Some men are also violent in the worst ways possible.

Deliberately cutting the end of your para, was my point. That is the topic I want a hardcore national discussion about – the sort of social discussions we used to have in the 80’s about nuclear issues. She wants people to believe that men are the most hard done by and women are ‘winning’ tax payer funded supports over more deserving men like it is some sick contest. Just be greatful you aren’t a conservative- not that Jones needs to be demonised when we know little of him, his life and formation of his ideas and feelings. If Kaye and Paul and any others wanted make people to think by including a derailing troll, because understanding ‘his pain’ HIS pain” that has seen him develop into a man who abuses and says denigrating this about women online about them and to them; would somehow add to the conversation.. That is something to think about. I have had a gutful of capable healthy men whining about female instigated DV – a different thing entirely if the men are as helpless as children or elderly, but they are not these downtrodden men have had greater privilege all their lives – I guess it is a type of privilege blindness – just as rich cannot fathom what life is really like for the very poor. That is what her freedom of speech argument comes down to and is pretty indicative of the totalitarian ideology that modern feminism is.

Could you PLEASE show me where I was nasty? There was a time when people would not report DV, partly because of the stigma, but also because they were often not believed. I guess, that opens the field completely on people you will support, what about PC issues mainstream politics will not discuss? If that makes me someone who only wants to hear what I want to hear, according to some. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. That MJ just sprang up overnight? I have commented on quite a few of your articles here and on other sites and never felt “threatened’ Actually, you have been quite supportive and generous with your time, and skills. You have got no idea. I am on the side that freedom of speech should be curbed if it causes harm. We would be better served working together to improve the system than dividing into camps, hence my comments about legal aid, refuges, counselling and support services. Having said that, I can’t see what else Trish Corry could have done or said differently, or just about any one else who has commented.

Now the fear and hatred in the 2016 campaign has turned to Muslims and she is milking that cow until it is dry.

I’m not getting younger. The women, she prefaced at the beginning of her speech. When she has shaken things up on that issue, as I believe she will, I will reconsider my position. Perhaps you might want to think about the reasons why Caroline Jones is so very unhappy over comments Eddie Maguire made over the weekend. Vote Labor. This is becoming a huge problem when men insist we talk about men, when we are in fact only talking about women. Fighting for the right to insult, vilify, marginalise and victimise sections of our society does not count as a worthy achievement in my eyes. Trish Corry, I understood fully what those opposed your viewpoint were conservative and said it several times. 7.

It seems to me that if Trish Corry or Victoria Rollison reprinted a version of the 3 little pigs as an article there are those that just sit back and wait to put their own agendas into play.

I will not be goaded into arguing about the likes of Eddie Maguire – seems my point has been lost on you as has been Trish’s article – that language matters and may well add to hatred of the other. From Pauline “Ms Hanson said Attorney-General George Brandis had reached out to her on behalf of the Liberal National Party (LNP), but she was yet to get a call from Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten for support in what could be a hung parliament. How derailing trolls prevent women from participating in conversations about women, attack women online verbally, so they feel threatened and uncomfortable and silence the conversation about women, so we don’t learn anymore about the affects on women, because we are now talking about men. Is it really to do with feminists, funding and data, or simply where the votes are? You appear simply unable to answer a simple question that is the crux of my article, which you have argued the premise of is wrong. You came in with aggression – it isn’t productive.

Another hypocrite who uses women as a convenient political tool and bemoans their ill treatment whilst in the same conversation, shows her obvious support for Muslims/Islam.

A retaliation to a series of comments that were becoming more personal. Anyone who views the clip provided and thinks it such a federal case is a little too twisted to be safe. They should have a safe place to go.

I changed my view on her watching one of those reality shows that she was on, where she was in a team of celebrities (a generous definition) raising money for charity. I don’t put pen to paper and think “hmmmm what does JimHaz want me to say today”.

I think differently than almost everyone else. 6. Whether she gets elected on not the 262.784 cents per eligible vote (provided she gets above 4%) is a nice little earner because she spend very, very little on campaigning. This article is about women full stop. What does that indicate? But still not an attack. If you wanted to you could completely ignore MJ’s contributions. She identified him as an MRA-Type troll that purposely come here to derail the thread and so did I. I don’t know how you can come to the conclusion that I did not read your comment, with that response. Nowhere in this piece have I made any statements that I do not believe that men’s issues are not worthy to be discussed. Anyone who has had to deal with Child Support Services, and the Family Court could not disagree with this. You really need to do a ‘course’ on how ‘government’ actually works. What man would stand for being so used? I am disappointed that some who have commented here, advocate for it to be ignored instead. Now, if there are other feminists who genuinely want feminism to be about equality rather than the domination and vilification of men, those feminists need to call out the man haters and take control of the reputation of feminism.

