It is from the iconic movie Nightmare on Elm Street. The name really spiked in the 1950’s, and stayed there for the 30 years, before seeing a slight drop in popularity. Casper is forever known as the “friendly ghost”. Blessed by a priest. Bets are if you hear the name Jason, you will think of the hockey mask wearing maniac. Add in a creepy religious mother and some bullying teens and this will never end well. October is set to be a busy month for celebrity baby births!

When you add the devil to anything, it gives it a creepier feeling, one that terrifies people. Nothing sends shivers down people’s spines quite like the classic movie ‘The Exorcist’. Blade is the name of the Vampire hunter from the movie “Blade”. It’s a great time to get outside with your family and enjoy the changing season before your new baby arrives.

National Apple Day is October 21st.

Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Fortunately, there are many gorgeous fall-inspired baby names that you might want to add to your list. The girl who crawled out of the TV?

Quince is both a flowering tree and its golden apple-like fruit that ripens in autumn (Latin). Sabrina is the name of an ancient Celtic river goddess, but nowadays it “conjures” up a Halloween feel through its association with Sabrina, the teenage witch. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. If anyone can get through the month of October and not watch the movie “Hocus, Pocus,” I need to ask how they do it. Octavius: Octavius inspired from the name of the Roman Emperor Gaius Octavius. Roosevelt Heath Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. From the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Corpse Bride, the movies give us a little bit of a creep out factor.

Despite being a “family” show, it had its scary moments, and Xander stole the hearts of a lot of people. The story in a nutshell, is a family moves and the father quickly discovers that anything he buries in the Pet Semetary comes back to life, but different. Some subtle options include Anoush, Charlotte, Dulcie, Madeleine, and Nemy. Some of our favorite characters from scary movies and TV shows have seriously cool names! Society has lost its sensitivity to all things scary, so it is refreshing to see a classic, black and white film, continue to have the power to terrify people. Joaquin York Names inspired by the marigold, October’s birth flower, or opal, its birthstone, are equally appropriate for an October baby. She then embarks upon a road trip to understand the circumstances of her birth. We’ve rounded up the celebs expecting this October so you can stay up-to-date on all the baby announcements. Fanchon, Franc, Francisco, Franco, Francois, Franek, Frank, Pancho, Franz, Franklin, Garcia, Gerry, Girald, Garret, Garrett, Jarett. Reality star Brittney Taylor, who appears on the VH1 series Love and Hip Hop New York, has announced that she is expecting.

The Omen is a horror flick that has been done and re-done countless times. The movies are known for their gore and shock value, and have even had people throwing up watching them. Names with X and Z have instant cred as being dark and mysterious. No matter the recreation it centers around an evil little boy, who may just be the devil himself. She has contributed stories on the. It is inspired by the popular, and somewhat creepy director, Tim Burton. Not before we all became afraid of our television sets. This name has remained popular with those from the Scandinavian countries, but since the release of the movie, it has grown in popularity in the United States and Canada. Rosemary’s baby was one of the few horror movies to be terrifying without all the special effects and jump scares. Xander is a short hand for the name Alexander which has always been considered a classic name. Blair is a name that you do not hear too often, but it tends to send a shiver down the spine of anyone who hears it. You can follow her personally on Instagram or Pinterest, or contact her at October and November are a lot of people’s favourite time of year.

We also like Clement, Guinevere, and Lilac. Among the options are Latin names Decima, Decimus, and Decio, and country-cute Dixie. Picking a baby name is a big ask, considering how permanent it is. Take a look at the most popular names for boys and girls born in autumn.

It is also a role played by none other than Bette Midler. Sophie Kihm has been writing for Nameberry since 2015. It turns out that this is not a little girl, but a woman trapped in a girl’s body due to a genetic health condition. This is definitely a name that only your child will have. Besides making a lot of people nauseous with the camera movements, the ending is one that creeped a lot of people out. People with this name may have an inner desire of leadership and personal independence. The name Dexter is a Latin name and it means ‘right-handed’. Again, not really applicable in the namesake.

The name Casper is an English version of the name Caspar, which means ‘wealthy man.’ It also has a gentle feel to it, which may mean that you may have the best-tempered baby on the block. Jack, originally a nickname for John meaning God is gracious, seems like an appropriate choice for an October baby with its association with Halloween and jack o’lanterns (English). It follows some teens in the woods making some sort of home video. So, if you want the perfect creepy name that you don’t hear too often, then Dexter may be the name for you. Jesy Nelson just won Halloween with this makeup, Gigi and Zayn share first pic of their daughter, Kendall dressed as Pamela Anderson for Halloween, Caitlyn reunited with the Kardashians for her bday, The best celebrity Halloween costumes 2020, These are the most popular baby names in 2020, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Carrie is a name that is bound to have a little creepy side to it. It is one of the more popular names in the United States, in 2016 it was ranked at #56.

Despite that, it feels like a Mom Name—Kimberly peaked at #2 in 1966 and 1967. Jasper means bringer of treasure (Persian), and is also a type of reddish or brown quartz associated with the month of October.

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