Mojo Jojo was the villain in the CGI animated Powerpuff Girls reprise episode "Dance Pantsed Revilution." Mojo also sometimes works with other villains without betraying them, and appears to have a friendship with most of them (including Fuzzy and HIM, while he appears to dislike Princess Morbucks due to her disrespect).

But he later got bored with peace and went back to his evil ways. Mojo Jojo is then arrested for his crimes and to prison. Mojo is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually those featuring the X-Men family of characters., When he mutated all species of apes and monkeys in, Mojo was voiced by Roger L. Jackson, the same vocal actor who also voiced Ghostface from all four. eaten up due to circumstances beyond his control). During the event of the creation of the Powerpuff Girls he pushed the Professor towards a container of Chemical X, causing it to break and spill into the concoction. He is the Powerpuff Girls' arch-nemesis and Professor Utonium's former pet and lab assistant. At first, Mojo was not exactly evil, but rather a troublemaking chimp. He is also seen along with all the villains singing "Why Can't We All Get Along? He is sometimes seen buying food instead of stealing it, building model ships. After Bubbles stated that he isn't helping the world, Mojo reveals that the reason why he is getting revenge on the humans is that apes have been discriminated and abused by them for too long, meaning that he is actually protecting his own race. Mojo is shown to have a civilian life despite his criminal activities; he is often shown walking around Townsville without any citizens running in fear, and even buys groceries legally. He taunts his defeated army by doing one more speech about being king of the world before they interrupted him from before until the Powerpuff Girls arrive to stop him. He also managed to turn the whole world into dogs in order to rule the world, and turned the Powerpuff Girls into puppies, causing them to lose their powers, and therefore cannot fly after him. The Girls refuse, and then punch him down from the building, causing him to fall as the Professor who created an antidote to negate Mojo's powers arrives. Townsville, including The Powerpuff Girls then praised him and called him their hero, but he yelled out he was EVIL! He is the archenemy and real father and creator of the girls and the father and creator of the The Rowdyruff Boys. Mojo JoJo is also the most persistent one, and is determined in destroying them and ruling the world. Mojo sticks a huge dose of Chemical X into his brain in order to awaken his true power, transforming himself to a giant all-powered monstrous ape that the Powerpuff Girls would have no chance against alone. The girls thought that Mojo was there to help them, but all Mojo cared about was returning to Townsville and revenge. After the creation, he turned out to be evil, sinister and villainous, so he decided to invade the city and to do that he used the girls (manipulating them by befriending them) and he created a full army of kidnapped primates from the zoo, and then tried to kill the professor by transforming himself into a ferocious and aggressive monster the size of King Kong. Mojo is closely associated with the Powerpuff Girls, being partially responsible for their creation having the same creator. In order to do this, he spends much of his time plotting and inventing new weapons technology. Mojo often comes up with plans to rule the world and is constantly stopped by the Powerpuff Girls. He is the archenemy of the girls and the creator of the Rowdyruff Boys. Mojo has dedicated his life to take revenge on The Powerpuff Girls to reclaim his birthright.

This resulted in the Girls defenselessly ending up in the hospital with broken arms and sharp wounds. Mojo rips the roof of city hall and uses it as a replacement helmet. Mojo Jojo appeared in the rock musical episode See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey, where, like other villains, is seen causing chaos and terrorizing people in Townsville, the Powerpuff Girls when they arrive, he, like the other villains, defeating them succeed. As seen in The Powerpuff Girls Movie and the episode "Mr. Mojo's Rising", Mojo was originally Jojo, the Professor's hyperactive lab assistant who always broke everything.

to plan his crimes. He also wears a white belt with a purple triangle at the buckle and a large white helmet with purple pinstripes and spots of the same color at its rim. Mojo often comes up with plans to rule the world and is constantly stopped by the Powerpuff Girls. Mojo works with the girls to build his own laboratory, but what they did not was that he did it in order to rule the world, however, he remains mysterious about it, giving them little information about it, like making the world a better place (though he wasn't making it better for them or the humans, only for apes and monkeys). Origin. His exposure to Chemical X led to his brain growing to a ludicrous size, outgrowing his skull and necessitating the helmet to cover and protect it. Somehow, he is extremely verbose, loquacious, and communicative, so he has high-vocabulary use and long-lasting sentences. Power and Abilities. Having no choice but to live in a box out in the street, Mojo was isolated for a great period of time after being thrown out of the house, which has made him sort of a loner. Mojo Jojo is one of the biggest threats in the series. Mojo Jojo is the main antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the original 1998 series and in the 2016 reboot. In the Powerpuff Girls Movie, it is revealed that not only is Mojo Jojo a father of the Powerpuff Girls, he is also their brother, due to them having similar powers that was caused by the Chemical X such as the Powerpuff Girls having superpowers and Mojo Jojo having powerful intelligence. Mojo is disliked by other monkeys and apes, who think he gives them a bad name. Origin. Mojo Jojo is the main antagonist of Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls franchise. Not only did the The Powerpuff Girls foil this plot, but the incident inspired the Professor Utonium to take up science in the first place, making Mojo Jojo responsible for the creation of his arch-rivals once again. Also noted, Mojo Jojo is also responsible for creating the Powerpuff Girls by pushing Professor Utonium to hit the Chemical X and create the Powerpuff Girls. He was the Powerpuff Girls' first major villain that they ever fought, as explained in "The Powerpuff Girls Movie", and is arguably their archenemy because though he saved them from the Gangreen Gang and teamed up with them to build his lab on the Townsville volcano, using the girls' powers, he did it to take over the world, but didn't tell them. Mojo Jojo was Professor Utonium's reckless lab assistant, Jojo, before Professor Utonium created the Powerpuff Girls, and it was Jojo who caused the Professor to accidentally add Chemical X to the mixture. Another of Mojo's hobbies are building ships in a bottle and other scale models, such as the model of Townsville he constructed in What's the big idea? He has saved the Earth before, when a giant alien overlord had come to destroy the entire planet and force the human race to surrender their pride and bow down to it, Mojo became so stressed over the alien copying all of his plans and crushing his dreams that he brutally attacked the overlord with his karate-chopping skills and finally slammed him with a really thick bread loaf before forcing the alien to admit he was the most evil by grabbing hold of one of its legs in which the alien eventually fled in terror, thus saving the Earth. Professor Utonium (Creator/Father),Bubbles (Daughter), Buttercup (Daughter), Blossom (Daughter), Boomer (Son), Butch (Son), Brick (Son), Blair (Granddaughter), Buddy (Grandson), Ben (Grandson), Butterfly (Granddaughter). Mojo Jojo was taking a similar character to Caesar, the ape who started the revolution. The Powerpuff Girls movie heavily borrowed the story-line of the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, which was about apes becoming superior like humans and overthrowing their civilization to be Earth's rulers.

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