I clearly have stated how many women do not participate in conversation once they enter a thread being derailed about women to be all about men. Lifting people out of poverty and educating everyone would help. Maybe have a look on Clem Fords page – on her pinned post about rules. You are on safer ground complaining about psychological damage, but this is the way society operates in its current primitive form and few people escape damage of some sort or another, as people ill-prepared for relationships and their instabilities and dynamics are thrown together through cultural factors.

It animates our emotions…and in the end that is all we are.

If we are going to talk about prevention, and we take gender out, we are never going to get anywhere, because the perpetrators of violence are almost always men. Not just for Hanson, but for any who claim to be supporting male victims of domestic violence. The first is subjective, particularly on the part of police officers who can perceive reports that way, but who are also intelligent enough not to let claims of isolated ‘domestic insults’ get as far as a courtroom. : If Labor get in they only need Greens Xenophon x 2 and Lambie. You are reading meanings into comments that are not there. By that I mean accuse; blame; complain about; disregard; ignore; exaggerate; misconstrue; misquote; misinterpret etc etc – well it is what we limited humans do.

Take it or leave it as you will Kaye. Yes.

It is true that men are also the subject of DV and those that are do need help.

Do you support giving voice to homophobic hateful people in the marriage equality debate? His view of feminism is distorted in my view but I don’t think shutting him down will change that. We should campaign together for better mental health services. When even if you don’t read my articles, as a regular blogger yourself, you should be aware of at least my broad themes. Just reading a posting at the Failed Estate blog, a review of the Sixty Adverts debacle, and thought, what a pity the run of the mill person has to negotiate nauseating msm treacly murk before even thinking about considering real issues. I did try to bracket and put aside the harmful intentions of Michael Jones, yesterday, which is where our disagreement began. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Yes it will take some time for the human race to become androgynous, should this change in sexual personality be necessary to remove domestic violence and to obtain income equality. If people cannot see that they are giving up a lot merely for a social gathering, which protects itself with intolerance of other opinion. There are people who hate all Muslims. For what it’s worth – I don’t believe Trish can control the dialogue of any thread she starts – that any discussion of DV does include men – I have made this point repeatedly in my posts. Seriously. Multiculturalism helps us to stop being insular and selfish and gives us the gift of inclusiveness. I took this to be about your defence about MJ not a general question.

Anyway, I am not really interested in debating this further with you, you are clearly just going to try to use insults and misrepresentations to get your way and I am not buying into that. Where have I stated Kaye Lee is “pro-Eddie”? "I believe in people coming here, assimilating, becoming Australians and be proud of this country and abide by the laws of the land. Can you have hate speech when no one has yet uttered an example in a situation? Jim I think you accidentally put this comment on the wrong post. Always division, which always weakens, which always harms. I think this occurs a lot in child custody situations. [What are the implications for women victims of domestic violence if Hanson creates a cult following (such as she has in the past) who doubt that women reporting domestic violence are telling the truth and ‘are just doing it for attention]. My post was not full of hate for women Trish. Men not being heard resulting in over 27 men committing suicide a week due to being victims of DV 4. It is likely that she will get a Senate place, but I very much doubt she can do anything to hijack the new progressive Labor government.

Curl up, tune in, and wash those entitled misters right out of your hair. It appears that as a topic on its own, that simply is not valued by many here, including other women.

Hanson sued Pantsdown over the song "Backdoor Man", and won; but became such a laughing stock that she, and the majority of the One Nation party, lost the election. What are the implications for women victims of domestic violence if Hanson creates a cult following (such as she has in the past) who doubt that women reporting domestic violence are telling the truth and ‘are just doing it for attention’. They must either compete for space or remain a secondary thought? Imagine thousands of angry hate-filled men just like you, who Pauline Hanson recruits with more and more of this same accusatory rhetoric towards women. They will NEVER do anything to help you. Methinks nuclear marriage cant function under current conditions for many people.

Feminists fought for paternity leave for men. It was too good a lead in to ignore. If you don’t see business as a priority to talk about, before the affects of the anti-union rhetoric on the worker, then you are just anti-business!

I said your claim that I was arguing to the detriment of women was bullshit and I stand by that.

I mean….it was just a joke and men have jokes made about them too. How about, instead of vilifying all feminists (which is as ridiculously unfounded as vilfying all Muslims), you consider what a partnership with women to bring about change might look like.

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