He nods his head at the camera while wielding his gun.

Protect Doctor Cortex.Destroy Crash Bandicoot (both failed). While in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, he is voiced by Robbie Daymond. Page 2 of a comic explaining the game's plot from the Japanese manual.

In original game, his laugh comes from the sound called, According to a Twitter post by Robbie Daymond, he voiced Pinstripe Potoroo in.
Don Pinstripelli Potorotti, simply known as Pinstripe Potoroo, is a potoroo subjected to the Evolvo-Ray to be one of Neo Cortex's bodyguards and an antagonist in the Crash Bandicoot series. As the player waits outside of his boss portal, a thick amount of smoke comes out of it, and a flurry of bullets start raining down around the player. Pinstripe, the Fourth Race Boss before Oxide. In Crash Bandicoot, Pinstripe is the head of "Cortex Power", Doctor Neo Cortex's power plant.

Pinstripe Potoroo (クールな ピンストライプ lit. Alias Tawna is used as bait throughout the game, with Tawna Tokens appearing throughout the various levels. Like other bosses, he is unlocked as a playable character upon being beaten in the Adventure Mode.

Pinstripe has a cameo appearance in It's About Time, appearing on a wanted poster in Mosquito Marsh. He then falls to his knees.

Pinstripe then gives the player the final boss key. When Crash defeats him, Pinstripe accidently shoots the power generator behind the glass wall and the majority of Cortex Castle's power is destroyed. However, in Crash Twinsanity, he instead dons a dull purple pinstriped suit with a dull lavender dress shirt and a dark indigo tie, as well as golden buttons. His nose was made noticeably bigger, his scleras darkened from yellow to gold, and his muzzle and the inside of his ears were made deep beige.

He is also a playable character if the player uses a cheat or completes the yellow Gem Cup in Adventure Mode to unlock him. It begins with Pinstripe standing on his desk shooting at Crash with his trusty Tommy-gun, laughing insanely.

He also has gold rings on some of his fingers, and a gold pin on his tie.

Pinstripe from the Japanese Crash Bandicoot manual. This is the second game that Pinstripe is also a playable character. Speed: 4/7Accel: 7/7Turn: 3/7Difficulty: IntermediateDriving Style: Acceleration.

Wha, you call that racin'?

Pinstripe's main weapon is a Thompson SMG, which he uses against Crash in the first game, and is seen wielding it in future appearances. Pinstripe reprises his role as a boss in the first game of N. Sane Trilogy. His gangster accent can be heard in many of his in-game quotes, such as "Say goodnight! Firing his tommy gunFixing jams in his tommy gunWatching gangster movies. GangsterCEO of Cortex Power He is again the fourth boss, before Oxide.

Speed: 4/6Accel: 4/4Turn: 2/4Difficulty: Intermediate. Every now and then Pinstripe will cross the room as he stops shooting, giving Crash the time to spin him or jump on him, taking one off his hit points. Pinstripe made a brief cameo appearance in this game at Crash's "birthday party" organized by Dr. Cortex. Since children at a young age could not understand that Pinstripe is a potoroo, they might initially think he is a weasel or a rat. After Oxide's defeat, he still becomes a used car salesman, but his questionable methods of earning sales eventually leads to his license getting revoked, forcing him to return to his old job as a CEO and bodyguard. He returns as the fourth boss to race in Adventure Mode. or "Have some of this!".

Pinstripe is a high profile character being he is the head of Cortex's power plant.

Pinstripe is a parody of mafia gangsters seen in films such as Scarface, and talks with a strong Brooklyn accent.

N. Sane Trilogy hint Next level


This lines up with the tie-in manga, which was released during this time. Anthropomorphic Gangster Evil-doer Organized crimeAttempted murder Grab the drops. Ant Drones | Crush | The Elementals | Emperor Velo XXVII | Geary | Gnasty Gnorc | Gulp | Krunk | Lab Assistants | Nash | Nitros Oxide | Norm | N. Trance | Ripto | Tikimon | Uka Uka | Willie Wumpa Cheeks | Zam and Zem. In the game, Pinstripe had average stats with high acceleration, the same as Coco and N. Gin; this potentially makes him a tough boss to overcome. Upon defeating Pinstripe, Pinstripe admits defeat to the player, saying that they've beat him fair-and-square, but doubts that they'll be lucky against Oxide. When he is defeated, he will fall off the table and a large lamp that is on the top in the middle of his office will fall right on him.

He is almost always holding his Tommy gun, even when he is merely reciting his pre-race speech in CTR. The epilogue mentions Pinstripe opened a sanitation business and plans to run for Governor.

Pinstripe seems to be the most violent of all of the characters in the, According to a Twitter post by Robbie Daymond, he voiced Pinstripe Potoroo in. He'll then do this two more times. He has his Tommy gun and he has a more "rattish" look than in the older games. He made his first appearance in the first Crash Bandicoot game. Pinstripe is a parody of mafia gangsters seen in films such as Scarface, and talks with a strong Brooklyn accent. Don Pinstripelli Potorotti (commonly shortened to just Pinstripe Potoroo) is a potoroo subjected to the Evolvo-Ray to be Doctor Neo Cortex's bodyguard.

Pinstripe's gangster accent can be heard in all of his in-game quotes such as "Say good night! Behind the scenes material reveal for much of the game's development, Pinstripe was a striped bandicoot. Interact with Pinstripe and then take the fork down-right towards Red Wash. Press space on the Orange Light and it will start blinking.

He's not seen until the final world, Citadel City, and he's raced on his home track Hot Air Skyway.

He drives a black kart with high acceleration, like N. Gin and Coco. Upon collecting three tokens, C… Don Pinstripelli Potorotti, simply known as Pinstripe Potoroo, is a potoroo subjected to the Evolvo-Ray to be one of Neo Cortex 's bodyguards and an antagonist in the Crash Bandicoot series.

Hobby He drives a black kart which has high accelleration just like N. Gin and Coco. Pinstripe returns in the remaster for Crash Team Racing serving the same role he had in the original game. His home track is Hot Air Skyway, the longest track. Hit him with a weapon just before he makes one of the jumps so he falls off or simply pass him to avoid his cross-fire. He can be unlocked by completing the Yellow Gem Cup in Adventure Mode or hold the L1 + R1 buttons and pressing Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right and Down in the main menu.

Driven by anger that the doctors still have his girlfriend, he decides to thwart Cortex's plans and rescue her.

According to his biography in the Production Bible, Pinstripe was originally going to be a striped bandicoot instead of a potoroo.

High intelligenceDrivingAgilityVery high resistance. Pinstripe possesses large ears and dark brown fur, and he always wears a pinkish-red suit and tie (in Twinsanity, he instead dons a black pinstriped suit, as seen in a poster in his first appearance). Pinstripe´s gangster accent can be heard in all of his in-game quotes such as "Say Good night! Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Crash 1 - Pinstripe Potoroo.

The easiest way to beat him is to use the 'wall jump' shortcut (see Hot Air Skyway for details).

Trigger-happy and reckless, Pinstripe opens fire on Crash in his office in Crash Bandicoot, accidentally shooting out the power plant generator in the process.

Professional firearms experienceHigh intelligenceDrivingAgilityVery high resistance

Type of Villain
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He is a Acceleration class driver.

His shoes are now brown and his muzzle is light beige.

Pinstripe is very defensive and is always armed with his fully loaded sub machine gun, which he randomly fires around his office when he confronts Crash.

Take the fork up-right towards Hangly Pass.

Pinstripe retains his spot as Citadel City's boss and still races at Hot Air Skyway, throwing bowling bombs during the race.

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