Or, is this just your opinion? It's not Darkseid death, it's the end of the 4th World and the creation of the 5th that was causing this.

11-23-2018, 04:40 AM #6. theoneandonly. Both are infinite. I am simply asking you to provide proof based on the era and scan that I posted. As you can see referencing to Issue no 4 he says few additional things in regards to her limitations.

I see your point though when it comes to the no limits argument, its not that I don't agree with you.

Few random statement from comics ? Stop with that mental gymnastics. No there are characters from Marvel who are weaker then LT that can defeat Mxy and they are: Those are the guys on top of my head that can beat Mxy. Provided i have enough casting time and immense source of power yes i can", =====================================================. That does not push his powers as far as I'm concerned. But if she's at full power, she might be able to do it at will. I see nothing in the new Snyder cosmology that agrees with you. Rick Remender, the person who is currently writing Scarlet Witch in his awesome Uncanny Avengers series confirmed that in the interview, he even went on in great detail on what Wanda's power level is and what her potential is.

There are other minor feats in Infinity Gauntlet saga that suggest IG operates on beyond universal scope of power, like a uni-direction let loose by Thanos upon death's refusal to take to him, affected the universe of Beyonder which lies outside Negative zone. When something is out of someones authority, it implies a limit, since someone can't do that, or do that. You are using old scans to justify new authors who are ignoring all the old canons. Specially given we actually see earlier in the same story story Darkseid struggling with superman and having to use kryptonite to stop him. Otherwise make mine the Phoenix Force. I withstand your worst!". He could leave the story and just erase SW from the panel. Those feats aside, power scope of a pure abstracts like Eternity itself extends beyond universal, not sure why Eternity being the embodiment is normally used to suggest his power is universal when evidence suggest otherwise, not to mention Ego is a living planet, no body questions him being planetary though :p weird really.

Darkseid is more powerful than Trigon, infinitely so. In terms of physics, Mxyzptlk and The Forger likely can achieve the exact same level of control over Physics.

Scarlet Witch at full power should be able to beat Mxyzptlk, but that's only choice if that's what it take for her to win. Remender would even go further to explain even more limitation on Wanda. Infinite creationism power and the override capabilities of whatever made the concept of Imagination in the first place. I would hate to have you as an opponent or a competing presenter/arguer in my professional life. Deadpool is able to break the fourth wall as well. And then Powered Mxy dragged prime into an office and threatened to erase him to death. @killemall: Tbh I don't know either I just keep watching people use this argument when darksied loses to likes of thanos or any other teambuster here, @lightingjack: I was not trying to say anything against you, apologies if that's how it came across. Which is exactly what The Forger and Perpetua are all about.

She knows there is no defeating Thor in a direct conflict. "Because that power is so unpredictable though she also needs to make sure that she's got spells". And in the case of 5th dimension Imps, the authority of Mxyzptlk seems to override his other 5th Dimension Imp friends, except Bat-Mite.

If I may ask, what is this supposed "fully powered" phoenix force ? Similarly, to Monitors. ======================================================. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. But how does that take a character at Darkseid level and get people to argue he would be above Trigon and all the rubbish people seem to argue around is what surprises me. HOM Scarlet Witch (if we are using this version in this thread). In conclusion, what i am actually trying to say is, yes i understand the scale of Wanda power in House of M, was beyond anything Mxy has actually shown on panel, apart from few comic relif, but that doesnt change the fact that, her reality manipulation might not be directly applicable in a direct conflict because the very nature of her power make it unpredictable and there is always a huge risk that it would backfire. Yeah, but that was ret-conned into oblivion.

How could Mr. Mxyzpltk win that fight, when all she would have to do is to say: "No more annoying little dwarfs"? @michaeljulius: Sorry, but to describe a multiversal character with ''no limits, omnipotent, etc'' is nothing new today in fiction. scarlet witch is at best has the power of an marvel elder god ( thats pushing it) myx is a reality warper on a universal scale and much better at it. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Deadpool is able to break the fourth wall as well. If there any DC or Marvel fans out here where will you put Darkseid,Trigon,Mr.Mxyptlk and others like three of them in Marvel power level will they just Dormammu level or Marvel Abstracts level? It's weird because when Joker possessed less than 100% of Mr. Mxyzptlk's power, he is capable of killing and tormenting Batman over and over again. One would say that he seems to be having more limits, than her. If you argue ''The rest of the IMPS have no limits too'', you basically argue for an omnipotent race, which is in theory impossible. But Your stuff is first grade. I am not very interested in that.

