[citation needed], On December 28, 1972, four Black September members took over the Israeli embassy in Bangkok, holding 12 hostages. ¤. He was told that he would be the man who killed the terrorists, and the hard part would be escaping punishment. Salameh's goal was to kill not only Meir, but also key cabinet ministers and senior Mossad officers accompanying her. Avner nods in ascent. It looks like a flute or something and they just tap on the back of the stick to kill her. Thanks.

When Carl did not answer his knock, Avner entered the room, and found Carl lying naked on his bed. Abruptly, one of the agents, Robert (Mathieu Kassovitz), the group’s designated bomb expert, has second thoughts about the assignment and decides to pull back from the trip. The Mossad agents continued into the church to search for Salameh, but did not find him. He obediently sits next to her, clearly interested in what she has to sell. At 3:35 p.m. on January 22, 1979, as Salameh and four bodyguards drove down the street in a Chevrolet station wagon,[37] the explosives in the Volkswagen were detonated from the apartment with a radio device, killing everyone in the vehicle. Local sources revealed that she was a freelance assassin, and it was never learned who exactly contracted her to kill the agent. [69] Former Mossad chief Zvi Zamir has countered this in an interview in 2006, when he said that Israel was more interested in striking the "infrastructure of the terrorist organizations in Europe" than those directly responsible for Munich. In October 1972, Kaufman watched coverage of the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany, in which the Black September Organization demanded that 200 Palestinians held as "political prisoners" be released in exchange for kidnapped Israeli athletes. [75] After its 1984 publication the book was listed on the fiction and non-fiction bestseller lists in Britain.[73].

Avner gave them $100,000 in cash to give him names for some money. Too late, for Steve and Avner fire their guns, hitting the assassin point-blank in the chest and throat.

Carl later headed to the scene, where he picked up the bullets and cleaned the scene of any evidence. Robert explained to him that when Hamshari would pick up the phone, a red light would flash, and he would turn the key in his detonator to blow him up, showing the simplicity of the plan. The back door then flew open, and two militants opened fire. Black September did attempt and carry out a number of attacks and hostage takings against Israel. Daoud survived the attack. One of them made a move for his weapon, and all three were then immediately shot and killed. A Ukrainian-Jewish accountant told him that he would have an operational funds box of $250,000 on Union de Banques Suisse on the Rue de Commerce in Switzerland, and he would refill the box for Kaufman to use for his operations; however, Avner would have to show him receipts. They drove to the French countryside, and a small girl of the family took Avner to meet Papa, who was cooking in the kitchen of his family compound, which was full of his family members. [73] Jonas points to a former Director General of the RCMP Security Service, John Starnes, who he says believes his source's essential story. It is also known that Mossad agent Michael Harari led the creation and direction of the teams,[8] although some may not have always been under government responsibility. Louis told Avner that Salameh was going to meet his CIA contact in London next; Louis told him that the CIA gave him lots of money so that he would not attack American diplomats, and they did not ask where the money went to. After the meeting, Zamir told him that the next morning, he had to tell them if he would agree to do the mission. Using an agent posing as an Italian journalist, Mossad lured him from his apartment in Paris to allow a demolition team to enter and install a bomb underneath a desk telephone. The calls were in Arabic, which he spoke. She also appointed General Aharon Yariv as her Advisor on Counterterrorism; he, along with Mossad Director Zvi Zamir, took the principal role in directing the ensuing operation.

Zwaiter walked away, and Steve followed him in his car, tracking him down to his home. He resigned from Mossad, and also gave up his social security, his insurance, and all forms of government aid. “Eventually it will work,” replies Avner in the calm, reassuring manner reminiscent of Liam Neeson’s Oskar Schindler. Steve shot a Russian, and Avner was forced to shoot at Ali when Ali fired at him. Louis told Avner that he could not tell his team where he was going, and that he would need to wear a blindfold if he wanted to go with him to meet Papa. [46], Several assassinations or assassination attempts have been attributed to the "Wrath of God" campaign, although doubt exists as to whether Mossad was behind them, with breakaway Palestinian factions being suspected of carrying them out. Her face momentarily contorts to reveal both horror and recognition of the man she originally tried to entice to bed. [26], On June 17, 1982, two senior PLO members in Italy were killed in separate attacks. Carl and Avner ran to the car to warn the team, and they told them to abort just in time. Carl panicked about killing a Russian, while Steve criticized Robert for his failure to build a good bomb.

Later, Robert was killed in a sudden explosion that destroyed his workshop in Belgium, and he was the third team member to die. Avner decided to celebrate by drinking some wine with his team. Ephraim also said that he would give him four assistants for the operation with various specialties, and that Avner would be the team's leader. “You asshole. Avner spoke with his mother outside of the room, and he then headed into the room, where he met with Daphna.

[15] This assassination was the first in a series of Mossad targeted killings that took place in France. Avner met Andreas and his girlfriend Yvonne in Rome, Italy, and after sharing cigarettes and marijuana together, Avner claimed that he was working for some rich Americans and wanted the names and locations of some Palestinian leaders. “It’s such a fucking waste of talent.” It is here that screenwriters Tony Kushner (Angels in America) and Eric Roth (The Insider, Forrest Gump) hit pay dirt: offhandedly suggesting the “F” word to mean more than just a strategically placed expletive, it’s the assassin’s last-ditch effort to her foes to forget all about eliminating her. The guard raised an AK-47 assault rifle, and was immediately shot. Avner and Ali talked in the hallway while the others listened to music inside. He would handle the mission, and he would be Avner's "boss", although he would have to deny knowing him for plausible deniability. Israel believed him to be the head of Black September in Cyprus, though another reason for his assassination may have been his close ties with the KGB. She, for her part, doesn’t waste time with pleasantries, but rather lets it slip that she’s about to go up to her hotel room, alone. Question about Spielbergs "Munich" (war, bomb, nazism, assassin) - History -U.S. and World, studying past, wars, presidents, language, economy - City-Data Forum Ali told Avner that soon, the Arab states would attack Israel again, and although the Arabs did not like the Palestinians, they hated Jews more. The last shot in the film (and a most controversial one it is, too) is of the newly constructed World Trade Center, taken from the Brooklyn side of town — an ominous portent of things to come for us Americans in our own “Black September” incident that took place, ironically enough, in the same month (9/11) as the Munich massacres, albeit with almost 30 years of hindsight between them. Nazeyh Mayer, a leading figure in the PLO's Rome office, was shot dead outside his home. They were each further divided into logistics, surveillance, and assassination squads.[13]. [36], Mossad began surveillance of Salameh's movements after tracking him to Beirut during late autumn of 1978. The Mossad met up with the team, who dressed up as tourists, with many of them cross-dressing to look like female tourists. While incidental to the main plot, this innocuous little episode is crucial to a better understanding of the conflict Spielberg has set up within the minds of his main characters. [55][56], Two Israelis suspected of being intelligence agents were shot and killed, as well as an Israeli official in Washington. Scenes re-enacting, and leading up to, the murders themselves are interspersed with those of the special-agent hit squad, hell-bent on exacting an eye-for-an-eye exchange with the Palestinians — or at least, that’s what their government hints at. Avner called his high school friend Andreas, who was a member of the communist Red Army Faction of Germany, which needed hard cash for its operations.

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