[2] And finally, the pirates do not trust each other, and will neither make nor honor any promises between pirates apart from a proposed distribution plan that gives a whole number of gold coins to each pirate. When seeding gems to a market, set the price to an average of the existing gems at their lowered price and new gems at their normal price. Fixed two problems on client that would cause memory footprint and processor usage to increase significantly over time. Portrait captions no longer default to "null".

Early reports indicate they target ships battling amongst themselves while heavily laden with commodities. Include locations within a ferry ride of your current or home island in buttons on the.

If you cannot start yer duty due to a break, tell you that. Allow access to market bidding, but not delivery, within inactive buildings. Raised maximum pieces of eight job offer per blockade segment. The noticeboard is now the first icon on the island. Fix that some /who panels still auto-closed.

Relaxed home restrictions: any building at which you are owner. Some League points should not longer be impossible to. A new item type, Brigand King Compasses, may be purchased at the, Brigand King ship names now follow the same naming as the, Note that Brigand King expeditions are also still available as an additional reward for defeating.

Fixed issue with game client not launching with Java 7 on OSX.

Fix problem where referred players placed in crews are not fully made cabin people and thus register as jobbers. Fixed a bug that allowed the proposing of Brigand Kings as governor.

Remove crews' home islands from job postings. Make Brigand Kings follow regular sea lanes when looking for nearby islands to blockade.

Pirates and interact with each other in a rather cartoonish world.

Brigand Kings now manage shops and palaces they own. Pirates with temporary hair color can no longer drink from the cursed chalice, as this would revert their hair color back to normal. Ian Stewart wrote about Steve Omohundro's extension to an arbitrary number of pirates in the May 1999 edition of Scientific American and described the rather intricate pattern that emerges in the solution.[2].

If a player leaves Hearts early, he or she will be replaced by a handy. After winning a battle, 75% of the Pieces of Eight won are immediately divided among the pirates aboard. The backsword is one of the two special items that can be obtained from the box edition of Puzzle Pirates. Launch has come and gone, and we're right back into the fray with new features and the inevitable fixes to old features.

The scoreboard in Treasure Drop should look better for Windows players. The link to game documentation on the help panel will once again open up the docs using the in-game browser. Orders placed but not yet worked on may be cancelled, for a 15% restocking fee.

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