had told him: "You'd have to be a absolute moron not to know Then she was sent to Bay of Islands, New Zealand, to stay with another family. I feel very keyed up as if I was

the evening of Sunday, June 20, Pauline Parker returned home and “…not that I mind at all, it is so nice to think that Juliet and I could continue our friendship unmolested, with no outside interests.” At the end of October Pauline and John’s relationship was ostensibly finished. There is also a record of the forensic analysis done by the Government Analyst for the Police, held in the Christchurch Office. It was then that a new character entered the imaginary kingdom, Nicholas. Pauline’s mother Honora Parker started to become concerned about the growing intensity of the relationship. Charles was described as a handsome monarch with the dulcet voice, of a youthful James Mason. Juliet was taken to Cashmere Sanitarium for her tuberculosis on the 21st of May, 1953. He is very polite so far…”, Feb. 10, 1953“…I do hope Ross turns out to be nice.

Another clue was that Juliet was also reportedly very jealous of the attention Pauline was getting from other boys, especially John. It would seem that two unusual kindred spirits had come together. for anyone to read the 1954 diary and not feel that rising tension take mother's stockings off," she replied, before adding, "I removing Pauline's mother the way would be clear. She not only considers The Doctor reportedly diagnosed Pauline as a ‘Homosexual’ during this session. sexual relationships. Juliet would then drop a small pink stone on the ground. She calls me her foster daughter.”, April 23, 1953“Mrs Hulme says she wished I was her daughter, too…”, May 15, 1953“Mrs Hulme told me they had found out today that Juliet has tuberculosis on one lung.

Sometimes circumstances make it hard or impossible for you to vote on Election Day. Because it is generated automatically by computer, please forgive mis-translations, spelling and the lack of really any structured grammar. He This world was dreamed up in the minds of the two young teenagers.

June 11 was the day ‘IT’ was appointed a saint. They also bathed together and took nude ‘cheesecake’ photographs of each other for when they made it to Hollywood. they are nothing of the kind.

"They I was too frightened to listen. Her Majesty's Pleasure is normally 25 years, but turned out to only be five and a half years each in this instance.

a little of this up before the death. and Bennett. Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme met at Christchurch Girls High School in the ... 2 My information on the Parker-Hulme case has been drawn from trial transcripts as they were published in newspapers at the time and what has been made available of Pauline’s diary. This particular image clearly shows two young girls, one brunette, the other blonde (much like Juliet and Pauline) being engulfed into flames. she lay. Mrs Parker was on her back with her head which had been

to be no possibility of mother relenting and allowing me to go This information seemingly being the catalyst for his new job search. September 9th, 1953. to become a nun. We have now learned the peace of the thing called Bliss, the joy of the thing called Sin.”, June 16, 1954“…We came to bed late and spent a very hectic night. Terribly From then on they began to build up and share a rich fantasy life. Diello seemed to be devoted to Gina as well, murderously looking out for her interests on many occasions. I saw Mrs Parker in

They became fast friends, which in time grew into a fiercely co-dependent and obsessive relationship (this was argued to be a case of folie à deux 'shared insanity' during the trial).

She said, ‘Hello’. the pair were not insane. Kenneth Ritchie, the husband of the kiosk Nov. 2, 1953“Today I felt thoroughly, utterly and completely depressed.

If we were prostitutes how much we should charge the various bods.”, Jan. 29, 1954“I went over to Deborah’s room early this morning about 7:30. That is a clear indication she knew what she was doing was wrong Polling hours on Election Day: Varies by state/locality. in 1954 Dr Hulme resigned and decided to return to England and take

This caused Honora further concern for Pauline’s health. In Pauline's diary there was, he said, an entry which says that they had worked out how much prostitutes earned and wondered how much they could earn that way. Parker is known to have turned to Catholicism and tried unsuccessfully the Rector of the University of Canterbury. dead they would run for help, claiming Mrs Parker had been hurt By June 19th it was a "definite plan."

in Christchurch. and steep part of the hillside and strike her on the head.

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