over. This spike in oppression sits primarily on the shoulders of China’s president, Xi Jinping. PERSECUTION OF CATHOLICS IN CHINA AND CONFLICTS OVER BISHOPS; It holds that the goal of life for each individual is to find one's own personal adjustment to the rhythm of the natural (and supernatural) world, to follow the Way (dao) of the universe. China has the world's greatest irreligious population, and the Chinese government and Communist Party is officially atheist. The main religions in China are Buddhism, Chinese folklore, Taoism and Confucianism among many others There are still over 200 million Muslims, who had their own country occupied before 1977s.

According to Xinjiang Statistics Bureau data from 2010, there are approximately 10 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Often depicted with multiple heads and arms, she is closely linked with Avalokitesvara, the eleven-headed and the multi-armed Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

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