", "Tapping directly into the source of her power, she is transformed into a living conduit of pure disorder.". "All Energy can be easily transmogrified. And is a true top multiversal power, Trisgon = Dormammu level or slightly above / closer to abstract. Has Mr. Mxyzptlk's power origin ever be retcon'ed? ===================================================. And him being able to break the fourth wall should not be related to his powers. That does not push his powers as far as I'm concerned. @killemall: doesn't true from darksied has only anti feats like got destroyed by supermans singing ? Scarlet Witch can resurrect the death, but it's not directly from her since she don't have full control of her power during that time, it's more like the resurrection is a side effect. I never disagreed. Mxy destroys her. I would say meet somewhere in the middle with him if u want to be nice. Scarlet Witch just got tired of one too many jokes. You are also confusing having unlimited control over Physics, with a hierarchy between the 5th Dimensional Imps. LOL, alone the fact that dimensional spaces are beyond his compharizon refutes the ''no limits'' claim. It's weird because when Joker possessed less than 100% of Mr. Mxyzptlk's power, he is capable of killing and tormenting Batman over and over again. This complete made up things gets on my nerve at time [ the true phoenix being another one of such nonsesne]. True Form Darkseid is probably somewhere between Trigon (whom he ROFLstomps) and Mxy (whom he probably barely loses to). It's just a way to describe a powerful character. That’s when the Joker tricked Mxy into giving him 99% of his power by figuring out his real name. Mxy has some laughably low showings. It's for comical purposes. Infinite-D concepts won't really scratch him, since he, as a 5th dimensional IMP, is surperior to it by several layers. You even admitted that yourself just now. Time slows down. Mxy sealed off the fifth dimension to avoid the crisis. link above. Perhaps you could show or quote us any showing of "true form" darkseid. Firstly current Wanda and HOM Wanda are one and the same person. How could Mr. Mxyzpltk win that fight, when all she would have to do is to say: "No more annoying little dwarfs"? That makes him, by definition, still limited within a larger cosmology.

You have evidence for that? In regards to the feat you mentioned; what happens in that story , is once Darkseid is killed, his soul causes multiversal chaos.

He holds back half the time yet does ridiculous things and uses his powers for "fun" lol if he went all out forget about it lol. Fully powered Phoenix Force Curbstomps ( against standard mxy ). Darkseid at BEST is skyfather level though more times then not is just Superman level.

WF Mxy on other hand is comparable to top powers ever shown in DC.

The Scarlet Witch sinks into a trance. But as it stand, current IG is different are its as universal as it gets, it doesnt even work outside its native universe, despite the fact that we have seen IG work all the way outside marvel multiverse into malibu multiverse or during Infinity War when Magus starts screwing things around, first guess from Thanos or Adam Warlock was, is he using Infinity Gauntlet from a different universe? People are by now well aware of Wanda feat, she tried to change 616 reality but in doing so the energy ripped outside 616, formed a tsunami of unfathomable power which nearly tore apart from omniverse, we see various alternate realities destroyed on panel, and was finally stopped by Meggan, who was at the time tapping in powers from Earth, Otherworld (nexus of all energy in the multiverse) and powers from Beyond (most likely reference to Beyonderverse from where the energy for a cosmic cube comes in). He simply has more authority, like a police officer has no authority compared to his Chief. Elemental spell also we saw being used in Thor's fight. Speak to @killemall he knows everything about Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Okay. It was already shown that the 5th dimension is far surperior to the normal accepted space-time continuum in DC.

If this is your first visit, be sure to Mxy is complicated. Scans below are from Uncanny Avengers # 4.

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